New Bachelor Programme Lecturer Ross Coulter joins PSC

Welcome to one of our new Bachelor of Photography lecturers Ross Coulter. Ross is currently a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary, and his work was featured in this year’s Melbourne Now blockbuster show at the National Gallery of Victoria. He was a Georges Mora Foundation Fellow at the State Library of Victoria in 2010-11, where he undertook a project that involved the release of 10,000 paper planes into the Domed Reading Room of the SLV.

In 2011 Ross was awarded the Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship. He holds a MFA (Research) and BFA (Hons) from VCA. In 2007 year his short film ‘When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground’ premiered at the Melbourne International
 Film Festival. Ross has also been engaged by Lucy Guerin Inc as a
 contemporary dancer in her production of ‘Untrained’. Ross’ practice uses photography, video, performance, painting, installation and sculpture to explore conceptual and material notions of levity and gravity.


Exhibition – Body of Knowledge

Melbourne Town Hall
Corner of Swanston & Collins Streets

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 23 July 7pm
Exhibition Dates: 23 July – 24 July

‘Body of Knowledge’ – part exhibition, part chill-out space for people participating in and around the International AIDS Conference. This is a collaborative project created by photographer and PSC Senior Fellow Michael Coyne and writer Graham Pitts, with Positive Women Victoria. This work was produced with the assistance of the Australia Council and is being exhibited to celebrate the International AIDS Conference.


It’s not too late to register for our Image Makers seminar with photographer Pato Herbert this Friday who is also in town for AIDS 2014. Hebert has worked in community-based HIV prevention initiatives since 1994, helping to develop grassroots programs and creative initiatives with the communities most impacted by AIDS.

Tickets are free but bookings are essential. Book your ticket on Eventbrite.

Taking PSC to the Nordic Countries

Director Communications & Students Jenny Heron has been visiting colleges in Sweden and Norway this week. Check out her photos and read about her experiences below.

Director of Blueberry Worldwide Johan Asplund with Jenny Heron in Stockholm

In Stockholm they love photography and it’s power to tell stories and I had a wonderful day in the Norwegian City of Bergen. Photography has such a strong presence here! The students are on the summer break but the visit to the Bergen Academy of Art & Design with its large photography department and emphasis on a personal reflective practice was very interesting.

There is a wonderful summer program at the KODE galleries including an extensive Edvard Munch exhibition. In the Bryggens Museum there is a moving, confronting and powerful photo documentary exhibition by Norwegian independent documentary photographer Rune Eraker ‘A Blind Eye’. With his large black & white prints he brings us face to face with the stories of those who really feel the consequences of climate change and those who will really pay the price for these changes. It shows us the power of photography to tell stories and confront the viewer, we are made to stop and think and contemplate the human price of ‘progress’! What a powerful exhibition.

Abigail Varney – METIS

Colour Factory Gallery
409-429 Gore Street

Exhibition Dates: 3 July – 2 August 2014

TN-3, 2013

Metis; male bodied, feminine people, captures the subtleties of modern gender and the way their unique environment encapsulates a notion of expressive style. Abigail’s subjects are joined in celebration on women’s day held at the Blue Diamond Society, the main NGO in Kathmandu that supports the LGBT community. This hub reinforces confidence through community and allows her subjects to be photographed unguarded and of pure self expression.  While Nepal has official recognition of the third gender within their national census, the first positive step in paving stronger acceptance of sexual and gender minorities, their efforts to lead a normal life are still being contested. Finding true connection with her subjects is what drives Abigail’s portrait photography, her subject’s join the bind of tradition and the contemporary and reveal a graceful celebration of their personal femininity.

Abigail Varney studied part time for two years at PSC before moving to New York in 2012 to pursue her career and explore her international potential. Since then, Abigail has enjoyed successful exhibitions at Tinning Street Gallery, Melbourne Comedy Festival and the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.  Her work has also been published in Frankie magazine, Small Werld and online at ABC2. As an emerging creative, Abigail is already achieving great feats and is definitely someone worth following. Congratulations Abigail!

Marnie Haddad – The Fourth Floor

Scott Livesey Galleries
909a High Street

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 24 July 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: 24 July – 9 August

The Fourth Floor – Untitled IV

Marnie Haddad  is a PSC graduate and prominent fashion portrait photographer. With over 15 years professional experience, she has been published in many magazines and has most recently exhibited at Nellie Castan showing her series titled ‘The Manor’.

The Fourth Floor, Marnie Haddad’s recent series is set in lush surroundings, an extension of her previous series ‘The Manor’. The locations appear concurrently real and mystical. The imagery prompts the viewer to question- does this exist or is it imagined? Haddad’s style appears cinematic and although takes reference from a renaissance palette, remains truly contemporary. The aloof, dreamy subjects are posed amidst opulent surroundings- it is highly staged and directed.

Obscura Photo Festival – Malaysia

Obscura is one of the newest and most exciting photo festivals in Asia and is part of the Georgetown Festival – a huge cultural event held in Penang, Malaysia. This year’s festival features exhibitions, talks, workshops, and projects by Magnum’s Jacob Aue Sobol, Arko Datto, Yoko Ishii, Hajime Kimura, Yumi Goto, Nozomi Iijima, Maggie Steber, Justin Mott, Ian Teh, Calin Kruse, Marc Prust, and many many more yet to be confirmed.

A very exciting feature of this years Festival is that PSC Bachelor of Photography teacher Daniel Boetker-Smith has been invited as a special guest. He will be a keynote speaker will also be running a workshop, and chairing a roundtable panel discussion on Asian photo books. Daniel will be at Obscura Festival from the 14-22 August 2014.

As a result, the festival organisers have put together a special offer exclusively for any PSC current and past students who may be interested in attending the Festival.

Photo credit: Obscura Festival

Special offer to current or past PSC students

Free Photographic Workshop: Obscura are offering an exclusive FREE two-day photographic workshop with Hajime Kimura, Nozomi Iijima and Daniel Boetker-Smith (PSC). The will take place sometime between the 15-20 August (TBC) – photos made in the workshop will be printed as a limited edition lo-fi BW publication and sold at the festival.

Other Workshops: Additionally, Obscura have also offered to any PSC Affiliates, a 20% discount on the advertised price of the world class photography workshops they are running from the 11-15 August – including the workshops run by Magnum’s Jacob Aue Sobol, Maggie Steber and others.

(*Please note this series of workshops happen before the main programme of the Festival from 11-15 August. Simply mention PSC in your email contact with them to arrange the 20% discount.)


IMPORTANT: This is NOT an official PSC study trip or event. PSC will not be involved in organising travel or accommodation; we are simply passing on this offer from Obscura. Anyone interested must negotiate his or her own travel and accommodation arrangements.

For more information contact Daniel Boetker-Smith

Call for Entries – Photonet Student Prize


Photonet Gallery is a dedicated photography gallery and printing studio. They have a full programme of exhibitions and annual Photography Prizes and the purpose of the Gallery is to provide exhibition space, support and learning for photographers, both professional and amateur.

Students are the next generation in photography and we’re keen to give them the benefit of our long experience in the field. This year we are focussing the Student Prize on DOCUMENTARY photography. Essentially this means photographs that record an actual situation or event rather than composed art photography. Students may enter TWO or THREE images (framed or unframed) that record either the same event or different events.

Entries close on Tuesday 29 July. Visit the website for entry forms and terms & conditions.

Slide Night in the PSC Studio

PSC recently hosted Slide Night, one of Melbourne’s hottest new photography events. Slide Night happens every few months and is organized by three young photographic artists Clare Rae, Kate Robertson, and new PSC teacher Ross Coulter.

The event at PSC featured Linsey Gosper, Ponch Hawkes, Stephen Rhall, Charlie Sofo and Hanna Tai. Our studio was packed out with students, graduates and people from all parts of Melbourne’s art and photography scenes.

Visit the Slide Night website for details of their events.

The Image Makers – Pato Herbert

Photography Studies College
65 City Road

6pm Friday 25 July

We are pleased to invite the PSC community and members of the public to join us for an evening with Pato Herbert.

Untitled #1 – from ‘Trying to Catch Your Breath’

Pato Hebert is an intermedia artist, educator and cultural worker based in Los Angeles and New York. His work explores the aesthetics, ethics and poetics of interconnectedness. The practice works across a range of media including photography, installation, sculpture, social practice, language, light and graphic design. He currently teaches as an Associate Arts Professor in the Art and Public Policy Department at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Tickets for this event are free but numbers are limited.

Reserve your place via Eventbrite.

The Image Makers – Jacob Raupach

The second session of our Image Makers series took place on Friday 27th June, when we welcomed Jacob Raupach, photographer and winner of the 2013 Australia Student Photobook of the Year Award (organized by the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive).

Second year Bachelor co-ordinator Daniel Boetker-Smith with Jacob Raupach

Jacob took the audience of staff, past and current students through his practice which incorporates documentary photography, landscape, found images, and newspaper publications. Jacob has been busy lately, adding to his CV with a new show  which has just opened at Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart.

The next event in the Images Makers series will be with Pato Herbert on Friday 25 July.