National Photographic Portrait Prize 2014

The National Photographic Portrait Prize is an annual event intended to promote the very best in contemporary photographic portraiture by both professional and aspiring Australian photographers. Finalists will be announced in early December. The exhibition will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery from 21 March to 1 June 2014 and tour to selected venues throughout 2015.

The Gallery is offering a prize of $25,000 for the most outstanding photographic portrait.

Entries close monday 18 November. Visit the website for further details.

2013 Winner – ‘Yhonnie and Indianna’ – Janelle Low

Student Profile – Anthony Basheer

Name: Anthony Basheer
Current year level: Third year part time Advanced Diploma student

What do you like most about PSC?
I love learning and immersing myself in the process of creating. PSC offers a great immersive experience.

Are you doing the course for a career or as a hobby?
Hopefully for a career, I think I have exhausted my previous career and looking for a fresh start.

How much time do you put in outside of class each week?
I am always doing something or thinking about new concepts most of the week. I love the many layers that one image can have and that takes a lot of effort to achieve!

Compared to the beginning of the course, how different is your photography & conceptual skill now?
Considerably different as I did not own a DSLR prior to commencing the course. A very big learning curve, but of course I thought I could take a photograph from the very beginning. I had a lot to learn.

What has been your most valuable learning experience?
I love researching and investigating ‘the backstory’ to my folios. You can never run away from your 1970’s sensibilities can you?

What has been your greatest challenge whilst studying?
Trying to work and study at the same time. I like to do things well and I found that when I was working full time in a career orientated role and studying that my head was very full.

What subject did you like most and why?
Loved the design subject in first year with Liliana. She was so lovely and still remembers my name. It was just the beginning.

Tell us about your experiences with mentor and client projects.
I have had two client projects and they have been incredibly rewarding experiences.

What’s your dream job?
Being commissioned by World of Interiors to shoot salons in Beirut.

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