PSC Graduates Ruth Perry and David Lowry in group Exhibition

Gallery 314
314 Church Street
Richmond Victoria 3000
Exhibition Opening: Friday 30th November, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: 1st December – 2nd December 2012

The exhibition is themed ‘Through the looking glass’, all the artists responded to the theme in their own way.
“Alice in the ‘Through the looking glass’, sees the world differently when she passes through the mirror, I took this same concept and photographed reflections of the majestic temples of northern Thailand in their surrounding puddles, in doing so I find the images have taken on a dream like quality giving these highly photographed buildings a new and emotive perspective. When you look in a mirror/reflection you are seeing the opposite of what is there, the view gets skewed and distorted but the image is often just as stunning when looked at the right way, this series shows how beautiful a different perspective can be.” – Ruth Perry

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Ruth Perry, Courtesy of the artist

David Lowry. Courtesy of the artist

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Niklas Passmann, First Year Full Time
ASSIGNMENT: Major Project, Semester 2
COMMENTS: This photograph of a German WWII Soldier is out of my Warrior Series for my Major Project Sem. B 2012. The Series will contain 10-15 Environmental Portraits of different Warriors/ Soldiers, out of different time periods and from different cultural Background. I’ve always liked historical warriors and their armour and weapons, so the decision about what I was going to do for my Major this year was very easy for me.

Exhibition Opening: Dreaming Awake

Kings ARI Gallery
Level 1, 171 King St
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Exhibition Opening: Friday 19th October, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: 19th October – 10 November 2012

PSC art graduate Kim Liddle is holding a solo exhibition at Kings Gallery, opening this Friday 19 October.  Evocative and introspective, Kim’s work haunts the subconscious and tickles our fickle fancy.

“Dreaming awake is a mixed media installation exploring our sense of identity under the subconscious influence of western culture. Kimberley Liddle explores the raw construction of one’s personality by questioning; the effects of western culture on our growth as individuals, how we develop certain personality traits, are we manifestations of external influences? By deconstructing the subconscious to discover the origins of oneself, one must listen and respond to the secrets seeping through the bars of consciousness.

Dreaming awake invites viewers to journey with the subjects as they discover their true selves from within the multifaceted nature of their psyche.”

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Gregory Crewdson in Melbourne

Photography by: Elli Ioannou

Melbourne and PSC is abuzz with visionary photographic artist Gregory Crewdson being in town. If you haven’t made your way to the CCP to see his exhibition In a Lonely Place – we recommend you head there straight away!

Yesterday, a number of PSC teachers and students attended the Melbourne International Festival’s packed Ringside talk with this amazing artist at the Festival Hub. Elli and Barry didn’t miss the chance to get close!

Sanja Pahoki / To The Centre of The Earth and Back (Iceland)

Sarah Scout
Level 1, Crossley Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 13th October, 3-5pm
Exhibition Dates: 11th October– 10 November 2012

In July of this year Pahoki travelled to Germany and Scandinavia, undertaking a road trip through Iceland. This was the artist’s third visit to Scandinavia since her first studio residency in Iceland in 2008, and To The Centre of The Earth and Back (Iceland) comprises photographs taken on these recent travels.

The exhibition continues Pahoki’s exploration of the passage of time and her navigation of the distance between memory and reality. Whilst continuing the artist’s love affair with Scandanavia, the exhibition also puts truth to the adage ‘you can never go back’.

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PSC Graduate Matthew Furneaux New Exhibition

The Chamber – Art and Coffee House
90 High Woodend
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 27th October, 7pm
Exhibition Dates: 24 October– 25 November 2012

PSC Weekly Wrap

Nicole Polidano
STUDENT: Nicole Polidano, First Year Full Time
ASSIGNMENT: Process and edit Digital Photos, Semester 2
COMMENTS: This photograph was taken during an exercise in another class. I was particularly drawn to how the leaves fell into place and how the textures of the leaves stand out. I was able to make a distinct connection with this photograph as it allowed me to gain a new perspective on the subject of Photography, and revealed to me how images can be entirely transformed.

Graduate Tom Goldner speaks with PSC students


PSC Graduate Tom Golder met with the final year PSC students to discuss his experiences as a photojournalist and his latest work- Photo for Freedom

Listen to excerpts of his talk with the students