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Anzac Day Documentary Workshop

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Anzac Day Documentary Workshop

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Anzac Day Documentary Workshop

Anzac Day Documentary Workshop

Documentary photography is a powerful medium for representing people, places, objects and occasions and is often used to chronicle significant and historical events.

Exceptional documentary photography is the achievement of a photographer with a critical eye and a story to tell.

Join our two highly acclaimed documentary photographers Michael Coyne and David Callow on this 3 day workshop (1 evening & 2 days) and learn the methods and techniques of documentary photography as you photograph Anzac Day 2019. You will learn new shooting techniques, how to get the most out of your camera under pressure, how to tell stories and create visual narratives and so much more!

Banner Image: Michael Coyne © 2019



Michael Coyne has worked as a photographer throughout an extensive career covering significant events in places as diverse as China, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, South America, the Middle East and Africa. His work has been featured in magazines such as: Life, Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic. He spent eight years in the Middle East documenting the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, the Iranian revolution and the Iran/Iraq war. Michael has had eleven books published and received a number of awards for his work. His extensive work has been featured in many solo and joint exhibitions around the world.

David Callow has been a freelance photographer specialising in news and sport since the mid S0's. He has represented all 3 International wire agencies through his career; The Associated Press, AFP and Reuters and worked for various National and International Magazine and Newspaper publishers such as Sports Illustrated Magazine, Golf Digest and The New York Times. He has won numerous National awards and is the recipient of the World Press Gold medal with colleague Bill Frakes for his work at the Sydney Olympic games in 2000. His photographs are included in Sports illustrated's Best 100 Sports pictures of all time and selected in the magazine's most recent Top 60 pictures of the past decade


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$650.00 payable through our Shop or bring a friend for a discount.

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