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Students begin their studies by building a strong foundation of conceptual and analytic experience, complemented by learning effective technical skills. The facilities span over two buildings, equipped with necessary items and resources for student usage. The students have access to the equipment and studio space that reflects the needs of their curriculum.

The Photography Studies College's facilities are acknowledged as being amongst the best and most professional in any Australian educational institution.

  • Our studio equipment rivals that of many professional studios.

  • Our computer labs feature the most up to date, computers, software and advanced teaching methods.

And, thanks to our close liaison with equipment manufacturers/importers, photographic software distributors and front-line photographers, you will be exposed as a matter of course to all the latest techniques and technologies.

The Studios

Our studios are equipped to handle virtually any project a student might desire to photograph. Two double height photography studios along with smaller work bays come equipped with lighting and grip gear including soft boxes, strip lights, booms, strobes, spots, floods, power packs, honeycombs, barn doors, scrims, reflectors, and more from the 'student proof' Bowens and top of the range Broncolor gear. Studio accessories include umbrellas, booms, C-stands, light meters, and tripods to name a few. Twelve computer workstations are provided offering instant post capture workflow and tethering. Students have access to these in supervised access sessions and in studio classes.

PSC Studio has two studio spaces available next to each other, City Studio & Fawkner Studio are both easily accessible by the either the front entrance (City Road) or the back entrance (Fawkner Street) on ground floor of the main PSC building. Fawkner Studio boosts a cyclorama, three studio bays and a double door entrance to fit a motorbike through if you desire. City Studio has also three bays plus a make-up area (plus an additional portable makeup bench and mirror for either studio) and changing area for that professional touch.

PSC Studio also has available Canon lenses for use in the studio including 65mm Macro and a 24mm Tilt shift, extension tubes and speed lights.

PSC also offers external loan hire for students who have completed successfully lighting workshops including Bowens monos and Broncolor mobi kits.

Studio Access is available for stage two (full & part time) to four and also graduates of PSC. Studio access is supervised at all times if you need any technical assistance and is open when classes are not scheduled including daytime, evenings, weekends and over semester breaks (including Christmas break)


Digital Labs

The digital department is equipped with two rooms and an imaging department boasting a total of 70 Intel iMac computers carrying the latest assortment of industry related applications.

DIGITAL LAB ONE offers 29 whilst DIGITAL LAB TWO houses 31. Monitors are frequently calibrated to ensure perfect images. Calibration helps facilitate a better screen to print match whether the student is using archival inkjet or RA4 Type C for their prints.

Both Labs are equipped with pin-up colour corrected print viewing walls and digital projection systems to assist in instruction and critique. In addition, our powerful servers allow students to set up their own personal account with a secure password. This means that you can transfer files quickly, modify your own desktop and save your personal settings.



Print Department

In addition to these digital labs the department has it own digital photo lab staffed by industry experts.

Our Epson ™ Inkjet printers are one of the program's most in-demand pieces of equipment, and skilled tech staff runs prints every weekday offering a comprehensive range of professional paper surfaces, at deeply discounted prices for students. Our printers / workflow are fully calibrated and colour managed to produce archival quality prints of any size!

Other facilities in the department contain higher end scanning on various devices including Flextight scanners, print-viewing areas offering both day light and museum balanced light sources. In addition, print viewing and finishing areas are also found in the Student Lounge where students have unlimited access to these facilities.




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