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Clare Delaney

Here to Eternity

I am fascinated with all things dark. I am also drawn to the sublime and the beautiful. Things that make me question life have always been interesting to me. I like to believe the time humans have on earth is spent wisely, without regret and that maybe there is more to being human than what we present outwardly.

This series explores ideas around mortality, relating to memory and the soul. I believe the essence of who we are is sometimes found in pages of dairies, letters sent and received, personal belongings, places we have visited, clothing we have worn, stories told by loved ones and photographs we have taken.

Sometimes the most meaningless belongings, words said and actions made, are the most mundane and also the most important in our memory. They are the traces of who we are used as a record to tell the story of the life we have lived long after we are gone. In this way, the essence of our soul can live on.

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