Fresh 13

Yarra Sculpture Gallery
117 Vere Street

Exhibition opening: 6-9pm Friday 22 November 2013
Exhibition dates: Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm, 23 November – 8 December 2013

Preparations continue for Fresh 13, the art major students end of year exhibition opening in a few weeks.

Fresh 13 is a unique, interactive exhibition showcasing the photographic talents of 19 graduates. Their collections touch upon formidable realities such as climate change and the interference within 21st century perception – objective record or subjective viewpoint? Also included in the exhibition are works exploring the dark undercurrents of the human psyche – our ever-­‐shifting sense of identity and self-­‐worth. These inherent topics are echoed through a variety of means from large-­‐scale photography prints to projection art and printed silks, further entrenching the viewer in each artist’s piece.

Emma McEvoy has already had her talents recognised and was awarded ‘Australian Student Photographer of the Year’ at this years 2013 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards.

Emma will be presenting her series entitled, Beneath The Weight Of It All, which explores the dubious balance between the darkest of human emotions and the light within such fragile beings. This intuitive series has a particular focus on the feminine consciousness and emotional struggles, with images illustrating the poignant connection between hurt and healing, ultimately illuminating the light and darkness within us all. “It’s the ones with cracks that the light shines through.” ­‐ Emma McEvoy

Image by Emma McEvoy




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