The Excitement of Fresh 15

PSC’s Fresh 15 exhibition launch on 20th November proved to be a successful event, as 13 of our Advanced Diploma art major students felt proud to see their hard work presented in such a magnificent manner.


Image: Benjamin Pedrochi


The group of students (now rightfully deemed as distinguished emerging artists in the photography industry) comprised of Sean Meaney, Ebony Finck, Elena D San Roman, Elma Gradascevic, Gabriella Cigana, Jonathan Carmichael, Joanne Creedon, Lachie Hill, Lloyd Pereira, Sarah Maslankiewiczs, Todd Hunter, Vicki Moritz.

Fresh 15 marks an incredible achievement for our Advanced Diploma students (2015). Here are a few thoughts from the evening:

“The exhibition is a tribute to the hard work of the students. It is a result of their dedication and the culmination of the staff’s contribution towards honing their talents. The Fresh 15 students have passed on their gift of creativity to all those who visit the exhibition.”  – Julie Moss (Managing Director, PSC)


Image: Benjamin Pedrochi


Students were grateful for the support and encouragement they received from their teacher, Sarina Lirosi.  Lloyd Pereira (one of the exhibiting students) spoke about the remarkable efforts of Sarina, who played a major role in the journey of our students.

“Sarina inherited a group of diverse individuals and we all had our own little ideas. We didn’t know what was going to happen with them. She helped us to develop our ideas and ambitions, protecting it each step of the way. Whenever we had technical issues, or when life got in the way, she helped us through them.  We’ve learnt so much creativity over the course of this year.”- Lloyd Pereira

Lloyd Pereira at Fresh 15 Opening

Lloyd Pereira at Fresh 15 Opening. Image: Daniel Pockett

“It’s great to see the work of my students exhibited. They’re incredibly passionate about what they do. Fresh 15 is a celebration of that. It was important for me to let my students define their own style. I did push them along the way, but I also took a step back to let them discover who they were as artists. The diversity in the work exhibited at Fresh 15 is testament to their individuality.” – Sarina Lirosi

Sarina Lirosi

Sarina Lirosi. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

Students felt a sense of fulfilment knowing that the journey of being at PSC allowed their work to be realised by the outside world.

The Fresh 15 Group

The Fresh 15 Group. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

The Fresh 15 exhibition will be open from November 21 – December 6, Wednesday to Sunday (12 – 5pm). Come by for some inspiration and a chance to meet PSC graduates.


A Fantastic Opportunity with FORMAT’s Louise Clements at PSC!

In the midst of our end of year presentations and exhibitions, PSC has added an exciting element to the journey of our students as they embark upon a new chapter. Louise Clements, the co-founder / curator of FORMAT Festival is coming to town for our next Image Makers Seminar on the 27th of November. All tickets are free, but you are required to book your seat by going to our Eventbrite Page. In addition to this, we will be giving our students, alumni and guests a chance to get their folios reviewed by her!

Louise Clements at FORMAT 2014 Portfolio Review

Louise Clements at FORMAT 2014 Portfolio Review


Louise’s folio reviews will be taking place on Tuesday 24th – Wednesday 25th of November from 10am-5pm. We are offering portfolio reviews (30 mins each) to current students, alumni – and as a special treat we are offering THREE free review sessions to photographers from outside the PSC community. Unfortunately, not all students, alumni, & guests who contact us are guaranteed a spot. You may nominate a preferred time but it will not be possible to give everyone their preferred time.

Current Students: If you are a current student at PSC, to book a critique session please contact the Course Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith –

Alumni: If you are member our alumni – please send a URL or 10 small jpgs of your best work with a 50-word statement about yourself and your work to the Course Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith – by Friday the 20th of November.

 Non-PSC: If you are a photographer from outside the PSC community who would like to apply for one of the THREE external reviews– please send a URL or 10 small jpgs of your best work with a 50-word statement about yourself and your work to the Course Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith – by Friday the 20th of November.

Louise Clements curating the exhibition for WYNG

Louise Clements curating the exhibition for WYNG


More about Louise:

Most of you would probably know that FORMAT is UK’s leading festival of contemporary photography that usually welcomes 100,000 participants from all over the world. Getting your work reviewed by Louise is therefore a really big deal and we’re so excited for our students to get this sort of exposure.

Louise Clements is an iconic figure in the photography industry, thanks to years of curating high profile programmes such as Common Purpose, Contemporary Art Society and Midland Band. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art (Bretton University of Arts, 1998) and a MA in Curating (Manchester University, 2001) Louise worked as a freelance curator and writer, setting up a collective by the name of ArtX and curatied exhibitions for Kaunas Photofestival in Lithuania, as well ‘BlowUp’ in New Delhi. Her work has been published by COOP INDIGO (Germany), Fotografia (Poland), Troika Editions, just to name a few. She has been the juror for the Daylight Magazine Award (USA), LensCulture New Photographic Portrait Award (Paris) and the WYNG Masters Award Project (Hong Kong).

Louise currently leads QUAD (centre for contemporary art and film) as an artistic director since 2012. ‘The European Review of Photography’ listed her as one of the world’s top 40 creatives, which makes the opportunity to meet her all the more exciting!

Headquarters of QUAD, Derby (UK)

Headquarters of QUAD, Derby (UK)

PSC is an award-winning college that is officially deemed by Canon AIPP as the best photography institute in Australia. We are a leader in the photography community and feel proud to open our doors to famous names in the field, as well as those who wish to be a part of the PSC experience! At PSC we pride ourselves over our real world industry exposure we give our students. Stay tuned to our social media channels for regular updates.

Photojournalism Students Published in RoyalAuto Magazine

In a new partnership with the publishing division of the Royal Auto Club of Victoria, the work of five final-year photojournalism students has been featured in recent issues of RA (RoyalAuto) magazine.

Photographs by Daniel Pockett and Ashleigh Wong appeared in feature articles on the Yarra Valley and the Ivanhoe/Heidelberg neighborhood in the September and October 2015 issues. Complementary multimedia pieces by Cath Grey and Blake Storey were published in the corresponding digital editions. Shing Chia shot pictures and produced a short video for a personality profile in the digital edition of the August issue.

2015 PJ students Ashleigh Wong and Daniel Pockett with copies of RoyalAuto magazine in which their photographs were recently featured

2015 PJ students Ashleigh Wong and Daniel Pockett with copies of RoyalAuto magazine in which their photographs were recently featured

RA art director Lisa Luscombe was a frequent first-semester visitor to the PJ class, where she offered regular feedback to help sharpen everyone’s work to publication standards. Students were nominated on the basis of Sem A folio results; Lisa then gave them assignments, most of which were carried out in the mid-year break. All work was paid for on publication, at normal contributor rates.

The RACV member magazine has been produced for more than 90 years. It began in 1922 as a monthly supplement in The Australian Motorist. In 1953 it became a full-colour monthly magazine called Royalauto, and as RA is now distributed to more than 1.4 million members. It has the largest circulation and highest readership of any magazine in Victoria.

In September 2012 a digital tablet version was launched and is now produced concurrently with the print magazine. In August 2013, it was rated among the top one percent of magazine apps worldwide by app rating agency iMonitor.

PSC’s partnership with RA represents an important opportunity for PJ majors to, while still students, participate in paid work with a widely read and highly respected publication. RA has since offered more assignment work to several students and has committed to a similar partnership in 2016.

You can read the articles of Daniel Pocket and Ashleigh Wong by clicking the images below:

Daniel Pocket for RoyalAuto

Daniel Pocket’s Article pg 1


DanielPockett_Yarra V#8D413

Daniel Pocket’s Article pg 2


Ashleigh Wong's Article pg 1

Ashleigh Wong’s Article pg 1

Ashleigh Wong's Article pg 2

Ashleigh Wong’s Article pg 2

With our strong industry focus, PSC students get the real world photography experience they deserve. Our photojournalism students made great connections with those in the publishing sector as they enriched their portfolios. We look forward to more updates on their achievements as they gear up for an exciting career in the field.

Aiming High with Steph Doran

PSC Blog

Meet Steph Doran, our Advanced Diploma graduate of 2012. Since completing her studies from PSC, she has worked extensively in the fashion industry as a strong and emerging photographer. Winning assignments with Blue Tree Studios in Melbourne and getting her work featured on the front cover of Freque Magazine, Steph has managed to carve a successful career in photography as she finds herself travelling between Melbourne and Sydney, with her eyes on the European market.

In her interview with PSC, she gives us the complete picture on getting a photography education and securing a wide variety of clients. Read about Steph’s journey and her tips on getting work exhibited!

What do you miss most about PSC?

The thing I miss most about PSC was the sense of family and the support network. The access to instant feedback and review is priceless. I’m lucky because I work in a studio where everyone is very open about their folios and willing to share advice or opinions. Being forced to show your folio to others fuels you and motivates you.

Tell us about how your subjects at PSC helped you as a photographer

The main subjects that helped me as a photographer were the conceptual-based ones. Having a solid understanding of metaphor and symbolism has remained a key element of my personal work. I used a lot of studio light and retouching in my work. Learning to read and deconstruct lighting set ups has been an integral part of my career, even as an assistant. Clients often have reference of how they want something to look, and the amount of times I have had to recreate a lighting style on my feet (and in 5 minutes) is countless.

How has photography allowed you to become a ‘better’ artist?

That’s a hard question. I suppose with photography, you have to think about exactly what you want to say. Because we are so used to seeing imagery, and everyone has a camera, you really need to create strong, impactful images to stand out from the rest. Using digital photography as a medium has forced me to be more creative, and to have more of a solid idea or backstory to each image.

Tell us about how you got your most recent client/assignment

I actually booked my latest campaign through Instagram! The job was to shoot some editorial style images for a fashion designer, which would be used to promote the brand and also to promote a fashion event being held later this year. The designer saw my work on Instagram, liked my style, and got in touch through that social platform. Doing social media related marketing can be a chore, but I’m continually surprised at the type of work it brings me.

Steph Doran for Solstice Magazine (UK)

Steph Doran for Solstice Magazine (UK), 2015

What series or piece of artwork are you developing right now?

At the moment I have a few restaurant and food related jobs on the go, numerous unreleased fashion editorials, as well as lots of portfolio shoots for models’ books. But I’m always working on developing new concepts and ideas. I’ve got this long term project going that is an extensive portrait series on cosplayers in Melbourne, which I’m hoping to turn into a book (eventually!) I think its really important to continue doing personal work. It stops you from falling into a cycle of repetition, and also refreshes your thoughts.

Where do you plan to travel? 

I think Melbourne is a good base for artists. My goal is to be shooting in London by the end of next year.

Can you tell us how to get your work exhibited in 4-8 ways?

1. There are lots of small group exhibitions that are always seeking submissions. Sometimes a small fee is involved, but other times it is free to participate.

2. Approach small cafes or bars, particularly ones that already have artists’ work showing, and see if they would be willing to display your work. You might even be able to sell it if a patron likes it!

3. Enter a print competition which exhibits the entrants’ work. Comps like the APPAs, or Kodak Salon get a lot of attention.

4. Hold a group exhibition to share the costs of exhibiting. Then promote like crazy.

5.  Enter the RAW Awards, which is held in every state. I exhibited at RAW Melbourne last year, and not only sold some of my work, but booked a few jobs from the event too.

6. Submit your work to magazines! Getting published isn’t exactly the same as showing your work in a gallery, but it is a great way to gain exposure and get your images out there.

Follow Steph’s photography by visiting her Facebook profile:  and Instagram Account: @stephdoranphotog .

For more info about the Advanced Diploma, click here:

PSC’s 10th Image Makers Seminar with Jean McAuslan

Photography Studies College
65 City Road
Friday 13th November 2015 
6:00 – 7:30pm 

For our next Image Makers Seminar we’re taking a journey into a chapter of Australian history. With the guidance of Jean McAuslan, manager of exhibitions and collections at the Shrine of Remembrance, we will learn about the role of Indigenous Australians in the defence of our nation.

Microsoft Word - Jean McAuslan.docx‘Indigenous Australians at War from the Boer War to the Present’ is a travelling exhibition that highlights the tenacity and courage of Indigenous Australians in the armed forces, while revealing the  untold stories of the many Indigenous lives involved. Jean will discuss her efforts in curating the exhibition and the lessons learnt from the vast and insightful project.

We welcome all students, staff and guests to our Image Makers Seminar and urge you to quickly book your places for this event. Although it is free, we do have limited seats, so visit our EventBrite link and register your attendance.