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PSC graduate profiles

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Teagan Glenane

Photojournalism Graduate


Teagan originally from Ballarat graduated in 2009 majoring in photojournalism. She loved the practical, hands on course at PSC and says, “I’d seen a number of student exhibitions at the college and loved the images on the walls. I was also attracted to the ‘Photography in the Community’ industry placement project that I read about and I became excited about the possibilities of a career in photography. Little did I know that less than 5 years later I would be photographing a story in the slums of Tanzania!’’

Teagan had a driving urge to work on an ongoing documentary story in her final year, one which mattered not only to her but also to others. Never one to aim low, she contacted a range of large Melbourne based Charities before finally meeting up with Margaret Smith of the Children First Foundation.

And so began her documentary story of Issa, an 8 year old boy from Tanzania with a severely clubbed foot who had come to Melbourne for medical treatment. Teagan documented Issa’s treatment but realised to fully tell his story she would have to return home with him, and so two months after completing her course she found herself in Tanzania. It was here that she got the e-mail to say she was being offered a full-time position as a Photographic Cadet for Fairfax’s Melbourne Weekly, after competing with over 250 other candidates.

Teagan concludes:

I literally got off the plane from Tanzania and started work two days later and I love it! I think there is so much to be said for persistence and hard work. I have heard a saying, 'reach for the stars - if you can't reach the stars on your tip-toes, go and get a ladder.


Lisa Frieling

Commercial Graduate


Lisa had a passion for photography from a young age, she was always interested in art, illustrating and making films using a huge old-school camcorder she could barely carry! She says she was drawn to, “how amazing a still could make me feel, with just a subject and lighting.”

Lisa found out about PSC at a Careers Day, and was instantly excited about the course. She commenced her studies in 2007 and says “I knew from my first class that the small environment would allow me to get to know my tutors on a one-on-one basis, while learning, questioning, laughing and sometimes even crying to them! That was really important to me.” Lisa explains, “my passion is working with people, directing, building installations and crafts. PSC’s creative course is a journey of self-discovery and finding out what you love to photograph and how best to photograph it!”

She now has her own small freelance photography business and finds that her work differs every day, “one day I’ll be collaborating with a huge team such as models, stylists and others on a fashion campaign and the next I’ll be photographing products. I also work with a Melbourne based magazine, assisting on editorials and events, an online fashion store and new fashion agency.” When asked what advice she would give to future students she says, “start attending galleries, watch films, read books, your visual diary is important; keeping organised, networking and keep pushing the boundaries of photography.”

And to finish Lisa shares her favourite quote by fashion and portrait photographer Cecil Beaton,

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

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Jason Edwards

Photojournalism Graduate


Jason found his calling as a photographer in 2004, when by chance a stranger, upon seeing one of his images asked if he had ever considered a career. Once realised, his passion quickly gained momentum, driving him to great lengths for the perfect picture.

Since graduating from Photography Studies College in 2008, Jason quickly picked up work for Leader Newspapers in Melbourne, Australia as their youngest staff photographer where he is currently employed. Considering himself predominantly a photojournalist and documentary photographer rather than just press, Jason pursues many of his own stories outside of the newspaper.

Jason has received numerous acknowledgments for his achievements, including High Commendation in the 2008 Quill awards and Quill Awards finalist in 2009, finalist in the CNA awards 2009 and 2010 as well as joint winner Feature Story of the year 2010, finalist PANPA 2010 and 2011, was nominated a finalist for the 2009 and 2010 Walkley Young Australian Photographer of the Year.

In 2010 Jason was awarded the Leader Sports Photograph of the year and Leader overall Photographer of the year as well as “Best In Show” at the 2011 Melbourne Walkley Slide Night. Recently Jason was a finalist in the 2011 Walkley Awards in the Photo Essay category.

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Andrew Elliot

Commercial Graduate


“Since graduating from PSC I’ve certainly been busy. I went on to complete my BA in Photography in 2003 and since 2004 I’ve been living and working in New York. Six months after arriving here, I met one of my favourite commercial photographers, Craig McDean and started working freelance for him.” Eventually Andrew became his full-time assistant, “it was a real dream job.

I learnt so much and had such a fantastic experience. I’ve done the lighting for global Gucci, Armani and Dior campaigns, Vogue and Vanity Fair shoots; met Kate Moss and Tom Ford; shot in Paris, London, Milan, LA.” Andrew worked for Craig for over 2 years.

In2007 he began working for another of the great fashion photographers Steven Meisel and was based in his New York office frequently travelling to LA to assist in major fashion campaigns. Still based in New York Andrew now runs his own freelance photography business and says,

My passion for photography has taken me into a world that few get to experience and to top it all off I've been paid.

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Max Creasy



Max developed a passion for photography when he started reading skateboarding magazines at the age of 13. After applying through VTAC he decided to pursue this passion and study photography at PSC. Max found the environment encouraged his curiosity and this approach has informed his artistic practice. He graduated from PSC in 1998 and recently completed a Masters of Art at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. His work questions ideas of photographic perception and architectural representation and he says that he is constantly inspired in his artistic practice by the work of other artists.

Max has completed work for the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Bienalle and John Wardle Architect’s book ‘Volume.’ His work was included in the publication ‘Australian Contemporary Photography, 1980–2007’ and he is currently creating work for two solo shows in 2011. When asked his advice for future students he says “understand your ideas.”

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Jenny Hodge



Jenny Hodge's photographic exploration of the Sikh community came out of her photojournalism folio. Religion had always interested her and she set out to document different cultures and their religious beliefs before focusing on the Sikh community in the Werribee region. She says “I didn’t know much about Sikh culture prior to starting to photograph. It felt like I was discovering a new world I hadn’t known existed, which was right on my doorstep. I learnt a great deal and it was a revelation to find out that you didn’t have to travel to the other side of the world to be able to immerse yourself in another culture.”

Jenny’s work was featured in a 3-page selection of the series in The Roving Eye (August 2009) in The Big Issue, as a positive angle on Indian integration into Melbourne society in light of the racially driven negative press throughout 2009 and 2010. Following this she pitched her folio to Obscura Gallery in St Kilda and was accepted into an exhibition entitled ‘Endless Perspectives’ a group show of three documentary photographers that ran from March through to April 2010. Jenny was interviewed on SBS community radio regarding her exhibition and spoke of her long term aim to raise positive perspectives towards the customs and religious practices of Sikhs living in Melbourne in order to promote understanding and mutual respect.

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Darrian Traynor



Darrian Traynor came to the photojournalism major in 2009 with a fierce love of sports photography. However he also realised the importance of diversity and decided to explore documenting the life of Open Family Australia volunteers who work with at risk youth living on the streets of Melbourne. “The opportunity to work with Open Family Australia was an amazing experience and a real eye opener. It has lead to me doing further work for them as well as developing a completely new set of photographic skills."

Darrian saw the benefits of mentors early on in his final year and secured two great sports and AFL photographers to coach his image making, Michael Dodge of The Herald Sun and John Donegan. He decided to pitch his final sports folio at Slattery Media Group who photograph AFL football for many publications including the AFL Record.

He was given an interview and on the strength of his mentor’s recommendations was given a job. "I had identified the Slattery Media Group as the pinnacle of sports shooting and a place I would aspire to get to some day. With the help of my mentors during the year to develop my skills further, I became confident enough in my abilities to promote my work. I shoot AFL football each weekend now and I pinch myself every time I walk out onto the M.C.G."

Darrian’s life as a freelance photographer is a busy and diverse one having recently photographed AC/DC at Etihad Stadium, where the image will be used as a billboard for the venue. He also has regular gigs shooting for the new Melbourne publication, The Weekly Review and and his work covering the Melbourne Vixens Netball Team is often published in The Age.

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Jo Duck

Commercial Graduate


Jo tells us that her secondary school didn't offer photography, but she had like a lot of teenage girls, an interest in taking pictures.

"I bought an SLR camera and that was the end of me. It was photography or bust! I used to watch a lot of films and was so entranced by how lighting could influence atmosphere - I was hooked. I attended Open Day at PSC with my dad and was so impressed by the work on the walls; I thought maybe someday my work would be exhibited. And by golly, it was!" Since graduating Jo has started her own freelance business, she tells us "things have been going really well. I've been shooting for a lot of bands, hip hop artists, performers, models, fashion designers, clothing labels, book covers and even an outdoor cinema. I am also working on my own book with a few friends and am just moving into a sparkling new office in the city." When asked to offer some thoughts for up and coming photography students she says, "As corny as it sounds, in a creative course like this you really do get out what you put in. Visuals, photography, light, images, shapes, colour, form, movement, inspiration and ideas will infest your mind continuously."

And her final words:

You may lose sleep, but you'll make great work if you breathe imagery.

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Fleur Mann

Photojournalism Graduate


Fleur chose to major in photojournalism in her final year at PSC. "I really enjoyed the photojournalism class; it offered such a supportive environment. We had a great mix of students and everyone had a passion for telling stories and loved discussing their folio ideas and photographs." Fleur had always loved photography; travel, people, magazine, newspaper and especially family photographs. For her it was something about the photograph cementing time. "I've always had a passion for taking and making photographs and I loved the fact that PSC was a small college that completely revolved around photography. It offered me an intensive experience and doing such a well-respected course I knew would help me get a good start in my chosen field." Fleur took full advantage of the PSC mentor program and found the advice and assistance she received invaluable, "My mentor was great, she gave me a lot of advice about getting through my final year and what to expect in the industry. She also helped me find work when I did finish."

And now Fleur is dong what she loves:

I'm currently working for the Weekly Times, freelancing for my own business and at Sotheby's to further my interest in the art world.

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Stevie Maree

Art Graduate


Stevie Maree researched widely the best place to study photography before deciding on PSC. She says, "I went to a number of Open Days and two at PSC; the first time was to get a feel for the place and the second time was to ask the in-depth questions. I just loved the community feeling and the fine art photography." After being offered a place at PSC Stevie Maree moved to Melbourne from country Victoria, "on my first day I was the second person to arrive. I was nervous but very excited; the BBQ was a great way to get to know people and casually chat to other students and teachers." During her course she loved the studio lighting class, she found the studio to be such a spiritual place, "I loved being in there and bringing the image together." She found that the Industry Placement PIC project in second year really opened her eyes and gave her confidence, "it made me realise that the possibilities in photography are endless, you just have to get out there and have a go."

This year Stevie Maree was awarded the top prize for photographic art and now says of her future after PSC:

I'm currently having a great time working on new bodies of work and making contacts in the industry. I've applied for several grants and now I want to travel overseas and explore more about contemporary visual culture.

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Zoe Wetherall

Commercial Graduate


Having graduated from PSC in 2006 Zoe worked as a freelance assistant for 4 years with commercial photographers in Melbourne, Sydney and New York. She is now based in Melbourne, recently joining a studio and is working with her own clients. Zoe still loves to keep shooting her own personal work because she says, "it keeps my folio fresh and dynamic." Zoe has had a long interest in photography, but felt it probably wasn't until Year 9 that she really got into it. She did a few photography electives at school and started to learn Photoshop and darkroom techniques. "I continued on to do photography in Studio Arts in Year 12 and after that it seemed like the obvious path for me. During my time at PSC I liked that not everyone in my class was interested in studio photography; there were a few days during my final year when I had the whole studio to myself! I also liked the smaller classes, which meant the teachers knew all the students and their work fairly well."

When asked for some final wise words she says:

Stick at the course, even when it gets tough. I think the final year is the best! Also, try to be as organised as possible. If you work really hard you can surprise yourself.

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