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Updates For Secondary School Students

At Photography Studies College (PSC), we have always had a strong focus on supporting our students – past, present and future. And that hasn't changed!

That's why, even in this unusual time, we will continue to provide you with current information for your future studies and career choices. We have gathered this selection of downloads below just for you! 

Bachelor of Photography Course Guide
Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging Course Guide
Career as a Photographer
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New state-of-the-art campus

PSC is also thrilled to announce that we have moved into a brand-new campus in the Montague precinct of South Melbourne. Our fabulous new campus is purpose built to create a highly specialised learning environment focused on delivering an exceptional experience that will allow your creativity to flourish and thrive! We can’t wait until we are able to invite you in for a tour!


At PSC we strongly believe that every student who loves creative pursuits should be given the opportunity to find their path to tertiary study at PSC.  Given the current upheavals to Year 12 we want to ensure that admission to our degree for these students is as is as clear and stress free as possible. We have moved swiftly to add further certainty and possibilities in our admission for students and we want to provide you with the relevant information. Below are four ways PSC’s admissions process has been adjusted to support current year 12 students. 

At PSC - Interview not ATAR

At PSC we do not use ATAR as any part of the admission criteria and have always based admission on an interview with examples of the student’s creative work and completion of Year 12. Our informal and friendly interview and discussion allows us to provide a guarantee to students at this time that they will be considered in a holistic and thoughtful way based on the whole person, allowing a focus on their personal and creative development.

The informal interview also allows for a one on one discussion and provides the best platform for students to talk about their concerns, dreams and creative pursuits. Given the current challenges and disruption to Year 12 this allows students a clear and supported application pathway.  

PSC conducts interviews via zoom/skype or face-to-face COVID-safe, and this will stay in place for the duration of the required timeframe enabling all current Year 12 applicants to participate in this way.


  1. Direct applications to study the Bachelor of Photography at PSC in 2021

To provide some sort of certainty for Year 12 students in a difficult year, PSC has moved to also include direct offers as part of entry possibilities. We welcome direct applications now for the Bachelor of Photography, students apply using the PSC website. Interviews can be booked immediately through our friendly Future Students Team and ‘Conditional Admission Offers’ will be made within 48-hours once interview requirements are completed (admission offers will be conditional upon successful completion of Year 12 VCE or equivalent).


  1.  VTAC Applications –– Early Offers Conditional Offers Available for 2021 entry

To be eligible for this option students apply though VTAC. They need to start a VTAC account and preference the Bachelor of Photography Course in their preferences. PSC will then contact the student for an informal interview. On successful completion students will receive a Bachelor of Photography Conditional Offer before end of August! (admission offers will be conditional on successful completion of Year 12 VCE or equivalent).

  1.  Year 11 Creative Work can be Presented at Interview

PSC has further revised our admission criteria at this time by moving to implement a guarantee to current Year 12s that they will be able to come and study the degree at PSC based on their presentation of a year 11 folio/or creative work should they wish to do so. If, however students wish to present a selection of their current Year 12 creative work and/or folio (in any medium), we will consider that instead. Its their choice.


  1.  PSC’s Interview Period

PSC’s entry period for 2021 is open flexible and will be scheduled to accommodate any current Year 12 changes and new timelines. Further details on interview dates will be released shortly. PSC will also consider delaying the start date of the 2021 academic year in order to coincide with any further changes made by Government to Year 12 timelines.


Other than our webiste the best ways to stay updated about PSC and its courses, is to subscribe and visit our social media and YouTube channels.

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Who to contact

Whitney Butterworth, Future Students Coordinator
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Text 0436 455 003
Call 03 9682 3191.

Steph is a PSC graduate, so will be happy to talk about her personal experiences studying at PSC.

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