Wins for PSC at CCP Salon 2015!

The PSC campus is abuzz with the wonderful news of our two students Lucie McGough and Elli Bardas winning awards at the CCP Salon 2015.  Celebrating 23 years of Australian contemporary photography, the exhibition had 29 categories of awards with a large number of photographers from all over the country who were nominated.

CCP 2015

CCP 2015

The panel of judges comprised of Arlo Mountford, Katrina Sedgwick (Director of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Pippa Milne (CCP Curator) and Naomi Cass (CCP Director). They unanimously selected Lucie for the Best Fashion Work award and Elli for the ‘Sun Studios Excellence in Colour’ Award.

Lucie McGough's Image (Best Fashion Work Award Winner)

Image: Lucie McGough

Image: Elli Bardas

Image: Elli Bardas

We also want to congratulate our PSC PrintShop external customers who took out awards at the CCP Salon: Frances Valentine for ‘Adobe Most Conceptual Use of Digital Media’, Matt Portch for ‘JCP Studios and Fini Frames Best Landscape’ and Agata Mayes for ‘Kayell Best Commercial Work’.

Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Matt Portch

Image: Matt Portch

PSC PrintShop’s Peter Hatzipavlis played a crucial role in the development of these award winning images, providing his high level of expertise as our prime print specialist.

We are happy about the high quality and standard we see in our students’ work and feel proud of their achievements, especially when their talents and levels of dedication are recognised by the wider industry. The CCP Salon was a wonderful opportunity for PSC students to network and receive great exposure. So many of them participated and exhibited their work, paving the way for a bright career in photography ahead.

CCP Salon 2015

CCP Salon 2015

As in previous CCP Salons, PSC was proud to sponsor the Best Fashion Work Prize, as leading providers in photography education. With our highly acclaimed staff of teachers, printing specialists and studio managers, our prominent role in the Australian photography industry allows us to open opportunities for those who are passionate about the craft. It’s great to see the skills that our students are learning in class, presented in their unique, award-worthy work.

We were honoured to be a part of the CCP Salon 2015 and look forward to getting involved again, next year!

Photojournalism Students Published in RoyalAuto Magazine

In a new partnership with the publishing division of the Royal Auto Club of Victoria, the work of five final-year photojournalism students has been featured in recent issues of RA (RoyalAuto) magazine.

Photographs by Daniel Pockett and Ashleigh Wong appeared in feature articles on the Yarra Valley and the Ivanhoe/Heidelberg neighborhood in the September and October 2015 issues. Complementary multimedia pieces by Cath Grey and Blake Storey were published in the corresponding digital editions. Shing Chia shot pictures and produced a short video for a personality profile in the digital edition of the August issue.

2015 PJ students Ashleigh Wong and Daniel Pockett with copies of RoyalAuto magazine in which their photographs were recently featured

2015 PJ students Ashleigh Wong and Daniel Pockett with copies of RoyalAuto magazine in which their photographs were recently featured

RA art director Lisa Luscombe was a frequent first-semester visitor to the PJ class, where she offered regular feedback to help sharpen everyone’s work to publication standards. Students were nominated on the basis of Sem A folio results; Lisa then gave them assignments, most of which were carried out in the mid-year break. All work was paid for on publication, at normal contributor rates.

The RACV member magazine has been produced for more than 90 years. It began in 1922 as a monthly supplement in The Australian Motorist. In 1953 it became a full-colour monthly magazine called Royalauto, and as RA is now distributed to more than 1.4 million members. It has the largest circulation and highest readership of any magazine in Victoria.

In September 2012 a digital tablet version was launched and is now produced concurrently with the print magazine. In August 2013, it was rated among the top one percent of magazine apps worldwide by app rating agency iMonitor.

PSC’s partnership with RA represents an important opportunity for PJ majors to, while still students, participate in paid work with a widely read and highly respected publication. RA has since offered more assignment work to several students and has committed to a similar partnership in 2016.

You can read the articles of Daniel Pocket and Ashleigh Wong by clicking the images below:

Daniel Pocket for RoyalAuto

Daniel Pocket’s Article pg 1


DanielPockett_Yarra V#8D413

Daniel Pocket’s Article pg 2


Ashleigh Wong's Article pg 1

Ashleigh Wong’s Article pg 1

Ashleigh Wong's Article pg 2

Ashleigh Wong’s Article pg 2

With our strong industry focus, PSC students get the real world photography experience they deserve. Our photojournalism students made great connections with those in the publishing sector as they enriched their portfolios. We look forward to more updates on their achievements as they gear up for an exciting career in the field.

Student Profile – Daniel Pockett

Photojournalism Major student Daniel Pockett was one of the 3 finalists for the 2015 AIPP Australian Student Photographer of the Year at the recent Australian Professional Photography awards (APPAs).  Taking home both Gold and Silver Distinction awards, and in the process one of the highest overall scores in Australia for a student, Daniel shares his experience with us below:

Initially I wanted to be a cinematographer (being a big film buff) and studied film & TV, but moving overseas meant I never got to finish that course.   Then around 2007 I was given my first decent camera and this prompted my move into stills.  

Out of all the genres I shoot, sport and music are the two I absolutely love working in. Being up so close to it all, and capturing the action as it unfolds as creatively as possible are the reasons I love it. It’s often an adrenaline rush, and chasing that ever-elusive perfect frame is what keeps drawing me back for more.
Australian Gymnastic Championships by Daniel Pockett

Since enrolling at PSC in mid-2011, my photography has gone from strength to strength. The theory and design classes early on, combined with digital and studio along the way, have really fleshed out my work and made me a photographer who can now confidently get the picture on any brief.  I also think the on-going support and regularly being around like-minded people really helps your work develop.

I’ve always had a visual eye with a background in Architectural Drafting – I guess it’s mainly shadows and shapes that I am drawn to.  In my second year of study at PSC (part-time) I started building my freelance business, and now in my final year at PSC I’ve given myself an enormous workload while I transition from my day-job into photography as my primary career. I have managed to pickup several clients including Getty Images, and even though in 2016 I won’t be working on PSC assignments any longer, I can see next year being even busier for me. My plan is to be able to drop the drafting job completely within the next 1-2 years.
St Kilda Sharks by Daniel Pockett
I didn’t get to watch the judging live at this year’s national APPAs – I was away on a shoot that weekend – but I did get to watch most of the replay. When the judges find reason to discuss your work it is always a great listen, they all know their stuff and I often take their feedback and apply it to my future work and will this year too.
When I realised I became runner up in the Australian Student of the Year category, I was completely blown away. Being in consideration for the award had honestly never crossed my mind, I just wanted to enter 3 different type of sports photos and see how I went against the best in the industry. In hindsight, I wish I had selected a different image for my 3rd entry but that’s history now and I am stoked with how I went! And to receive one of only 3 Gold awards handed out in the Sport category is something I’m also very proud of.
Having the experience from this year, I think in 2016 I will enter more of a ‘series’ than individual prints.  That will be in the Emerging Photographer category too – you never know how you will go so you have to give it a shot!
AAMI Park by Daniel Pockett
You can view more of Daniel’s work on his website:

Student Profile – Vicki Moritz

Final year student Vicki Moritz was one of the finalists for the 2015 AIPP Australian Student Photographer of the Year at the Australian Professional Photography awards (APPAs) this week. Vicki achieved silver awards for all three of the images she entered which is an amazing achievement – well done Vicki!

Read about Vicki’s APPAs experience and see her stunning images below:

I loved going to the APPAs and have been for the last three times it has been in Melbourne. I love watching judging and particularly enjoy the debate where a judge can see something in the image that others cannot and so the judges have a discussion about the image and its elements.  To watch the judging and hear this is a huge learning experience for anyone as they are so knowledgeable.
It was very pleasing to enter and get rewarded for my landscape work, which happens to be stuff I enjoy doing outside of class.  I’m especially pleased that the Lake Mountain image got a silver as I have an emotional attachment to that image being from Marysville. I was wondering whether I should put it in because I had an emotional attachment to the area or whether it was a good image – so I was pleased to have it confirmed that it was deserving a silver award. I feel that with this image it makes beauty out of the destruction caused by the fires.
You can find out more about Vicki and her photography on her website

Student Profile – Elena D. San Roman

Congratulations to PSC student Elena D. San Roman who received a Gold Award at the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards. As well as achieving gold status, Elena’s print was the highest scoring print in the portrait category which is an outstanding achievement!

Originally from Spain, Elena is currently completing the art major in her final year of studies at PSC. Find out about her award winning image below and read about her photography journey and experience as a student at PSC.

Elena D San Roman_catalogue image

Image by Elena D San Roman – Gold Award & Highest Scoring Print in Portrait category of AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards

This photograph is part of my final year folio, which will be exhibited as part of the Fresh15 exhibition towards the end of the year. It’s part of a series of work which deals with the experience of remembering childhood trauma and the emotional transformation that comes from it.

I feel very grateful to have received this award, especially for the acknowledgement of an image that means so much to me. I’m also very grateful for the encouragement I received from my teachers to enter the awards.

I remember being interested in photography since I was a child. I took photographs almost every day for fun and as a way of expression/documentation of events. However, I started to have quite ambitious ideas about the work I wanted to make but couldn’t accomplish because of my lack of technical skill – that’s where PSC came in!

As a world traveller I had also been wanting to come to Australia for a very long time, and getting accepted into PSC allowed me to not only study and focus on one of my passions, but also to experience this beautiful country and grow my roots.

Being at PSC has been a very unique journey, the highlight being the amount of support you get from teachers and professionals in the industry. Folio classes have always been my favourite – I think it’s very important to explore the creative process, to be able to talk freely about ideas and receive honest feedback and critique.

Although it might sound a bit cliché, I believe it’s very important to be true to yourself, without worrying about what others think or say, be ready to work hard, break your own rules, celebrate accidents and get out of your comfort zone.

The best work comes when you’re not afraid to dig deeper and are truly honest about what you find.

You can view more of Elena’s work on her website

PSC Wins 2015 AIPP Tertiary Institution of the Year

We are excited to announce that PSC has won the Tertiary Institution of the Year award for the fifth consecutive year at the 2015 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs). This is a fantastic achievement and a well deserved honour for our students and staff!

“This is such a wonderful achievement for PSC! These industry awards judge student work from all over Australia and for the fifth year running to take out the top national education award is such a huge endorsement of what we do and the fantastic skills and unique vision of our students and teachers. We are so proud of our amazing students who are the new, upcoming creative professionals of the future.” Julie Moss – Managing Director of PSC

Congratulations to all students and a special mention to Elena D. San Roman who received a gold award and produced the highest scoring print in the portrait category and Vicki Moritz and Daniel Pockett whose great results saw them as finalists for the Australian Student Photographer of the Year award.


Managing Director Julie Moss with some of the PSC team

The APPAs are held annually and provide a great opportunity for photographers to connect and showcase their images, challenge themselves and receive feedback on their work. Photographers from all disciplines compete in a variety of categories including portrait, fashion, commercial, documentary, illustrative and landscape photography.

Ebony Finck Wins Life Framer Award

Ebony Finck, our final year student in the Art Major of the Advanced Diploma, won the Life Framer award for her ‘Human Body’ image. As a result of her fantastic achievement, her work will be exhibited in Los Angeles (11-18 November) at the Think Tank Gallery, in Paris (4-11 December) at Galerie Oberkampf, and then at London (7-16 Jan) at Menier Gallery.

Image by Ebony Finck

Image by Ebony Finck

“The image belongs to the body of work I am currently working on for my final year folio.This project is very personal to me, the inspiration being the subject, my grandfather. We share an incredible bond and I admire him greatly.

One of the most significant things I have learnt from studying at PSC is that you should photograph projects or subject matter that you feel passionate towards.  My folio classes have been the highlight as the tutors create an incredibly supportive environment where I have been able to share and develop my image making skills.

The award is a lovely gift I have been able to share with my grandfather, and a great source of encouragement to keep shooting and exploring subject matters that I am passionate about.”
- Ebony Finck, October 2015
We are extremely proud of Ebony and hope that our students around the world will get a chance to see her work exhibited!

The Power of the Image – Exhibition

Media House Gallery
Ground floor mezzanine, The Age Building
655 Collins Street, Melbourne

Exhibition Opening: 6-8pm, Wednesday 14th October 2015
Exhibition Dates: 14th October – 26th November, Monday- Friday (7am to 7pm)

The Power of the Image

Images by PSC students and graduates Clockwise from top left: Margaret Lim, Kimberley Munro, Emma McEvoy, Lloyd Pereira, Hiroki Nagahiro, Cyndi Briggs


‘The Power of the Image’ exhibition is opening this Wednesday 14 October.  This extensive exhibition of photographs showcases the work of PSC students and graduates celebrating their journey as they explore the power of the image.  Opening night will be introduced by international photojournalist and PSC Senior Fellow  Michael Coyne as he addresses the influences of photography on both society and the photographers themselves.

We hope to see you all there for this inspiring exhibition of emerging photographers held by the leading college for photography in Australia!

A Day with the PSC Photojournalism Class

Creative lighting on location was theme-of-the-month for Advanced Diploma Photojournalism majors in August.

Bianca Chisari and Ashleigh Wong photograph volunteer model Jacinta Revell at Southbank with assistance from tutor Nico Bernardi.


On Thursday August 20 Scott McNaughton served up some of the creative environmental portraits he produces day in and out for The Weekly Review and other Fairfax suburban publications. Age features specialist Simon Schluter followed with a slide show that included portraits lit with everything from seven speedlights to a data projector, car headlights and a burning rope soaked in kerosene.

Both photographers also conducted a show-and-tell with their location lighting kits. Simon Schluter’s most useful accessory? Gaffer tape, and plenty of it. Scott’s current addiction? Coloured gels. Best home-made snoot for a speedlight? Cut the bottom out of a neoprene stubby holder.

The entire PJ class then got a taste of press life during a full-day location flash workshop on Aug 22, in which they carried out a variety of editorial assignments in the Southbank area, working to mock briefs similar to those carried out by news and feature photographers on a daily basis.

Simon Schluter 1

Simon Schluter 2



Simon Schluter 3

A number of L2FT and L4FT students, along with several other volunteers, came along to be photographed in the roles of various professionals. Working in pairs, PJ students were given two assignments to complete in three hours, with specific instructions as to location, subject/s and the kind of photographs needed. In all cases the use of off-camera flash was mandatory.

Peter Williams and Amanda Shackleton with “street artists” Aisha Deoliveira and Ellyn Chang (both L2FT) in Hosier Lane.


PJ flash workshop version 3

After editing back at PSC, a slide show of the best work followed the 3:30pm filing deadline, with lively feedback focusing on the quality and creativity of the images and how well they addressed the brief.

[Written by Photojournalism Teacher, Bill Bachman]

For more information about our courses and subject outlines visit our Full Time Studies Page.

How Listening To Your Heart Can Bring Out Your Strengths & Lead You to Your Dreams


Born in Sudan and raised in Kenya before arriving in Australia, 1st year photography student Martha Abas sheds light on turning to photography and discovering her dream, while studying at PSC.

“Being able to take charge of how I want my pictures to look, feels really empowering. I firmly believe that, ‘a picture can say a thousand words’. I have always been passionate about photographing people rather than objects, as the atmosphere is more dynamic. I love interacting with my subjects and enlightening them about the ideas I wish to express to my potential viewers. “

Studying To Get Ahead

I think education always comes first and my family is very encouraging about this. They also firmly believe that women should be able to support themselves, plus have the skills and abilities that allow them to achieve great things in life.

Before PSC

I initially wanted to study psychology, however photography was where my heart was. Some found it difficult to understand my decision of becoming a professional photographer, as many people believe that there’s only a small chance that one can earn a living from photography. Despite what people think, my goal is to become a professional fashion photographer. I intend to improve my knowledge and craft of photography, and master my skills, as I develop my own style at PSC.


From Martha Abas’ Final Folio in 1st Year Bachelor of Photography


Highlights from PSC and Paving A Path to Success

Studying photography at PSC has made me realize the importance of staying positive. I get inspiration from everyone around me. I have learnt that maintaining a good attitude and working hard is a big part of being productive. Additionally, I have also learnt how to apply my knowledge and newfound skills in creating my portfolio; within time constraints. I believe that being active, rather passive and using my time in the most effective way, will make me successful. As a professional photographer in the making, I want my photographs to be my voice. I want to make revolutionary changes, which can take photography onto a whole new level. I like the fact that photography changes the way we see things. You actually experience quite an incredible transformation at PSC. You suddenly notice elements like light, shape, colour texture and details in people – everything around you starts to look different when you see the world as a photographer.

Heritage and Family

I’ve always known that embracing my heritage and culture was important, I grew up surrounded by it. It’s just part of my routine and who I am. It is also binding, without it my family wouldn’t be together. No one has had a greater impact on me, than my mother. She has always demonstrated amazing strength through the hardest times. She makes sure that I demand respect in my work, and I feel secure in knowing that she will always be there for me as long as she lives.

Planning a Journey in Professional Photography

I would like to graduate from Photography Studies College and get the job of my dreams; working in a modeling agency with makeup artists, hair stylers, designers, photographers and models from different places around the world. I’d also like to get married and become a mother.

Why I Love Living in Melbourne

At any given point in time you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a festival on in Melbourne, there are music, art and food festivals… a huge range of events. You never know what to expect to see from one day to the next, it’s such a wonderfully diverse city and there are so many restaurants and galleries. I definitely see myself living in this city forever, since Melbourne is full of many positive surprises.

Keep up with Martha’s journey in photography, as she strives to make her mark in the industry. Follow her Facebook Page ‘Naema Abas‘ at for more information.

To learn about our Bachelor of Photography course visit our website: