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for Secondary School Students

At Photography Studies College (PSC), we always have a strong focus on supporting our students – past, present and future. And that hasn't changed!

That's why we want to provide you with current information for your application in 2022 (see below), your future studies and career choices. Here's a selection of downloads below to assist you! 


Bachelor of Photography Course Guide
Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging Course Guide
Undergraduate Certificate of Photography
Career as a Photographer



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New state-of-the-art campus

Our fabulous new campus is purpose designed, creating a highly specialised learning environment, focused on delivering an exceptional experience that will allow your creativity to flourish and thrive!


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At PSC we strongly believe that every student who loves creative pursuits should be given the opportunity to find their path to tertiary study, so we have implemented the Early Conditional Offers for the 2022 intake.  Given the current uncertainties and difficulties for students we want to ensure that admission to our degree is clear, stress free and during this time, provides that much needed sense of certainty. 

At PSC - Interview not ATAR

At PSC we do not use ATAR as any part of the admission criteria and base admission on an interview with examples of your creative work and completion of Year 12. Our informal and friendly interview and discussion allows us to provide a guarantee to you that you will be considered in a holistic and thoughtful way, allowing a focus on your personal and creative development.

The informal interview also allows for a one-on-one discussion and provides the best platform for you to talk about your concerns, dreams and creative pursuits. Given the current challenges and disruption to Year 12 we want you to have a clear and supported application process.  

PSC conducts interviews via zoom/skype or in person (when possible), and this will stay in place for the duration of the application period. 

Year 11 Creative Work can be Presented at Interview

We also guarantee to current Year 12s that you will be able to come and study the degree based on your presentation of Year 11 creative work should you wish to do so. If you wish to present a selection of you current Year 12 creative work (in any medium), we will consider that instead. It’s your choice!


  1. Direct applications - Early Conditional Offers

To provide some sort of certainty for Year 12 students at this time, PSC has moved to include direct offers as part of entry possibilities. Applications can be submitted via the PSC website here. One of our friendly Prospective Students team will then contact you to arrange your interview. On successful completion you will receive an Early Conditional Offer for 2022 and a sense of certainly for the way ahead! (Formal offers on 14 January conditional upon successful completion of Year 12 VCE or equivalent). 

  1.  VTAC Applications –– Early Offers Conditional Offers

To be eligible for this option just apply though VTAC. You need to start a VTAC account and preference the Bachelor of Photography Course VTAC Course Code: 9100191442 in your preferences. PSC will then contact you to arrange your interview. On successful completion you will receive a Bachelor of Photography Early Conditional Offer and a real sense of certainly for 2022! (Formal offers in January 2022 require successful completion of Year 12 VCE or equivalent).

For further information just get in touch via email

Formal Offers

Formal offers are made through VTAC on 14 January 2022. Remember to put PSC high on your VTAC preference list. Once VTAC offers are released, we will be in contact with you to discuss the next stages for enrolment to take place. 


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