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Sarah Walker

Graduated 2016 Bachelor of Photography - Art Major

Sarah Walker

Since graduation Sarah’s work has been getting noticed all over the world. She has been featured in international photo magazines Der Greif, Phases, The Heavy Collective, and Terra Firma.

Her work has also been included in two major international photobook publications ‘American ABCD’ (Paripe Books), and ‘A Place Both Wonderful and Strange’ (Fuego Books).

Sarah’s work utilizes photography, moving image, sound and installation and she has recently been exhibited in a number of group and solo shows, most notably at C3 Gallery in Melbourne.

Sarah says ‘PSC taught me to believe in my work, to network and collaborate, and to really dive into my photographic career. The support I received from my teachers was amazing, and I am still regularly in touch with them now, showing them my work, and getting advice from them.’




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Its hard to keep up with this dynamic young artist, its safe to say Sarah has a bright future ahead - in the last few months she has been a finalist in two major art prizes – the Perth Centre for Photography Landscape Photography Prize (CLIP Award), and the Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women. In addition she was just announced as the winner of the Perimeter Editions Small Book Prize.

In July Sarah will travel to Latvia to the prestigious ISSP Program to undertake a workshop with award-winning photographer Sarker Protick and Salvatore Vitale (Editor of YET magazine).

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