LOUIS PORTER makes flying visit to PSC

Last night PSC had the great pleasure of welcoming Louis Porter to talk about his work.
Louis entertained a packed audience with his candid and intelligent descriptions of his projects and working processes. Louis works across both documentary photography and the use of found images and objects – creating what he calls his ‘Small Conflict Archive’. He also spoke about his commercial work, his photobook publishing experience and the importance of collaboration as a contemporary photographer. Louis is currently based in the UK, and is only in town for a few days, so we are very grateful to him for making the time to come chat to the PSC community.

Louis’ work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK, England, Canada, Austria, China and Australia including exhibitions at the Monash Gallery of Art, Stills Gallery, the Centre for Contemporary Photography, and the NGV in Melbourne. His work has also been shown at several international festivals including: The Brighton Photography Biennial, The Noorderlicht Festival (NL) , Copenhagen Photography Festival and SiFest (IT). In 2012 he established his own publishing imprint ‘Twenty Shelves’, its first publication ‘The Anatomy of Business’, won the inaugural Most Beautiful Books Prize – Australia/New Zealand 2013, and his next publication ‘Conflict Resolution’ was shortlisted at the Kassel Fotobook Festival, 2013. He is a part of the Artists Book Collective (ABC).
Thanks for dropping by Louis!!!

Found out more about Louis – http://louisporter.com/

Louis Porter 1

Louis Porter (left) with Daniel Boetker-Smith, BA Course Coordinator at PSC

Louis Porter 2

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Elma Gradascevic, Final year, Part time
ASSIGNMENT: Work in progress – folio concept
COMMENT: The photo was taken at Chelsea beach, I live two doors from the beach so I consider it my backyard. it is my surrounds and my dress, I wanted a personal self portrait for myself that links with self identity.  I prefer portraits that don’t show me, but suggests it is me.  I consider myself a spiritual person and this photo embodies that for me.

sarah for invite elmaxx_10

Guest Lecture – Andrew Chapman & Melanie Faith Dove

Join us for an evening with Documentary Photographers Andrew Chapman and Melanie Faith Dove at 6:30pm Wednesday 23 October.

The lecture is free but numbers are limited – call Reception on 9682 3191 to book.

Great industry support

Thanks to industry for their generous support at the Graduation for the class of 2012 and congratulations to all our industry award winners!

Ian van der Wolde from the AIPP with Tinkara Trcek awarded for conceptual excellence and photographic innovation

Rob Anderson Chair of the ACMP with ACMP award winner Danielle Allison for excellence throughout the course

Julie Moss PSC Managing Director with Adobe award winner Beth Nott for high achievement, originality and commitment throughout the course

Jenny Heron, Julie Moss with Gavin Blue representing Heartfelt and the award for using photography to make a difference, awarded to Emma Costabile

Julie Moss with the Peter Petty Memorial Award winner for technical and aesthetic excellence in landscape photography Adrian Dennett

Well done to all first years students

Well done to all PSC first year students for presenting your second semester folios!! PSC teacher Bill Bachman has captured some of the fabulous work by the students.
Congratulations again to all the first year students and we look forward to seeing you at reenrolment. Enjoy your break!


Tien Lam Nguyen with his final prints and the subjects

Amy Pollock creatively shows off an image from her latest series

Oliver Dauncey during his presentation to the panel of first year teachers

Annica Nordlund

Darcee Smith

Emily Loghnan

PSC Graduate Matthew Furneaux New Exhibition

The Chamber – Art and Coffee House
90 High Woodend
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 27th October, 7pm
Exhibition Dates: 24 October– 25 November 2012

ACMP Student Photographer of the Year Awards 2012

The ACMP Student Photographer of the Year Awards 2012, now returning for its second year, aims to provide Emerging Photographers with the opportunity to gain career-building exposure within the photographic industry and wider creative community, with $9000 in prizes for a modest entry fee of just $35.

1. Portraiture (includes formal and editorial portraiture)
2. Commercial (includes sport, travel, corporate & industrial)
3. Fashion (includes editorial, catalogue and beauty)
4. Advertising (includes still-life, food, cars, product and people)
5. Documentary (includes sport)
6. Architecture (includes built environment, urban & rural spaces)

09 November, 2012
21 November, 2012

See last years winners and keep up to date: ACMP SPY Facebook Page
For further information and entry, visit www.acmp.com.au/competitions.

Friday Laughs

This video is soooo funny, and very often so true, what do you guys think lol?


Staff Picks – Beautiful Books

On Ugliness
Edited by Umberto Eco
Translated from the Italian by Alastair McEwen
Maclehose Press Quercus London 2011

“Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty
We’re vacant”
Sex Pistols 1977

It seems to me that through the ages humans are generally drawn to what is considered beautiful or aesthetically pleasing – especially in art.

The current obsession with repulsion in my own work has led me to ponder just why we consider some things to be ugly and unworthy. More and more I find myself rejecting vacuous beauty. The words of Johnny Rotten ring loud in my head.

On Ugliness exposes our curiosity with the ugly.

Umberto Eco attempts to reconstruct a history of ugliness by taking us on an incredible nightmare through the ages. All that is considered ugly is beautifully unraveled. Richly illustrated with madmen, demons, freaks and disturbing presences, this book is informative and highly thought provoking.

A fascinating read, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is over “the pretty”.

Sarina Lirosi

February 2012