PSC Part Time Student Sarah McLay Exhibition

1000 pounds bend cafe
361 Lt Lonsdale Street Melbourne
Exhibition Dates: 1 May–31 May 2012

This series explores the meeting point between reality and fantasy. The juxtaposition of photo and painting simultaneously unifies and exaggerates the disparity of the subject to her surroundings, as we, the viewer make the journey ourselves into and out of reality.

Third year art major students recent visit to Gold Street Studios

Third year art major students recently visited Gold Street Studios in Trentham where they participated  in the Alternative Processes Workshop.
Students made cyanotypes and van dyke browns.

Gold St studios is run by Ellie Young (who is a PSC graduate)

Congratulations to first year student Sharon Johnston

First year part time student Sharon Johnston has recently been selected for exhibition as part of the Head On Portrait Festival. “The Head On Photo Festival is a major innovative showcase for Australian and international photography, reflecting a vibrant, diverse cross-section of new and traditional photographic practices. It is the largest event of its kind in Australia and the second largest in the world.” (See their website for more info)

Sharon’s image “Bold Commitment” will be screened as part of the festival exhibition in a slide show that runs from 5 May to 3 June in Sydney. This semester, Sharon is also working on an exciting concept with nudes and is about to undertake a shoot on location at Daylesford’s Convent Gallery.

Congratulations Sharon! It’s great to see your passion and hard work paying off for you. We are looking forward to seeing more results from your efforts later this semester.

Bold Commitment

PSC Weekly Wrap

Caterina Fizanno
STUDENT: Caterina Fizzano, Second year, full time
ASSIGNMENT: Trip to India with charity group Traditional Healthcare documenting in the village of Datam the people, local life and the efforts being made to building a healthcare clinic.
STUDENT COMMENT: At the start of 2012 I was fortunate enough to follow a small Melbourne based charity group called Traditional Healthcare to India where they are building a healthcare clinic in Datam – a remote village. Coming into second year and wanting as much exposure and experience as possible, I tried to make the most of my time in this amazing place. I wanted to document the groups efforts in creating this facility and treating the locals as well as try to capture the life and activities of the community.
This image was taken at the local weekly markets and the sea of bicycles under the arms of this massive tree grabbed my attention and I had to capture it – even though I was holding people up on the walk back to our village – at mosquito time!.
It was so exciting to be in this space and I hope to continue to be able to do more documentary and travel work of this nature.
I loved the village so much I plan to return next year! I hope to be able to get to more places and get involved with local life and capture more.

Remember our little old log cabin & A Frame at Chewton?

Remember our little old log cabin & A Frame at Chewton? Its gone ‘Green”!! Here’s a call to arms for anyone who wants a day in the bush!!

Longer term PSC students and many graduates will remember our rural Chewton campus (complete with log cabin) and the weekend photographic workshops (through rain and shine) amid the fascinating and historic gold field landscapes….

A number of students have asked if we are still running those workshops.

The answer is that currently its been “put out to pasture” so to speak due to its rather ‘rustic’ facilities and costly maintenance involved in battling gorse bush and blackberry.

As part of our passion for regenerating the property, we have recently become involved in a Landcare program, linking other properties in the local community in being a “beacon” for sustainable landcare management and weed control (isn’t that what every good photography college does?).

This has resulted in us hosting seed collection days and assisting other members of the community revegetate their land with good native seedlings and plants. Now its our turn to have the community assist us to do the same

Sunday 29 April at 10.30 am is G(reen) day at PSC Chewton!!

It’s a great photo opportunity (for a photo essay etc ) and also for anyone who wants to “go rural” and have a day in the bush!

Read more via this link –

Hope to see you there.  (we’ll provide gloves for any PSC volunteers!) and the familiar BBQ lunch..

Any queries? Talk to Jon at PSC on 96823191 or

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Rachel Gedye, 3rd Year FT Commercial Major
ASSIGNMENT: 2nd Year, 2nd Semester Major Project
STUDENT COMMENT: I chose to create a recipe book for my 4th semester major folio. I wanted to create a nostalgic feel reminding viewers of cooking treats with their mothers and grandmothers.
I chose this project because I wasn’t confident with food and wanted to find a way to break into it. I was able to view the treats as objects instead of food and this helped a lot.
It was my first self-oriented project in the studio and I overcame a lot of fears.
I brought the recipes back to basics by hand writing them and concentrating on the ingredients more than the final product.

Friday Laughs

This video is soooo funny, and very often so true, what do you guys think lol?


The PrintShop @ PSC – New Fine Art Papers Launched


The PrintShop @ PSC is pleased to announce that we’ve added 2 new inkjet papers:
Harman Gloss Baryta Warm Tone & Hahnemuhle PhotoRag Bright White

Harman Gloss Baryta Warm Tone
320g.s.m. A fibre based paper which gives creamy whites & velvety black, with an Alumina coating ensuring a high degree of glossiness, optical image density and vibrancy. In my opinion the best paper for Black and whites

Hahnemuhle PhotoRag Bright White
At 308g.s.m. this is a heavy art paper, with a fibrous finish. The paper softens the image and mutes the colours giving a watercolour feel to the final image. Photo Rag Bright White is the choice for users who prefer an especially bright white cotton paper.

They are both 100% museum grade and comply with ISO standards thereby ensuring maximum longevity and conservation of prints.


PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Jordan Bollen, 3rd Year FT Fine Art Major
ASSIGNMENT: 2nd Year, 2nd Semester Major Project
STUDENT COMMENT: For my final folio of second year I decided to try and improve my conceptual development, I wanted to start with a concept or idea based on personal experience and let the images flow from there. The result is a series of images called “The City”, of which this image is a part.

The intention of this series was to communicate what it was like for me as a child moving from a small town in rural Victoria to a much bigger city and eventually spending time in Melbourne studying. For me as a child coming from such a small town and spending time in a place like Melbourne was, in a way, quite a culture shock. I wanted to document the city as I saw it, a huge, strange, intimidating place. I wanted this particular photograph to capture and express the sense of alienation that I felt.

Creating this series was a rewarding process, it was great to spend the semester working my way through a concept and coming out the other side with some fresh new images and some positive feedback on my work.

PSC Graduate Tristan Davies Exhibition

Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Exhibition Opening: Friday 13th April from 6pm
Exhibition Dates: 13 April–26 May 2012

We are thrilled to announce the (Nec)Romanticism exhibition, by PSC Graduate Tristan Davies. (Nec)Romanticism is an ongoing photographic search for eternity and an impalpable muse in the shadows, cities, animals and objects of both the real and imagined worlds.

Photography Studies College is a proud sponsor.

Tristan Divies’ work was proudly printed by The PrintShop @ PSC using our Fine Art Print services.