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At Home In Gaza is a story by Wissam Nassar, a young Gaza-born photojournalist who’s life is surrounded by war and reconstruction. Click here to view the full article

Stepping Back: The Art of Seeing

A long-time, highly decorated Iranian photojournalist finds fresh inspiration for his work with a simple new tool—the phone in his pocket. Vibrant mobile photography from across the world. Click here to view the full article


A collection of images of the faces of a fierce conflict with ISIS in Mosul. Wounded and weak, most who survived now face an uncertain future in the limbo of IDP camps. Shattered lives, lost loved ones and escape from the rubble of collapsed homes and the evil of ISIS doctrine, leaves scars of emotional trauma even more difficult […]

The Good Earth: Inner Mongolia

Across an expanse of land larger than Texas and California combined, millennia-old ways of life are under threat by the spread of modernization. Sweeping views on traditional life, from the perspective of a local photographer. Click here to view the full article

There is nothing I would rather do than take photographs

David Newell-Smith, who died last month at the age of 80, was part of an explosion of British photojournalistic talent in the early 1960s. Armed with revolutionary new lightweight 35mm cameras and an aesthetic influenced by the great French and American photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Eugene Smith, this generation also benefited from the […]

A Photographic Odyssey in the Australian Outback

Adam Ferguson, an Australian photographer, has covered geopolitical issues the world over, from India and Greece to Afghanistan and, more recently, Niger. Earlier this year he returned to his home country and embarked on a three-month, 12,000-mile odyssey across Australia’s vast interior. His resulting report, “Through the Outback,” explores the land and its people — and the complicated, evolving relationship […]

La Fabrique d’Exils

An exhibition in Paris includes 12 never before seen self portraits by the great Josef Koudelka as well as a reflection on the strength and vulnerability that marked his personal vision. Click here to view the full article


Irish-born Tom Wood photographed the working-class people of Liverpool for almost three decades — at once affectionate and grimly realistic. Click here to view the full article

Michael Coyne Interviews Australian Photojournalist and PSC Grad Darrian Traynor

Australian photojournalist and PSC graduate Darrian Traynor currently works with renowned global brand Getty Images and has his work featured in publications by Fairfax Media, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Guardian. He is also a seasoned sports photographer, shooting AFL, cricket and rugby games around the country. In this special podcast, Darrian shares his advice […]

Daniel Berehulak Named 2016 Photojournalist of the Year

Daniel Berehulak has been named the National Press Photographers Association’s Best Of Photojournalism 2016 Photojournalist of the Year (Large Markets) Berehulak, who has been shooting since 2000 is based in New Delhi though he has worked in Nepal, Liberia, Antarctica, and was more recently on assignment in Brussels to cover the aftermath of the terrorist […]

Controversy in Photojournalism about Staged Photographs

Amber Jamieson, from The Guardian reports on the numerous examples in history where photojournalists staged or ‘faked’ their winning shots. ““It’s one more example of a photographer doing something that destroys public trust in the media,” said Michael Kamber, a former staff photographer at the New York Times and founder of the Bronx Documentary Center, […]

Winners of World Press Photo Contest 2016 Announced

World Press Photo has announced the winner of the Photo of the Year 2015 – an image by the Australian photographer Warren Richardson. The black and white image, taken on 28 August 2015, shows refugees climbing through razor wire over the Hungarian-Serbian border. The annual competition saw a total of 82,951 pictures in the running from 5,775 […]

Journalists under threat, from within

Frontline Freelance Register’s first post, ‘Journalists under threat, from within’ is a response to comments made this week that suggested only unpaid writing was ‘real’. Not paying journalists imperils journalism and journalists.   Read Emma Beal’s article which tackles the dangers that journalists face, not only on the frontline but with the media industry.  

ZEKE Magazine – Fall 2015 Issue now available in Print and Digital

  ZEKE Magazine – “The world explored through photographs, ideas, and words, by leading documentary photographers from across the globe.” – is published twice a year by the Social Documentary Network, in both print and digital versions. The print version is available for $US8.00 via their website but the digital edition is free upon registering with the network. The digital […]

Photography on the Frontline

For those of you with an hour and a half to spare, here is the link to that AGE talk that we were all going to go to earlier in the semester. They videoed the whole thing, so even though we missed the talk, we saved $10 each and can still get all the content […]

LensCulture Street Photography Awards

Click here to see the top 31 entries in this year’s LensCulture street photography awards. There is a lot of interesting work, along with the usual technical themes: light & shadow, reflections, on-camera flash, off-kilter and fragmented compositions. Worth a look to see what some of your contemporaries are doing.

Problem-solver goes back to his roots

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson is well-known for his educated eye and sophisticated problem-solving skills. When presented with an assignment to portray the unique botanic structure of tall prairie grasses from the plains of the American mid-west, he came up with a novel solution involving a flatbed scanner and image-stitching software. See the whole story here


By Donald R. Winslow WASHINGTON, DC (November 3, 2015) – In the opening days of the month when National Geographic magazine is scheduled to be turned over to 21st Century Fox, the magazine’s employees were told to stand by their phones to wait for calls – one by one – to come to Human Resources to learn the fate […]

A Day with the PSC Photojournalism Class

Creative lighting on location was theme-of-the-month for Advanced Diploma Photojournalism majors in August.   On Thursday August 20 Scott McNaughton served up some of the creative environmental portraits he produces day in and out for The Weekly Review and other Fairfax suburban publications. Age features specialist Simon Schluter followed with a slide show that included portraits lit with everything […]

2015 ICP Infinity Awards Photojournalism: Tomas van Houtryve in Vimeo Staff Picks on Vimeo

Photojournalist Tomas van Houtryve provides a chilling insight into the use of drones in contemporary warfare, and gives an account of his visual project, which aims to reveal how the distance between the people controlling drones and the people they are used against inevitably leads to ambiguities, misunderstandings, lack of empathy, and ultimately innocent victims. […]

Michael Kamber on Photojournalism Ethics and the Altering of Images

Photojournalist Michael Kamber talks about the exhibition Altered Images that he curated recently for the Bronx Documentary Centre. The exhibition deals with the history of manipulated documentary photography and the looming crisis in contemporary photojournalism caused by a lack of training in ethics for young photographers. Click here to view the article      

PSC Students Selected for Internships at the Age

Five students from the 2014 Photojournalism Major class have been selected by Picture Editor Leigh Henningham for summer internships at The Age. Greg Briggs, Emma Morgan, Melissa Davis, Salona Chithiray and Sunny Nyssen will work a normal five-day roster for four weeks over the summer. This is an excellent opportunity for these emerging photographers to use their […]


The authenticity of war photography has long been a contentious issue, even before photographer Frank Hurley memorably upset the Australian military leadership with his dramatized montages of the Western Front during World War One. Rather than avoiding popular ideas of what war is like, the beginning of this article discusses how recent war photographers, such […]

PSC Graduation Photojournalism Awards

PSC Graduation Award Stephanie Jones Stephanie received The Photojournalism Major Award for obtaining the highest marks overall in the final year Folio result.   Irwin & McLaren Award Ashley Gasperino The Irwin McLaren Excellence in Documentary Photography Award was given to Ashley for her two excellent documentaries based on Melbourne’s bayside culture.   Heartfelt Award […]

Photojournalism Now: Reviews

Photojournalism Now: Review of three very different publications, by photographers at different stages of their careers – Australians Paul Blackmore and Kristian Laemmle-Ruff and American Joel Meyerowicz. Click here to read the article featured on Photojournalism Now

Rare Glimpses of Iran’s Lost Underworld

From 1975 until 1977, Iranian photojournalist Kaveh Golestan captured the lives of the women in Tehran’s red light district. Although primarily known for documenting war and conflict in the Middle East, Golestan’s project involving these women gives light to a different issue, one that has not seen the spotlight in years if not never in Iranian […]

Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor Prize calls for entries

Deadline: May 7th, 2014 The Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor documentary prize, administered by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, was first launched to encourage collaboration between a photographer and a writer in the tradition of Dorothea Lange and Paul Taylor who worked together on the seminal work American Exodus. Last year, however, the prize was relaunched to […]

The Ukrainian Revolution of 2014

LensCulture presents an in-depth visual document of the intense but short civil uprising in Kiev that toppled the government within a few days. Ordinary people, protected by make-shift outfits consisting of everyday items comprising of sporting equipment, bicycle helmets and home-made shields, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails. The Paris-based award-winning photojournalist, Alfred Yaghobzadeh, was on […]

Sebastiano Tomada

An interview with award-winning photographer Sebastiano Tomada about his portrait of a wounded baby in Syria. Sebastiano Tomada is a photojournalist based in New York City and the Middle East. While working on commercial and editorial shoots in Europe and the US, Sebastiano developed a unique style, focusing strongly on documentary and portrait photography where […]

Workshop Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Travel Light, Learn to Write: The secrets of modern photojournalism in the digital era Roger Garwood (Australia) 17-18 August and 24-25 August (9.30am – 4.30pm) This workshop with Roger Garwood will help you understand how to develop story ideas through the production of a story and simple writing techniques, the process of editing pictures and […]

Nomadslife – a project by Jeroen Toirkens

This strikingly beautiful and unusual photobook takes us on a multi-continent search for the last living nomadic peoples in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a remarkable journey, showing facets of modern-day nomadic cultures that are not quite what one would expect to find. Here is an introduction from the book’s website, which is a pleasant journey […]

Melanie Faith Dove named 2013 People’s Choice Winner of the National Photographic Portrait Prize

Congratulations to Photojournalist & PSC Graduate, Melanie Faith Dove awarded the people’s choice award for the National Portrait Prize in 2013 for her portrait Face of South Sudan 2012: This is the second People’s Choice award and it reinforces the democratic credentials of the prize with over 3500 visitors to the exhibition voting for their favourite portrait. […]

PSC’s Senior Fellow Michael Coyne featured

In conjunction with the current exhibition ‘WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath’, Annenberg Space for Photography has published an in depth article focusing on Michael’s experience during his an eight year period in Iran. This article gives insight into Michael’s journey, the background to his images and his recollections of shooting in challenging circumstances. Michael […]