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PSC Policies

These Policies relate to the Bachelor of Photography course.


They have been adopted by the PSC Governing Council, the Governing Body of the College and are subject to regular review.


These policies assist staff and students understand the principles, rules and guidelines under which the College operates its higher education courses. Publication assists in decision making in areas of significance over a broad range of the organisation including management, administration, academic and human resources.


Academic Policies

> Intellectual And Academic Freedom (pdf 128 kb)

> Intellectual Property (pdf 135 kb)

> Course Quality Control and Review - Higher Education (pdf 672 kb)

> Course Quality Control and Review - VET (pdf 220 kb)

> Plagiarism (pdf 138 kb)

> Assessment - Higher Education (pdf 211 kb)

> Course Completion and Graduation (pdf 82 kb)

> Student Progress and Exclusion (pdf 148 kb)


Student Specific Policies

> Academic Appeals (pdf 149 kb)

> Student Application and Admissions - Domestic Students (Higher Education) (pdf 92 kb)

> Student Application and Admissions - Domestic Students (VET) (pdf 146 kb)

> Student Application and Admissions - International Students (pdf 148 kb)

> Student Conduct (pdf 151 kb)

> Student Consultation And Support (pdf 149 kb)

> Fair Treatment and Equal Benefits and Opportunity - Higher Education (pdf 174 kb)

> Fair Treatment and Equal Benefits and Opportunity - VET (pdf 174 kb)

> RPL and Credit Transfer (pdf 171 kb)

> Student access to records (pdf 118 kb)

> Grievance Handling Policy and Procedure (for Academic and Non Academic Matters) (pdf 207 kb)

> Transfer between providers policy and procedure (pdf 147 kb)

> Transfers, Deferral, Withdrawal, Suspensions of Enrolment DOMESTIC non fee help enabled courses (pdf 159 kb)

> Deferral, suspending or cancellation of a students enrolment (pdf 158 kb)

> Monitoring, Notifying & Reporting of International Students (pdf 167 kb)


Other Policies

> Access, Equity and Anti-Discrimination (pdf 172kb)

> Disability Access (pdf 134 kb)

> Sexual Harassment (pdf 151 kb)

> Preventing Bullying (pdf 144 kb)

> Critical Incident (pdf 171 kb)



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