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Paris Fashion Week - Street Style Fashion Photography 2023

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Paris Fashion Week - Street Style Fashion Photography 2023

Course Dates

21 January & 23 - 27 January 2023 Enquire Now
Christmas Offer - until 9 January 2023 Reserve Your Place


6 days


Haute Couture - Paris Fashion Week Workshop with Elli Ioannou
On location in Paris with professional photographer and PSC lecturer Elli Ioannou

Career Outlook & Pathway

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As part of our mission to create an international centre of photographic excellence and education, PSC is building bridges between Australia and Europe through our innovative photographic programs. Work experience including possible opportunities to be published online Live fashion week workshops (2 shows per day ) Information + behind the scene insights to Paris fashion week as an industry for the photographer A photos essay portfolio of hero images 60-100 images Social media guidance for folio and network development Paris is the only city where haute couture is presented during fashion week. Participants will gain unique access to undisclosed locations for shows, exclusive to the fashion and media industry.


Paris Fashion Week - Street Style Fashion Photography 2023

Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture

21 January & 23-27 January 2023 (live fashion week dates: 23-27th)
Paris, France

Join fashion photographer Elli Ioannou on a unique and immersive experience of haute couture in Paris for street-style fashion photography.

The combination of fashion and Paris is alluring unlike any other city during fashion week. Shooting at fashion shows is an exclusive media privilege. However street fashion photography, captured by master photographers such as Bill Cunningham and made famous by bloggers such as the Sartorialist, is a completely different approach and at times more in demand with media and marketing agencies than the traditional runway shots.

A photographers’ dream shoot - the atmosphere outside a Paris fashion show often provides exhilaratingand dramatic scenes of theatrical antics form guests attending or others simply dressing up just to be photographed.

Participants will gain exclusive access to undisclosed locations for street style outside of fashion shows including CHANEL, DIOR, SCHIAPARELLI, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER amongst others.

The workshop emphasis is on creating a narrative using photography with a technical focus on refining camera craft skills in lighting & composition. In particular fashion portraits within an architectural backdrop of Paris with guidance by Elli Ioannou (who has been capturing Paris fashion week and haute couture as accredited media since 2016).

Through a series of workshops during Paris Fashion week you will be introduced to street style fashion portraiture whilst developing refined camera craft skills in lighting in composition. You will also produce a digital folio for self publishing or your portfolio website , all within the breathtaking backdrop of Paris

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students should have the following skills and knowledge;

  • Understand the use of light (both natural and artificial) within the context of street fashion/ portraiture.
  • Increased ability to create dynamic compositions.
  • Understand how to capture people in an environment where the subject matter is the people.
  • How to approach and direct real people in unfamiliar environment.
  • Quickly evaluate lighting and composition within an environment  under various scenarios.
  • Attain an overview of photographing street style fashion portraiture at Paris Fashion Week.

Project Brief

The Project Brief for the workshop outlines  the objectives and learning outcomes so that:

  • students have a clear goal whilst shooting as well as post production day
  • create and compile the work produced based within a visual narrative of Paris street-style fashion photography
  • focusing on fashion portraits, capturing the atmosphere , of people in general and architectural surrounds
  • students will receive a written *feedback report within 2 weeks of completion based on the work submitted (not formally assessed.

Equipment Requirements

  • Camera (DSLR) & 24-105mm lens or similar (no extreme zooms-this is not a paparazzi course!) Fixed lenses also welcome but you'll be more limited
  • 2x SD memory cards 16gb or 32gb (2 cards minimum)
  • 1x external Hard Drive (minimum 250GB)
  • 2x batteries for Camera x2 (to have on rotation)
  • European adaptors for charging your devices
  • Laptop for downloading end of each day
  • iCloud access
  • Small camera bag (nothing big or bulky)
  • Adobe Creative Suite

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MATT FISHER/ PSC  1st Yr Advanced Diploma/ PT


I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough to any student or aspiring fashion photographer looking to immerse themselves into the daily life of a street fashion photographer. The experiences I had and the teachings of the course instructor Elli where of the highest standard and one that I will never forget. 

 Elli was brilliant, she provided the very best insights, teachings, and immersive experience I have had. She took the time to explain everything in detail pre and post shoot every day. I see Elli as a true mentor (an accolade I do not give lightly)”


FREA NORMAN / PSC 1st  yr Bachelor of Photography FT

“I would recommend this workshop for someone starting out in fashion photography. This was a perfect way to be part of the amazing fashion world in Paris and have an insiders look into the basics and what is needed to shoot fashion week.

Elli ran the workshop in a way that was clear and enjoyable. We were able to experiment and go at our own pace while also being pushed to go out of our comfort zones throughout the whole week. She was helpful with any issues we had and created a safe environment.”


JAIME MCPHERSON / PSC 1st  yr Bachelor of Photography FT


The Haute Couture Fashion Week workshop certainly made a large impact on my life and my pathway in photography, becoming one of my greatest achievements and I am grateful to have been able to have such an amazing opportunity.”

Elli was very kind and easy going, very easy to discuss my work and if I had any problems and felt very comfortable to discuss any improvements, problems and teaches us new ways of shooting but also how to present our work. “


Image Credits :

Main Image 01 Frea Norman

Image 02  Matt Fisher

Image 03 Jaime McPherson




street-style fashion photography -Paris Fashion Week 2018 summer program/ PARIS


Elli Ioannou is a great teacher who knows a lot about her craft and was a great mentor to have during this experience at PARIS FASHION WEEK. This program not only taught me the skills that I need to be a photographer in this industry, but also the confidence in myself that is needed in order to be a successful artist. It was fun, educational, and exciting and I loved being a part of it.  After this program, I feel that I could carry myself to shoot in any fashion show, because we were not only taught skill set, but also composure and confidence.I would recommend this program to anyone who is considering, it was applicable to any skill set of photography, and was the experience of a lifetime. 





street-style fashion photography -Paris Fashion Week 2019 summer program/ PARIS
The workshop that I attended taught by Elli Ioannou was nothing short of one of the best weeks of my life. Shooting at Paris Fashion Week had been a dream of mine for a long time. Elli taught the skills and completely prepared you for the craziness of fashion week, all whilst having fun. She is an amazing teacher and always wants the best for her students. She is constantly trying to make sure every student is photographing to the best of their capabilities and she opens so many opportunities up for her students. I could not recommend her workshops enough. I can guarantee that you will have an experience of a lifetime that you will not be able to get anywhere else.



Elli is comfortable as an artist working in both the commercial & art photography worlds.  With 18 yrs experience in advertising photography specialising in fashion. Her creative repertoire includes: photography and video director, photo media editor and creative mentor.. Best known for her fashion campaigns and backstage images, Elli is also carving a niche for herself in contemporary video art.

Born in Cyprus, raised in Australia, Elli now resides in Paris, France. Elli is an officially accredited media with Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. Covering men's, women's and couture Paris fashion week with Design Art Magazine.

Elli has over 7 years of teaching experience in higher education Australia (at PSC!) and in France. She taught Fashion Photography at Parsons Paris- The New School, and MA Fashion Film & Photography at Paris College of Art.

Elli has written and  successfully delivered workshops including ‘Paris Fashion Week- Street Style FashionPhotography  since 2017.

Her images have appeared in premium public and trade magazines including Marie Claire, Votre Beaute (Greece), Surface (US),Inside (Australia), Il Tridente (Maserati, Italy), I-D Online, & Design-Art Magazine (Italy.)

International distinctions & awards

  • Permanent collection Luciano Benetton Imago Mundi Australia collection.
  • Finalist in SHOWSTUDIO fashion film awards for "oneiric" (UK.)
  • "I'mperfect Beauty" video installation exhibited in White Night Melbourne.
  • Published in Vivienne Westwood's book, "100 Days of Active Resistance."
  • 2 time nominee PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris.
  • 8 time nominee and finalist in Black & White Spider awards (UK.)
  • BMW fashion photography winner (AUSTRALIA)

More of Elli's work can be seen here:
or recent Paris Fashion Week work, please visit :



Application Procedure

Tour enquiries:

Andrew Denishensky from Entourage Travel
Call +61 418995 457  or email adenishensky@entouragetravel OR

Elli Ioannou Workshop Convenor

Call +61 414 173 494 or +33 6 27215077

(for further information or any photography enquiries)

Jim Davidson from Photography Studies College
Call +61 3 9682 3191 or email

Join us directly by payment of your $500.00 non-refundable deposit here.

Andrew Denishensky from Entourage Travel will then contact you to assist in arranging accommodation, insurance,visa and travel.

  • Have you read our Paris Fashion Week - Street Style Fashion Photography Guide?
  • Do you understand the Application Process?
  • You have the financial resources to participate in the tour and understand the timing of payments.
  • Do you have a digital camera that shoots RAW and a computer with access to suitable photography software?
  • Does your accompanying partner share your interest in photography? If not we are pleased to discuss your choices with you.
  • Is your health and mobility is adequate to fully participate in the tour?
  • Have you checked current COVID 19 requirements for travel to France.
  • Do you have your own travel insurance requirements in place.
Entry Requirements

Tours are designed for photographers at all levels who have a passion for travel and improving their image making.

All participants are expected to have basic-intermediate Digital SLR camera skills and working knowledge of their computer.

Participants must be 18 years of age or over

All participants must have their own travel insurance arrangements in place

Tuition Fees
& Enrolment

Tuition Fees

Price based on a maximum of 10 participants (minimum 3)

Early bird rate 1900€ until 9 January 2022

Bookings between 10 January 2023 and 12 January 2023, 2300€  per person

Payments from current + ex PSC students / alumni only can be made in AUD* (GST Not Applicable) using the Westpac International Rate on the applicable day.

(Current rate 19 December 0.6082)

Sign up for both the Paris Fashion Week and Narratives of Fashion workshops for a bundle price of $A5500.

Make your non refundable $A500 deposit here

Final balance must be paid within the applicable cut off dates of 9 January 2023 for Early Bird or 12 January 2023.


A non-refundable deposit to Photography Studies College of $A500 per person is required to secure your booking (land arrangements only), prior to 12 January 2023 or at the time of booking flights. 

If you make the booking but for any reason you do not attend you will rely on your travel insurance for any reimbursement of costs.

Deposit payment to secure your place can be made by proceeding through the checkout found below.

Andrew Denishensky from Entourage Travel will then be in contact with you to discuss your booking, payments, flights, insurance, visa (if required) and full details.

A service fee of $A150.00 will be charged at the time of request, which will then be credit to any flight booking made with Andrew. If you decide not to proceed the fee is non-refundable. 

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ALLOW 2-3 DAYS pre start:

**highly recommend participants from Australia arrive at least 2-3 days in advance, it will be an exciting yet intense 6 days when the workshop starts. 

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