Highlights from 2015!

What a wonderfully full, creative and rewarding year we have had at PSC! Here’s a selection of highlights from 2015 just in case you missed out on some of our exciting news and events. Check out the blog archives, Facebook and Instagram for more!

We welcomed another great group of new students into our part time and full time courses and have just had our first full time cohort of students complete the Bachelor of Photography. Our 2014 Advanced Diploma cohort graduated style at ACMI in May and it was great to celebrate their achievements and hear many stories of graduate success.


Sarina Lirosi & Julie Moss with PSC Award winner for creativity and great potential in photography Donna Fraser at the graduation


For the fifth consecutive year PSC was awarded the AIPP Australian Tertiary Institution of the Year for excellence in photographic education and training. Congratulations to all students who participated in the APPAs and a special mention to Elena D. San Roman who received a gold award and produced the highest scoring print in the portrait category and Vicki Moritz and Daniel Pockett whose great results saw them as finalists for the Australian Student Photographer of the Year award.


Julie Moss celebrating the win with the PSC team

Students and staff continued to shine, with many receiving awards and acknowledgement for their great work including the recent CCP Salon. Work was featured in exhibitions, events including White Night Melbourne, festivals, print and online publications such as Time. We were especially proud of teacher Hoda Afshar who won the National Photographic Portrait Prize, Australia’s biggest photography prize, and student David Bibby who was a finalist in the Bowness Photography Prize.

‘Portrait of Ali’ by Hoda Afshar (2014) – Winner of National Photographic Portrait Prize 2015

‘Portrait of Ali’ by Hoda Afshar (2014) – Winner of National Photographic Portrait Prize 2015

Our students enjoyed a great range of real world industry experiences including covering Anzac Day for The Age and the Virgin Australia Melbourne Festival, visiting studios and collaborating with fashion students.

The Image Makers Seminar series continued and we had many wonderful visitor to the college including Emmanuel SantosLouis Porter, Peter Eastway, Darren Jew and Louise Clements.

We were proud supporters of  a number of events including the Photobook Melbourne Festival, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and the Ballarat Foto Biennale. Our second year Bachelor students has a great time in Malaysia at the  Obscura Festival – the biggest photo book festival in the Asia-Pacific region.

We finished off the year with our folio presentations across all year levels and a successful suite of exhibitions – Fresh 15 by the Advanced Diploma art major students , ThirtyOne by the final year Bachelor students and our own End of Year Exhibition which is open to the public during regular PSC opening hours until 18 February 2016.

The Fresh 15 Group. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

The Fresh 15 Group. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

Well done to all students and staff in our wonderful creative community and thanks to all the graduates and industry friends who have been involved in college life this year. We are excited by what the new year will bring and wish you all a joyous and safe holiday season.

Highlights from the Thirty One exhibition

The Thirty One Exhibition opening night on Thursday 17 December at the OKLA Gallery was the highlight of the year for the graduating Bachelor students. A wonderful evening was had by all, filled with good cheer and celebration.

After much dedication and hard work throughout the year, it is so rewarding to finally see their finished images on display. The diversity of work was a testament to the focus of the students in exploring their own creative paths as they focussed on their chosen specialisations – Photojournalism, Art and Commercial photography.

Emily Tucci

Emily Tucci with her work

Emily Tucci, one of the exhibiting students, agreed saying “It’s been a really good experience being able to collaborate as an entire group on this project. Usually group exhibitions are much smaller so having 30 photographers involved has been really different and a lot of fun to have everyone all together mixing the specialisations.”

We also had the opportunity to chat to Jordan Madge and Piers Fitton about their work and experiences this year.

Jordan Madge

Jordan Madge with his work

“It’s amazing to be finished the Bachelor course and to have been part of this exhibition. For me it wasn’t just about photography in terms of learning, there were a lot of other different steps along the way.  There’s personal growth and friendships and its the way you think as well because its not necessarily just taking photos, its the way you look at everything in life now.” – Jordan Madge

Piers Fitton

Piers Fitton with his work

Piers Fitton – “This year I did something that I really wanted to do, it wasn’t just part of an assignment, it was my own path to explore and build my creative ideas further.  I’m really happy because I have accomplished what I set out do.”


Laura Scholfield

Laura Scholfield with her work

“Studying at PSC has been the best 3 years of my life and the friendships I’ve made are friends for life.  The last three weeks without PSC have actually been so boring and I miss it so much every day … but it is an amazing feeling to be finished and i’m really excited about what the future holds.” – Laura Scholfield

If you missed the exhibition at OKLA Gallery @The Compound Interest then you can still see the work on show here at the PSC End of Year Exhibition and pick up a copy of the exhibition catalogue.  The exhibition is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm from 4 January at PSC, 65 City Road, Southbank.

PSC Staff

PSC staff (Left to Right): Carmen Edwards, Communications & Students; Daniel Boetker-Smith, Bachelor Course Director; Jim Davidson, Chair PSC Governing Council; Katrin Koenning, Photojournalism Major teacher; Julie Moss, Managing Director; Melina Rookes, Communications & Students

Congratulations to all of the students involved and also to the staff and teachers that have supported them on their journey.


Raquel Betiz with her work




Australian Art Industry Shines the Spotlight on Another PSC Staff Member: Brie Trenerry

PSC Lecturer Brie Trenerry just presented her work ‘Total Field’ in a solo exhibition at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF) in Adelaide, for an entire month from November to mid December.

Brie Tenery: Total Field Screen Installation at AEAF

Brie Trenerry: Total Field Screen Installation at AEAF

The AEAF has been dedicated to new breakthroughs in visual arts since 1974, by artists who wanted to bring about a new approach to art. Believing that art is experimental, reflecting life in certain ways that should be open to public criticism, the AEAF has exhibited works of only prominent artists who are making history with their work and styles. Their focus on research-driven projects that extend themselves to debates and movements in contemporary culture, signifies that Brie’s latest showcase was critical in the current art movement of Australia.


Brie Trenerry has specialised in screen-based media since 2002, being a major exhibitor in festivals such as Westspace, White Night, Artspace and has grown her international presence at renowned galleries in cities like Santiago, New York, Berlin and London. Being the co-founder of Moonlight Cinema Adelaide and Kings ARI, Brie has taught video and post production at VCA and RMIT, before coming to PSC. Her project ‘Total Field’ has been described as an ‘experimental installation’ which makes use of cinematic elements. It looks at the relationship between the experience of moving images and altered states of consciousness. Involving concepts such as ‘vertical editing’, Brie experiments with the use of spatial montages and continuity.

Brie Tenerry's Installation at AEAF 2015

Brie Trenerry’s Installation at AEAF 2015


Having influential artists as part of our teaching cohort is one of the things that makes the PSC community so special.  This gives students an opportunity to learn from important game-changers in the field of visual arts as they journey into their own careers in photography.  As the nature of the photography industry becomes more technology driven and competitive, students at PSC are constantly encouraged to adapt to new concepts and create work that drives new trends.

PSC Course Director Daniel Boetker-Smith Gets Chosen By Photo-eye USA

PSC’s Bachelor of Photography Course Director, Daniel Boetker Smith, has been chosen by Photo-eye USA to shortlist the best photobooks of 2015. Photo-eye is a prolific journal of international photography excellence and the world’s largest online photography bookstore, based in Santa Fe. For the past 6 years, Photo-eye has put together a multi-contributor list comprising a range of photographers to recommend their favourite books of the year. The hope is to increase awareness of new artists and to allow people in the photography community to discover and explore the published works of artists from around the world.
Daniel Boetker Smith at Fresh15

Daniel Boetker Smith at Fresh15

As most of you already know, Daniel has been the frontrunner of photobook promotions, being the director of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive and the co-founder of the Photobook Melbourne Festival. He curates photobooks exhibitions and events internationally, for National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), Artspace (Sydney), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Angkor Photo Festival (Cambodia), Obscura Photo Festival (Malaysia), Aarhus (Denmark), Photo Ireland (Dublin), the Leica Centre (Washington DC) and RayKo Photo Center (San Francisco). Every year PSC Degree students are encouraged to publish their own photobooks for exhibition and presentation. For those who have attended the PSC End of Year Exhibition and more recently the graduate show Thirty One, you would have seen an extensive display of books created by our students.
Students and guests looking at photobooks at PSC's End of the Year Exhibition

Students and guests looking at photobooks at PSC’s End of the Year Exhibition

Photobooks are one of the trends in the current industry that allows students to express strong narratives and stories. At PSC we’re delighted to be at the forefront of this growing trend and excited to have the right people guiding our students in this domain.

Louisa Bufardeci’s Series Purchased by NGV

Congratulations to Louisa Bufardeci, one of our very talented teachers at PSC for not only holding a solo exhibition last month, but having her entire series purchased by the National Gallery of Victoria.

Louisa for PSC

Louisa’s series ‘The Sea Between A and I’, is an ongoing project, from which eight ‘needlepoints’ were exhibited at the Anna Schwartz Gallery. The needlepoints reflect the space between Indonesia and mark the coordinates of eight tragedies that have occurred on the Indian ocean. Louisa incorporated new technology from Google Earth to base her image on. The series touches upon a very topical issue related to the journey of people who travel across the ocean to Australia, often falling victim to maritime disasters:

“This work reflects on the asylum seekers lost in the sea between Australia and Indonesia.  I found the media reports on the issue had become increasingly abstract — less information about the number of people drowned, less information about where they were from, less information about whether they were men or women, young or old, and less information about why they were risking the journey.”

Artwork by Louisa Bufardeci

Artwork by Louisa Bufardeci

The project covers a mix of different media; photographs, video, drawings and the use of fibreglass screens with needlepoints on them. Materials used are subject to interpretation.

Artwork by Louisa Bufardeci

Artwork by Louisa Bufardeci

Artwork by Louisa Bufardeci

Artwork by Louisa Bufardeci

“I am very happy for the work.  It gives me great pleasure to know that art reflecting this serious topic is deemed valuable by our main cultural institution.” – Louisa Bufardeci

We are so glad that our teachers play such prominent roles in the arts industry. Our students get the best exposure and real-world experience as a result of learning from talented, practicing professionals.

‘A Country Big Enough to Disappear In’ – Katrin Koenning Gets Featured

Getting your work featured on the Festival Issue of Yen Magazine is a really big deal. Our teacher Katrin Koenning has made her mark with a profound series that tells you so much about the vastness and diversity of Australia, seen through the eyes of the German born artist.

Yen Magazine Cover Dec 2015

Yen Magazine Cover Dec 2015


Katrin has been creating waves this year with publications such as Times Magazine, and now to see her most recent project ‘A Country Big Enough to Disappear In’ highlighted by the arts community, we are nothing but proud of having such distinguished members like her in our teaching staff.


Image: Katrin Koenning

Image: Katrin Koenning

Our students learn about the integrity of having narrative in their work and know the power of developing their photography with dedication as well as passion. Thanks to Katrin Kenning, we get to see a new perspective of the space we live in. Read on to learn more about the inspiring photographer:

[Click on images below]




We’re so excited about the possibilities of seeing more work featured of our staff and students. Industry exposure is important to us, especially as the field of photography gets more action packed!

Wins for PSC at CCP Salon 2015!

The PSC campus is abuzz with the wonderful news of our two students Lucie McGough and Elli Bardas winning awards at the CCP Salon 2015.  Celebrating 23 years of Australian contemporary photography, the exhibition had 29 categories of awards with a large number of photographers from all over the country who were nominated.

CCP 2015

CCP 2015

The panel of judges comprised of Arlo Mountford, Katrina Sedgwick (Director of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Pippa Milne (CCP Curator) and Naomi Cass (CCP Director). They unanimously selected Lucie for the Best Fashion Work award and Elli for the ‘Sun Studios Excellence in Colour’ Award.

Lucie McGough's Image (Best Fashion Work Award Winner)

Image: Lucie McGough

Image: Elli Bardas

Image: Elli Bardas

We also want to congratulate our PSC PrintShop external customers who took out awards at the CCP Salon: Frances Valentine for ‘Adobe Most Conceptual Use of Digital Media’, Matt Portch for ‘JCP Studios and Fini Frames Best Landscape’ and Agata Mayes for ‘Kayell Best Commercial Work’.

Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Matt Portch

Image: Matt Portch

PSC PrintShop’s Peter Hatzipavlis played a crucial role in the development of these award winning images, providing his high level of expertise as our prime print specialist.

We are happy about the high quality and standard we see in our students’ work and feel proud of their achievements, especially when their talents and levels of dedication are recognised by the wider industry. The CCP Salon was a wonderful opportunity for PSC students to network and receive great exposure. So many of them participated and exhibited their work, paving the way for a bright career in photography ahead.

CCP Salon 2015

CCP Salon 2015

As in previous CCP Salons, PSC was proud to sponsor the Best Fashion Work Prize, as leading providers in photography education. With our highly acclaimed staff of teachers, printing specialists and studio managers, our prominent role in the Australian photography industry allows us to open opportunities for those who are passionate about the craft. It’s great to see the skills that our students are learning in class, presented in their unique, award-worthy work.

We were honoured to be a part of the CCP Salon 2015 and look forward to getting involved again, next year!