PSC Hosts the International Photography Symposium Masterclass

Symp Masterclass May
Renowned photographers, Yervant, Lindsay Adler, Roberto Valenzuela, Brooke Shaden, Bob and Dawn Davis are in Melbourne to lead the International Photography Symposium, and we’re proud to host the photography masterclass that will be taking place at our studios on the 20th of May.

This event is part our unique approach of interlinking our students’ education with professional contemporary photographic practices of the industry. It is a great opportunity for us to have such high -profile specialists on campus to further enrich our understanding of the craft.


Yervant is an AIPP member and Honorary Fellow of the Master Photographers’ Association of UK, as well as a certified Canon Master of Australia. He was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the WPPI in 2010 and has been celebrated as the most influential wedding photographer of our time. Yervant has also studied with PSC in the past.


Lindsay Adler is a fashion photographer based in New York. She has authored a variety of books on the subjects of studio lighting and portrait photography. Her work has also been printed in magazines such as Marie Claire and Elle.


Brook Shaden is a graduate of Temple University and is in Shutter Magazine‘s list of Top 10 Most Influential Photographers (2014). She has had her photography published more than 65 times in the last seven years.


Member of the Canon Explorers of Light program and international top selling author in wedding photography, Roberto Valenzuela has featured in Cosmopolitan Bride, Rangefinder and Professional Photographers of America magazine. His latest book ‘Picture Perfect Lighting‘ is currently no.1 in Amazon’s new releases within the category of photography lighting.

Bob Dawn Davis

Bob and Dawn Davis are an international wedding photography duo based in Chicago. Apart from being ambassadors for Manfrotto, they are also recipients of Junebug Wedding‘s ‘World’s Best Photographers’ title and members of the Canon Explorers of Light Program.

Being the best specialised institution for Photography in Australia means that we are visited by award winning professional photographers from our international network, year round. Hosting the masterclass of the International Photography Symposium is a wonderful opportunity for our students to build their portfolio with the guidance and feedback of the best in the field. We are also happy to extend our invitation to those outside of the PSC community, to join us in honing their talents in the craft of image making.

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