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Workshops and tours

Johnston Street Fiesta Documentary Photography Workshop

For many of us, photography is part of our life and gives us a way to connect to the world around us and meet people who have a similar passion.

For those of us who love photography, finding the time in our busy schedules to devote time to pursuing photography is often a challenge. So at PSC we provide great options for you to pursue your passion in shorter and more intense ways. Our workshops and intensive photography tours could be just right for you to take advantage of our educational opportunities, yet still honour commitments to work and family.

We welcome all levels of photographers, beginners, emerging photographers and professionals. Skill levels per workshop can be found in each workshop information. Stay tuned for our upcoming Winter Workshop Program!

Our photography tours are tailored especially for photographers with a love of travel, cultures, people and places. Recent tours have included Iran, Japan and just recently, Southern China.

Check out our recent tours to Iran below;


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