Shaun Tanner Gallery

Closure of Holden Engine Manufacturing Operations in Fishermans Bend

At its peak Holden operated seven plants Australia-wide and employed over 20,000 people directly and countless others indirectly. Following the closure of the Fishermans Bend engine manufacturing plant in Melbourne in November 2016 it now runs only one factory in South Australia, itself due to close at the end of 2017. Once a Holden employee himself, Shaun Tanner was able to gain access to the Fishermans Bend site just before it ceased operations. “These pictures represent my version of the Holden engine manufacturing operation, not the social media or political versions. The people made the place great, and now it is gone. This is my keepsake, a historical document in a way, of something most Australians have never had a chance to see or appreciate and will never see again.”