2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale

The Biennale program will run from 20 August to 18 September across a range of venues in Ballarat and nearby areas. The month-long festival of photography will feature the work of 22 Australian and international photographers including Les Horvat, PSC Academic Director and a further 70 artists as part of the Fringe program.

PSC international students

Students enjoyed lunch at a local Southbank Cafe to share stories of their experiences. Eva from France, wanted to come to Melbourne to study as she had met lots of great Australian travellers while living in Paris. Rakuto from Japan, completed his secondary school studies at Sandringham in Melbourne.

PSC International Student

PMA Imaging Expo & Conference

Location: Darling Harbour, Sydney
Venue: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
23 – 26 June 2011

The expo features more than 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest in imaging technology and innovation. The conference includes a program of talks and workshops including live judging of the 2012 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year awards.

Find out more www.pmaaustralia.com.au


Just a few current exhibitions around Melbourne

Monash Gallery of Art


Age of Aquarius: the photography of Paul Cox

Paul Cox is an award-winning Australian film director and photographer.

7 April to 19 June 2011


Time Machine: Sue Ford

Sue Ford was one of Australia’s most important photographers and filmmakers. Her Time series (1960s-70s) is one of the key moments in late modernist Australian photography. Ford passed away in late 2009, before her death she was working with MGA on an exhibition of her work which would include photographs of women from 1960s-70s and her Time series. The highlight of the exhibition is Ford’s as yet unexhibited long-term project, Self-portrait with camera, an extraordinary series of 47 self-portraits taken between 1960 and 2006.

7 April to 19 June 2011

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Featured Student

Photography credit: Images by Marion Abada


Marion is a current PSC second year student. These images are part of her Photo Impressionism series which applies the concepts of the 19th Century painting style of Impressionism through the medium of digital photography.

In these images Marion was interested in exploring the nature of time and how changes to the time of year, time of day or even random fleeting moments create differences in how we emotionally engage with and respond to the world around us.

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Awareness Walk

This is one of the first exercises that all first year students undertake- it encourages students to explore a familar plave and space using all their senses; feeling what’s around them, letting go of preconceived ideas and notions and being open to a ‘sense of place’. Students then return with their camera- here are some of our first year full time studnets’ images:


Shifting Tides Exhibition

The Shifting Tides exhibition at Herring Island was opened on Saturday 19 March with an acknowledgement to country by Lance Briggs a Boonwurrung man. Lance drew our attention to the place and space we find ourselves in on Herring Island, and in her opening speech, Julie Moss reflected on the powerful nature of the exhibition’s theme given the change and upheaval the world is currently experiencing. It was wonderful to share this time with PSC staff, guests, the exhibiting photographers, their family and friends. The feedback on the day was that the exhibition is particularly strong and gives rise to contemplation and engagement with the theme. Congratulations to everyone involved.


Digital Centre Update

As you may be aware the Digital Centre has been going through a number of major changes under the guidance of Peter Hatzipavlis. These include a complete overhaul of the workflow associated with fine art Giclee Printing. A new printing RIP, revision of papers and a new printer have been implemented in order to offer outstanding quality and consistent results with quicker turnaround times. Stay tuned for the latest on these! Another exciting aspect will be to offer the printing services to the broader community, particularly the art community. There are a number of projects already in progress and Peter has recently completed a project with Sanja Pahoki, consisting of three 100 x 150cm photographic Type C Prints from colour negative film. The three images and a cool-white neon were made  for the exhibition, Dis-covery, which is part of the ‘Ten Days on an Island’ Festival opening on the 25th March in Hobart, Tasmania. Dis-covery is an exhibition that broaches three ideas: island life, artistic romanticism and romantic ideas of islands and island culture. The images were conceived and made during Sanja’s recent 3-month Australia Council residency on Suomenlinna, which is an island off the coast of Helsinki, Finland.

For more information http://tendaysontheisland.org/


“What’s first year at PSC really like?”…

On Thursday 3 March the first year students had the opportunity to meet some second year student experts. While eating away the popcorn the first years listened to some great tips about how to get through the first year at PSC and have a lot of fun. The key messages from Steph, Carol, Myles and Graeme were to be organised and get lots of feedback from teachers and fellow students!

Focus on Current Students

Rachel Gedye

Rachel is in second year. When she’s not taking photos she participates in a fast-paced, full-contact, women’s-only sport played on roller skates called Roller Derby. She plays in the jammer position and earns points for her team. Last year she combined her passion for photography and Roller Derby by documenting for her folio a new skater during her first season of Roller Derby.

Ash Vesali

Ash Vesali is a current third year part time student who’s been shooting at the Melbourne Fashion Festival – a job he obtained through the PSC employment register. Check out his blog: www.ashvesali.blogspot.com/