Exhibition: Melissa Hobbs – PSC Student


The Foyer Gallery @ Gasworks Arts Park
21 Graham St. Albert Park Vic 3206
Exhibition Opening: 27 July 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: 28th July – 7th August 2011

Melissa Hobbs is a final year Commercial Major at PSC. Three and a half years ago she started at PSC to learn how to take better photographs. The intent was to have some gorgeous photographs of her young children. As she developed through the course she found that everything you see is worthy of a photograph, it’s how you interpret it that makes the difference!

Image: Melissa Hobbs


Artist Statement: For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to eat, breathe and live New York. Even just for a day. I was wrapt when my husband surprised me with a trip in January. I was less excited to find out the trip would be in winter. Or so I thought!

On an indulgent whim I left the whole family at home and launched myself at the city I had only ever had the opportunity to love on the big screen and in print. And it was everything I’d hoped it would be.

As I walked around and immersed myself in the sights, sounds and smells of this wondrous city of cold I was able to realise many of my bucket list dreams and return to my hotel each night with wet feet, a cold face and a very full and happy heart.

For a city so renowned I don’t think you could ever tire of experiencing it in print or in the flesh. The beauty of New York is that everyone experiences it in a unique way. This exhibition brings together just a few vistas of my visit that wasn’t long enough but was just perfect in every way.

I have mentioned the snow was cold haven’t I? Bloody cold!

Image: Melissa Hobbs


Current student updates

Esther Ling

Final year photojournalism major

Esther recently was awarded the KATA Most Adventurous Artwork prize in the 2011 Centre for Contemporary Photography Kodak Salon www.ccp.org.au/latest news Esther shares some of her thoughts with us about her experiences, “My award winning image of James was taken last semester for my personal folio, it is titled I could feel them watching me, the CIA I mean. This body of work was based on a rooming house for low income earners, many suffering from hallucination, manic depression, schizophrenia, or drug abuse. I’ve spent over 11 months (now & continuing) documenting this. The thought of a complete stranger allowing you to photograph their personal life is an incredible honour. I’ve gained an incredible amount of images that will be put into a book, in collaboration with young writers and the organization that runs the rooming house. They’re printing 5000 copies and it will be released in early May.”

Esther Ling

PSC international students

Students enjoyed lunch at a local Southbank Cafe to share stories of their experiences. Eva from France, wanted to come to Melbourne to study as she had met lots of great Australian travellers while living in Paris. Rakuto from Japan, completed his secondary school studies at Sandringham in Melbourne.

PSC International Student

Featured Student

Photography credit: Images by Marion Abada


Marion is a current PSC second year student. These images are part of her Photo Impressionism series which applies the concepts of the 19th Century painting style of Impressionism through the medium of digital photography.

In these images Marion was interested in exploring the nature of time and how changes to the time of year, time of day or even random fleeting moments create differences in how we emotionally engage with and respond to the world around us.

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Focus on Current Students

Rachel Gedye

Rachel is in second year. When she’s not taking photos she participates in a fast-paced, full-contact, women’s-only sport played on roller skates called Roller Derby. She plays in the jammer position and earns points for her team. Last year she combined her passion for photography and Roller Derby by documenting for her folio a new skater during her first season of Roller Derby.

Ash Vesali

Ash Vesali is a current third year part time student who’s been shooting at the Melbourne Fashion Festival – a job he obtained through the PSC employment register. Check out his blog: www.ashvesali.blogspot.com/

Graeme Passmore First Year Winner of the Canon Photo 5 competition 2010 (student entry)

Up against students from other Melbourne institutions, we congratulate Graeme on winning this competition. He was thrilled saying, “I found the Canon Photo5 Competition a great creative experience to be involved in. It really tested my mind to different avenues I hadn’t thought of before. It pushed my creative boundaries and I came up with images I never thought possible. I’d like to thank Canon, Sarina and PSC for the opportunity.”

EOS Photo5 is Canon’s annual creative photography competition that begins with a brown box. Inside there were 5 separate photographic briefs to challenge photographers and this is the first year of a separate student category.