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Part time courses

Advanced Diploma in Photography

Capture Your Future  – doing something you love!

Whether you are looking for a creative career change or simply want to master your camera to create stunning imagery for family and friends to enjoy, we have the perfect course for you!

Develop and expand your creativity in ways you never thought possible. Explore different genres – landscape, portrait, street, still life and more. Discover how to use light to create mood, and master professional digital workflow. Learn with ongoing support from Australia's best professional photographers. 

Our 2020 part-time courses are enrolling now! However, we know that finding the right photography course can be tricky and time consuming so we want to help.


As the Victorian Government starts to reduce restrictions, PSC is now able to offer its mid-year courses either by face-to-face on campus OR in real-time via Zoom. The choice is yours!

Whether you choose to study face-to-face OR in real-time via Zoom, all PSC students receive the same level of teacher guidance and support.

To capture your future, scroll down to see part-time photography study options offered at PSC.

Real World Involvement in Challenging Times

To study photography in 2020 is to study in unprecedented times. All around the world, photographers, videographers and visual storytellers are capturing the images of our time.

Learning in these new world conditions, means that you are adaptable and innovative, open to new experiences.

With these thoughts in motion we have created a PSC COVID-19 Gallery that is open to the world community to contribute to. As a fellow lover of photography, we encourage you to participate.

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