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Taylor Nuss-Soeharto

Graduated 2016 Bachelor of Photography - Commercial Major

Taylor Nuss-Soeharto

When Taylor commenced at PSC she had no special path mapped out. She just knew she loved photography and wanted to learn all about it. She considers PSC was great at providing her with a huge amount of knowledge about all the various fields of photography. “This helped me recognise what kind of career I wanted to pursue and gave me the tools and education to do so,” she says.

“As well as learning about the industry, PSC also assisted with connecting me to the local and international photography/artist community. We visited galleries around Melbourne, travelled to the Obscura Festival of Photography in Penang, Malaysia, and entered national and international competitions. All this was beneficial  after graduating as it helped me stay connected to the industry and be involved in the photo community”.

In her final year, Taylor was awarded the prestigious Australian Photography Student of the Year prize. “I was incredibly humbled to have been awarded the Australian Photography Student of the Year. I never dreamed about this happening to me! Not only did winning the award get me in contact with people within the industry, it helped me realise that I can work at a very high standard.”

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Since graduating, Taylor has travelled overseas, interned at a fashion and portraiture studio, collaborated with other artists and spent the past two years assisting a top Australian commercial advertising photographer.

She considers she had a great start by winning the Australia Student Photographer of the Year in 2016, and continues to build her profile as a successful photographer, working hard to establish her own client base.

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