PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Carly Chartres, 3rd year part time
ASSIGNMENT: Major Folio Project – Metaphors
STUDENT COMMENT: This image comes from my ‘Ghostly Shadows’ folio which is largely inspired by photographer Sally Mann and her beautiful yet haunting black and white images. I wanted to create a dark and moody narrative this semester. I love the dark tones in this series and hoped to create a story which is intimate and slightly haunting like many of Manns photographs. I had a lot of fun putting this story together and as a result have decided to study fine art as a major next year.

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Daan Hoffmann, Year 2 full time
ASSIGNMENT: Time-Lapse or Stop-Motion video for Produce a Moving Image
STUDENT COMMENT: For our moving image class with Nic Kocher we were tasked with creating a time lapse or stop motion video. Having wanted to delve into this side of photography for a long time, I jumped in head first. Utilizing high vantage points and interesting skies, I slowly started piecing together something I was happy with. I matched the speed to the music, a song I felt was fitting to the scenery. I enjoyed this project so much I’m still shooting in order to increase the scope of this video, hoping to make it longer and grander with at least 10 more locations for the next edit.

Congratulations to first year student Elma Gradascevic

Winner of the tertiary category for The Age Nikon Photo Challenge

Elma, who is currently undertaking the first semester of first year part time here at PSC, has won the tertiary category for The Age Nikon Photo Challenge. What a wonderful achievement for Elma to win this competition after only a few weeks of study. This competition was open to all students across Victoria with categories in primary, secondary and tertiary study with the theme “to be an artist”.

Talking about her winning entry to The Age Nikon Photo Challenge, Elma explained “without the skills I learnt at PSC, the tutors teaching me about design and the expressiveness of hands or the way to adjust for depth of field, I would not have entered this competition.”  Being part of the PSC student community means having tutors that inspire and challenge you to push your photography further, to look for those little moments and turn them into winning photos.  Having access to resources, being able to ask questions and gain support from peers and mentors, gaining the assistance required to take your images to the next level – these elements are integral to your growth as a photographer.  Elma has found the inspiration to put forward her work – and with winning results.  As the winner of the Tertiary category, Elma has won a Nikon D7000 with twin-lens kit valued at $2,099, and another Nikon D7000 with twin-lens kit for PSC.  Well done Elma and thank you to The Age and Nikon.

“Walking through the CBD of Melbourne I was admiring all the artists, ranging from bands to street side buskers.  I was attracted to all of them as they provide soul and colour to our city.  One artist in particular caught my attention, she was seated along Swanston Street, oblivious to all that was going on around her.  Immersed in sketching a portrait, she proceeded to create a masterful image right in front of me, putting what she saw on paper.   To be an artist was part of her everyday lifestyle – this was evident by the traces of charcoal on her hands and all over her clothing.  Her drawing was a form of her expression through her chosen medium.”
Elma Gradascevic, PSC first year student

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Kimberley Munro, 3rd year full time
ASSIGNMENT: Major Project Folio.
STUDENT COMMENT: This shoot was a collaboration between the make-up artist and myself. We both wanted to work on a illustrative bald cap design together and came up with a design we were both happy with. The image also features in my 2011 folio for commercial.

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Ash Vesali
ASSIGNMENT: Backstage MSFW for Fashion TV
STUDENT COMMENT: The buzz  – 15 minutes before the show  – 15 other photographers from 15 publications are chasing the same shot – you have 15 seconds to interact with the model, make a connection, press the shutter and make it different to other 15 photographers in the room – not to forget  you have to edit and process 15 images and upload them for client within 15 minutes after the show – I love the Buzz !

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Rakuto Makino. 1st year
ASSIGNMENT: Major Project Folio.
STUDENT COMMENT: ”This image was taken as part of my major. I have always been inspired by early 20th century high fashion photography. In this particular image I wanted to create something simple but strong. I’m happy with how the image has such strong texture and detail in clothes. Thanks regards Rakuto”

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Graeme Passmore
ASSIGNMENT: Moving Image Course
STUDENT COMMENT: “This video was produced for Nic Kochers moving image course, which we all incredibly enjoyed. Using our visual techniques used for stills, we were able to get creative with quite a open brief and incorparate those skills into moving image. This particular project was pretty funny, alot of fun was had. After plan A (shooting a band) was cancelled along with plan B I was left with plan C, moching up a classic hip hop song. It’s crazy to think what you come up with when the cards are down. Keep it creative and take risk and you cannot go wrong.”

Fresh 11 Art Graduate Exhibition

25 November 2011 will see the opening of works by PSC Art Specialisation students as new emerging artists bringing their unique style to the industry.

Filled with eccentricity, innovations and unconventional perspectives this exhibition premiers the journey from student to professional, providing a platform to voice each student’s idiosyncrasies through image making.

Fresh 11 promises to be an exhibition with a refreshing twist.  Don’t miss it.  Showing from 25 November to 11 December at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery 117 Vere Street, Abbotsford.



PSC Weekly Wrap

A new regular segment highlighting PSC student’s work.

STUDENT: Jessica Pettingill. Second Year
ASSIGNMENT: Low key print assignment for Craig Shell
STUDENT COMMENT: ‘Inspiration: women’s fashion 1930’s, experimenting with different materials over face, glamour, elegance, sensual. I am very happy with the end result, I enjoy shooting in the studio with different models and lighting techniques. I think that the model is very well suited to the style of photograph.’

Final Year PSC Time lapse / Stop Motion Assignment

As part of the ‘New Media Subject’ students recently were required to produce a short film using either Time Lapse or Stop Motion techniques.

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