Bachelor Pathway Program Research Seminar

Students in the Bachelor Pathway Program will participate in a research seminar this Saturday. The seminar program brings together an exciting range of research topics that have been explored by the students in their final semester.




Update from photo artist Natascha Stellmach

Australian-German photo artist Natascha Stellmach has sent us news of her upcoming exhibition, ‘I Don’t Have a I Don’t Have A Gun’. While we probably won’t be able to make it to Berlin we wish Natascha, a PSC sessional lecturer & mentor, the very best.

Berlin, Germany
Exhibition Dates: Friday 7 June – Saturday 20 July 2013

Adobe made easy for students

On 29 May, Adobe announced a partnership with PSC that will provide unprecedented access to the new Adobe Creative Suite electronic download – making the program more affordable to students.

Adobe have announced that from June, anyone that currently uses the CS6 Master Collection program (bought on disk), will no longer be offered upgrades unless they have signed-up for the new Adobe suite, via their new subscription service.

As described by Adobe, the new ‘subscription service’ will give users unlimited access to download and install all Adobe Creative Suite applications including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

PSC is the first college in Australia to negotiate a partnership with Adobe and communicate the benefits to its students.

Julie Moss, Managing Director of PSC said, “while some people may be annoyed by Adobe changing to a subscription service, for our students this means that they will all now have equal access – as paying $3949 outright under current arrangements, just wasn’t affordable for some students.”

This new partnership between PSC and Adobe will see PSC students have access to the full Adobe Creative Suite at a considerably discounted rate. Students who subscribe through the college’s intranet before 25 June will pay as little as $14.99 per month for the first year and then $24.99 per month thereafter.

“I am so excited to see what our students will come up with in their photography portfolios, as now they will all have access to a fully integrated suite of creative programs that has become affordable across the board,” Julie said.

MGA presents Bruce Postle Forum at PSC

Graduate Update – Tracy Nicholas

PSC recently caught up with Tracy Nicholas, a 2008 commercial major who is successfully combining two of her great passions – photography and dance. Tracy has travelled to New York on two occasions and through some clever networking has been able to meet and work with Matthew Karas and Lois Greenfield, two highly acclaimed dance photographers.

Tracy worked with Matthew and Lois in their shared Manhattan studio, and was involved in photo shoots and post production work. Tracy’s highlights of her time in New York include being able to shoot her own dance photography and working with some very talented dancers.  She also enjoyed receiving free tickets from dance companies and attended lots of performances  – a fantastic industry perk!

Tracy continues to keep in touch with her New York mentors and is currently working with a dancewear company developing advertising campaigns, catalogues and calendars. Tracy also creates portfolios for dancers and dance schools.

Tracy’s advice to current PSC students is to “make connections with your fellow students while you are still studying together. Take advantage of the resources and critique sessions and try to create an ongoing network of people (even if it is just one or two) who you can ask for help, opinions, bounce ideas off and go to exhibitions with once you are out in the real world”. She also recommends establishing a strong filing system for your work, “it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you understand it and are able to find what you are after at a moment’s notice”.

A selection of Tracy’s work is featured below.

Exhibition by PSC Staff Jeremy Blincoe

Level 1, 278 Collins St, Melbourne, Vic,
Exhibition Opening: Thursday May 30, 2013 at 6:00 (RSVP by May 27, 2013 at
Exhibition Dates: Friday 31 May – Friday 14 June 2013

Jeremy Blincoe will show a two week preview of his fantastic new series including two new works Bound, and Ego and Nature.

Blincoe’s photography presents digital narratives with unique locations and subject matters. In each work he creates a world built upon sites that require a truly adventurous spirit to reach.

Exhibition by PSC Graduate Zoe Wetherall

Gaffa Gallery
281 Clarence St, Sydney NSW
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 30 May 2013, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: Thursday 30 May – Monday 10 June 2013

Aerial Albuquerque is an exhibition showcasing a selection of aerial photographs taken from a hot air balloon in Albuquerque in 2012. These images represent Zoe’s love of aerial photography and a personal fascination with the American landscape.

Part of the Head On Photo Festival

Zoe Wetherall

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Michelle Holt, Second Year Full Time
ASSIGNMENT: Selections and Blends Assignment
COMMENT:This image was for Assignment 2, Selections and Blends with A3 Print for our Manage Colour in a Digital Environment, Level 3. Basically I used different methods of selections combined with different blend modes to replace a portion of an image.

This photograph of St. Georges Theatre in Yarraville was taken on a nice sunny day, and it also had an apartment buildings behind it to the right of the image. I decided to drop in a stormy sky to add to the dark, gloomy feel of a burnt out building. I made the sky out of a series of 4-5 different skies that I joint together in Photoshop by using blend modes and layer masks.

Michelle Holt

Graduate Graeme Passmore tells of his amazing photographic experience in Nepal

Soon to be graduate Graeme Passmore was a guest presenter at this weeks Mentoring class for our final year students. Graeme has just recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka, India & Nepal where he worked as a volunteer with a school ‐ assisting them with their English programs and photographing at the same time.

Graeme took on an amazing adventure through Nepal hiking in the Himalayas for 2 weeks photographing and filming the wonderful people, culture and breath taking scenes the Himalayas have to offer. After spending time in the mountains Graeme returned to Kathmandu where he volunteered at Mansingh Dharma Higher and Secondary School for 2 weeks. Part of the experience was to live with a local family and be part of the community.

“It was an absolute amazing experience, my girlfriend and I were welcomed into not only the family but the whole community. From having showers in a cold bucket of water every morning to eating their local dish of Dal Bhat three times a day, every moment will be remembered. We were also lucky enough to be part of the Holi Festival of colour, which is basically a massive water and colour fight for the whole city of Kathmandu. Everyone from kids to grandparents get involved. It was a real humble experience to be able to teach at the school also, just to see how excited the kids get to learn English. Such amazing beautiful people, I’d do it all again in a heart beat!”

Graeme is one of our fabulous full time students …passionate about photography and in career transition from emerging photographer to a very accomplished advertising photographer. He is one of our top achieving students, who will be featured in our Graduation Ceremony at the ACMI on Friday 31 May. Check out more of Graeme’s work at or email him at

Captured by PhaseOne!

Industry Partnerships are vital to the college. PSC prides itself on the quality of the relationships we have forged with or industry partners. When we had some problems in our studio with tethered capture – Phase One came to town! Not only did seasoned Capture One presenter and well known Australian photographer Ian van der Wolde (also a PSC graduate) come to our aid – but he brought Colin Johnson, the Asia Pacific Area Sales Manager for Phase One and James Johnson (a member of the specialist technical support team from Denmark) with him!

PSC is now working on an arrangement with Phase One that will benefit students and the college alike. Watch this space of further announcements on this one.

In the meantime – check out Ian’s work at and more about PhaseOne at

Photo caption: Phase One reps James Johnson (far left) and Colin Johnston (far right) pictured here with (l-r) well known Australian photographer, Ian van der Wolde, PSC’s Managing Director, Julie Moss, Studio Manager, Dru Blumensheid and Chief Technology Officer, Adi Selimanovic.