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    Why Choose PSC to Study Photography?

    We are Australia’s leading photography education institution. Our unique courses and dynamic student experience helps graduates reach their creative potential and career aspiration.

    Visual imagery is connected to every part of our daily life and central to contemporary culture and society. At PSC, we believe the most successful communicators of the future will be those who use photography
    instinctively and intelligently.

    We are an innovative, multiple award-winning college, offering the highest university-standard learning experience within an expert and nurturing community.

    Since 1972, we’ve been the centre for photographic study excellence in the heart of Melbourne’s arts precinct.

    Join us!

    Upcoming courses

    For 40 years PSC provide students with an environment in which to explore their creativity, see the world anew and give expression to what they see.


    What is PSC like?

    What is PSC like?

    PSC’s visually exciting and creative environment ensures our unique award-winning courses and highest rated student experience help you realise your talents, creative aspirations and career goals.

    The Printshop @ PSC

    The Printshop @ PSC

    The Print Shop provides you with the knowledge, experience and insight  to create and print images of outstanding quality. 

    Industry Partnerships

    Industry Partnerships

    The photography industry says PSC is Australia's best photography college!

    Students have regular contact with industry professionals throughout their course  through our mentor program, industry events and guest speakers.



    Access one of the best equipped and largest professional photography studios in Melbourne! PSC students have access to two double-sized photography studios, fitted with modern lighting equipment for producing high quality imagery.

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