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Samantha Ryan


Road Trauma has become an increasingly prevalent factor on Victorian roads. Trauma around the Road Toll and car accidents is constant and can be overwhelming – or it can be a life lesson that makes you understand that life is incredibly short and unfair. This series is one I have wanted to embark on for a while to bring to light the unseen peril and turmoil that has attached itself to otherwise mundane places.

One Hundred and Ninety Eight is a photographic documentation of places of serene beauty that have been catastrophically changed through road trauma – yet sit visually unmarked. How can it be that somewhere so beautiful and banal be such an utter nightmare for some, but completely wonderful for others? Perspective. Often times one is tainted by the bad taste left in their mouth of a negative experience – the same can be said for these beautiful places and the people who are connected to the event that happened there. They’re tainted.

Influenced by the Ghost Bike Campaign and the Victorian TAC Road Toll, my work is my way of ‘marking’ these beautiful spaces to reflect what happened there – as a tribute to those lost, and those who tried to help them. Road trauma affects all of us one way or another. This series is dedicated to those lost on Wyndham Roads between 1987 and the present - 198. It is also a tribute to the men and women in our emergency services – and those who work tirelessly to reduce our road toll.

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