Where Are They Now?

Entering into a creative career can be exciting, challenging, full of passion and rewards … but it also takes determination and adaptability. We recently had the pleasure to meet up with three PSC alumni – Taylor-Ferne Morris, Sarah Lynch and Emma McEvoy – at our Image Makers Seminar and hear where their careers post graduating have taken them.


Left to Right: Emma McEvoy, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Sarah Lynch

Taylor, Sarah and Emma provided us with plenty of inspiration and insight into their diverse experiences since graduating from PSC. All three first undertook the Advanced Diploma of Photography before going on to complete the Bachelor of Photography pathway program. They each chose a different area of specialisation – Taylor pursued her passion for dance through commercial photography, Sarah followed her connection to photojournalism and Emma continued to follow her path in art photography.

Taylor Ferne Morris

From the outset, Taylor explained that she has had a strong affinity with dance photography, having transitioned to photography after an injury halted her own dance career. After graduating from the Advanced Diploma, Taylor decided to head to New York where she began the exciting relationship and collaboration with Dance Media, one of the world’s leading dance publishers. Since then Taylor has worked with many of the world’s most sought-after dancers, including Paloma Herrera, Alina Cojocaru and Tamara Rojo, with her work being published in both ‘Pointe’ and ‘Dance Magazine’ for global distribution. Taylor continues to regularly travel between Melbourne and New York for Dance Media.

The quality of Taylor’s stunning work is reflected in her growing reputation, seeing many Australian dancers, groups and publications seeking her services including Dance Australia and Dance Informa. Late in 2015 Taylor’s work was published on the cover of the Dance Australia’s December 15 – January 16 issue.

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

In 2015 Taylor’s work was selected to be featured in the Your Move exhibition, at the Art House Gallery in New York where she was also awarded the top prize in studio photography.

“Don’t be afraid to create your own work and put it out there. An online presence and word of mouth is how I get most of my clients. ” – Taylor

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Sarah Lynch

For Sarah Lynch photography is part of who she is – something she feels compelled to do.
“I’m constantly inspired by the power of story telling through photography and how that can change lives. I love to create images of the land and the people who inhabit it. I believe in giving people the opportunity to educate and inspire themselves through photography.”
Having graduated from PSC’s Advanced Diploma photojournalism specialisation, Sarah immediately embarked on a career in documenting animal exploitation.
“My final folio at PSC was the catalyst for where I am now. I was able to step out of student life at PSC into a career in documentary photography.” – Sarah

Image: Sarah Lynch

Image: Sarah Lynch

This saw Sarah achieve marked results in exposing cases of animal cruelty, raising awareness in a broader audience and providing the stimulus needed to see changes being implemented around animal welfare and live exports.
“People said don’t work with animals or children, but I like the madness.” – Sarah

In 2014 Sarah founded Focus on Humanity a not for profit photography organisation that brings the gift of photography to communities around the world who do no not have access to photography. providing them with portraits and photographic prints. In December 2014 the organisation undertook it’s first campaign to India where it distributed over 200 prints to individuals and families who had never had a photograph or print of themselves.

Image: Sarah Lynch, Focus on Humanity

Image: Sarah Lynch, Focus on Humanity

Sarah is this week joining a medical ship bound for Papua New Guinea, providing aid to areas without access to medical resources.

“Photojournalism needs a sense of photographic maturity and sensitivity and the patience to get the right shot for the situation. Determination and curiosity will make up for anything you feel you may be lacking.” – Sarah

Emma McEvoy

Moving from styling to art photography, Emma McEvoy provided us with the stimulus needed to get out there and try. With a passion for fine art and much success received from her recent exhibition, Sand Castles, Emma encourages budding photographers to simply approach people and ask.

“Every day I contact people I’d like to work with. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, but you’d be surprised how many you get that say yes!” – Emma
This was the approach that gained Emma with access to the derelict building she needed to fill with sand for her interpretation of the Namibian Deserts as part of her exhibition.

Image: Emma McEvoy

Image: Emma McEvoy

“I came out of studying at PSC in such an awesome headspace. It was the best thing I could have done.” – Emma


Success for our Japanese Alumni

It is always so enjoyable to hear from our alumni, and this week we have had the excitement of double updates from two of our graduates!  Rakuto Makino and Hiroki Nagahiro, both originally born in Japan, graduated from PSC’s Advanced Diploma of Photography in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Specialising in PSC’s art photography stream saw Rakuto exhibited in the Fresh 13 and Secret Street exhibitions in 2013 with his work “Yata-Garasu”.  This Japanese legend inspired series reflected on Rakuto’s experiences, the process of creating and the journey of self-discovery.

“I believe that life is a journey to find out who we really are. It can be a swirl of chaotic confusion and continuous inner battle of ever changing identity. Sometimes this can be confusing because we are encouraged to be unique, yet oppressed to follow the certain accepted social standards. Sometimes we become what we are in order to fit into society.” – Rakuto

Racket Makino, from the series "Yata-Garasu"

Rakuto Makino, from the series “Yata-Garasu”

In 2014, after graduating from PSC, Rakuto decided to move to Germany to challenge himself and see what he is capable of. The evidence shows, that is quite an impressive amount! Rakuto now travels between Germany and Spain working as a photographer and assistant, enjoying life and creating his art.  View his latest projects on his website mr-sharaku.com

Rakuto Makino from mr-sharaku.com

Rakuto Makino from mr-sharaku.com

Shortly after Rakuto’s graduation, the following year in fact, Hiroki Nagahiro commenced his final stage of PSC’s Advanced Diploma specialising in commercial photography.  Hiroki had always demonstrated a strong connection to fashion photography during his studies at PSC and could often be found shooting in the studios for local industry clients. This foundation in studio lighting, and learning how to organise a photoshoot, has seen his career flourish as Hiroki now has representation from London-based photography, style and production agency August Management.  Whilst Hiroki currently shares his time between London and Tokyo, he currently finds that he is more frequently in the UK shooting for various fashion clients and publications including Superior magazine, Design Scene magazine, HUF magazine, Leon magazine and more.

“I like working in London for the new people and creatives I get to meet.  However, in terms of fashion, Tokyo is unique and always has something new.” – Hiroki

Hiroki Nagahiro

Hiroki Nagahiro

Long term, Hiroki is planning to start his own international creative agency based in Japan.  Based on his stunning success so far, we cannot wait to see where his unique vision will take him!

And Hiroki’s tips for students looking to enter a career in fashion photography –

“Trial and error will be the fundamentals of your learning. The studio lighting, retouching skills I learnt at PSC form the basis for my current photography. Be polite and have confident in your work.  You will find something important for your career at PSC, just keep looking for it.” – Hiroki

See more of Hiroki’s work on his website hirokinagahiro.com and via August Management

Hiroki Nagahiro

Hiroki Nagahiro

Australia’s No 1 Photography College right in the arts hub of Melbourne


On Wednesday 31 August 2016 at the national Nikon Australian Professional Photography Awards held in Melbourne, Photography Studies College (Melbourne) took out for the 6th consecutive year the prestigious national award for excellence in photographic education the 2016 Australian Institute of Professional Photography Australian (AIPP) Australian Tertiary Photography Institution of the Year.

Front row centre: Managing Director Julie Moss together with Australian Photography Student of the Year Tayla Nuss-Soeharto, Director Communications & Students Jenny Heron, Course Director Daniel Boetker-Smith and fellow PSC staff and students.

Front row centre: Managing Director Julie Moss together with Australian Photography Student of the Year Tayla Nuss-Soeharto, Director Communications & Students Jenny Heron, Course Director Daniel Boetker-Smith and fellow PSC staff and students.

These major industry awards are held annually, acknowledging excellence and outstanding achievement in photography and bring together professionals, institutions and students Australia wide to compete on the national stage. PSC students’ excellence was clearly on display with their absolutely outstanding work achieving gold distinction, silver distinctions and silver awards!

To add to the award excitement in a further brilliant achievement PSC’s final yearBachelor of Photography Student Tayla Nuss-Soeharto took out the prestigious 2016 AIPP Australian Photography Student of the Year. Tayla was delighted with her award and thanked her talented teachers for encouraging and supporting her to always do her best, allowing her to find her creative voice and produce her award winning series ‘pop, crack, bang’.


Tayla Nuss-Soeharto receiving her award as 2016 AIPP Australian Student of the Year

Tayla Nuss-Soeharto receiving her award as 2016 AIPP Australian Student of the Year

In  a further outstanding success on the night Julie Moss PSC’s Managing Director was acknowledged for her over 30 years of high achievements, contribution and exemplary service in photography and photography education receiving the prestigious AIPP Honorary Fellow Achievement Award. This is an exceptionally important and prestigious honour for an exceptional educator.

“The college is an amazing institution made up of wonderful staff and amazing students. This is a wonderful industry and the AIPP is a wonderful institute so full of passionate, creative people. Its awards system sets standards for professionals and students to aspire to. It’s been a privilege to be a part of it for so long – being able to contribute to the education of photographers through the college has enabled me to give expression three things I’m passionate about: photography, education and community.” – Julie Moss

PSC's managing director Julie Moss, awarded the AIPP Honorary Fellow Achievement Award

PSC’s managing director Julie Moss, awarded the AIPP Honorary Fellow Achievement Award

These awards follow closely PSC’s stunning results as the highest scoring institution for Creative Arts in Australia in the recent Student Experience Survey (SES).  This survey was undertaken as part of the national Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)www.qilt.edu.au for the Australian Government.

PSC officially Partners with ATOM for Aus – NZ wide Photo Comp

Teaming up with Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) for the first time, we are the official partners for this year’s ATOM Photo Comp; a celebration of photographic talents across all primary and secondary schools in Australia and New Zealand. We are thrilled to be a part of this, as it gives us an opportunity to establish connections with the wider (and growing) community of photographers who aspire to be iconic image makers of our time. The PSC family gladly extends our years of experience and multitude of industry links to those who place importance on photography, and wish to be a part of this exciting, ever-evolving art and profession.

Course director Daniel Boetker-Smith (founder of the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive), art photography coordinator, Sarina Lirosi and teacher Anat Cossen (who are all practicing international photographers) will be judging the ATOM Photo Comp this year. They are undoubtedly expecting their task to be a challenging one, as they expect to see a vast array of wonderfully talented work.

Meet your judges for the ATOM Photo Comp: Daniel Boetker-Smith, Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen.

Meet your judges for the ATOM Photo Comp: Daniel Boetker-Smith, Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen.

The theme for this year’s competition is quite thought-provoking, which will ignite an eclectic mix of interpretations. Photographs submitted must reflect ‘A Sense of Place’, touching upon the way photography showcases unique perspectives of the world we live in.

We wish all photographers the best of luck with the competition, which you can learn more about from the ATOM Photo Comp website. For those who are interested in furthering their understanding of photography, feel free to look at our full time degree and part time courses. Full time applications are now officially open and we are currently accepting students in our last part time course intake of the year!

PSC Students and Staff Announced as Finalists for 2016 Bowness Prize

The Monash Gallery of Art, one of Australia’s leading public galleries, has announced the 2016 finalists of the highly sought after photography award, The Bowness Photography Prize. Established to encourage excellence in the art and education of photography, The Bowness Prize judges the work of amateur, emerging and professional photographers across Australia.

This year marks the largest number of PSC students to be selected as finalists for this prestigious national prize.

Amongst our undergraduates we have a spectacular first year student Darren Tan, who has been shortlisted. Hailing from Singapore, Darren is one of our remarkable international students who has shown progress and created award-worthy work. Along with him another Bachelor of Photography student Joanne Cripps (currently in her 3rd year at PSC) was chosen. A photograph from her series ‘When you took me away… because you knew best’ was submitted to the prize, enabling her to get recognition for her photojournalism work – a genre she is currently majoring in.

Image by Darren Tan

Image by Darren Tan

Image by Joanne Cripps

Image by Joanne Cripps

We also have two impressive students from the Advanced Diploma cohort who have been selected. Tammy Boyce and Margaret Lim are both studying in the art major and have produced unique, thought provoking work which has caught the attention of the MGA foundation and the Bowness Prize selection panel.

Image by Tim Allen

Image by Tim Allen

Image by Elaine Batton

Image by Elaine Batton

The PSC community is additionally proud of the graduates who have also been chosen as finalists. Tim Allen (who studied in the Advanced Diploma, commercial major) and Elaine Batton (winner of the 2005 Fuji industry award for excellence in a commercial folio) clearly exhibit their dedication to the art as photographers who have applied their contemporary skills to their photographic endeavours.

Image by Michael Warnock

Image by Michael Warnock

Image by Mia McDonald

Image by Mia McDonald

Our commitment to learning as well as practice in the field of photography us best exemplified when members of our teaching staff continuously develop their own photography projects and contribute to awards in the art industry. We are thrilled about the news of Michael Warnock and Mia McDonald being selected for the Bowness Prize, and wish them the best of luck with the final judging round, from which winners will be announced on 7 September.

We are also happy about the announcement of Melbourne photographers Matt Portch, Christopher Koller and Peter Hyatt being selected as finalists. They have played an important role as key clients for our Master Printer Peter Hatzipavlis at the PrintShop @ PSC, who has printed their stunning work recently.

This year the judging panel comprises of Fred Schepisi (filmmaker), John Gollings (photographer) and Kallie Blauhorn (director of MGA). We are excited about the outcomes of their final decision and look forward to the Bowness Photography Prize exhibition that will run from 1 September to 16 October. We hope to see you all there and welcome to learn more about our award winning institution here.

Lucia Rossi Gets Ready To Teach Part Time Students about Design

Lucia Rossi Blog Banner

Lucia Rossi, an accomplished visual artist in Australia, is introducing the concepts of composition and design to our latest group of part time students today! The subject covers the most important aspects of visual communication, enabling students to create powerful images that will have a bigger impact on their audiences, as they learn about composing their ideas within the frame. They will be taught about guiding viewers to understand their subject matter in a clearer and stronger manner. Lucia particularly loves teaching the part time group as she feels that their enthusiasm to hone their photography talents often yields great results.

“What I love seeing in the duration of this course is a steep learning curve. Students end up having so much more control over what they’re communicating with their subjects. It’s great to see this level of transformation during this course.”

Lucia believes that the important thing about her class is to enjoy experimenting with subject matter. She highly encourages her students to have fun while learning about the practical and theoretical aspects of design. This class teaches students key elements in photography within the initial 20 week certificate course. To learn more about our part time course click here. We are excited about having a new group of students in our July 4 intake – so come by for a visit and enrol yourself here.

At the PrintShop with Anat Cossen

Most of you have had the honour of meeting or learning from Anat Cossen. Anat is an international visual artist and photography teacher at PSC. Born in Israel and having completed her own studies in photography at Hadassah College (Jerusalem), her amazing talents contribute towards the rich cultural diversity in Melbourne as our students are exposed to a global perspective on styles in visual communication and design. For her upcoming exhibition that will be held at the Red Gallery (Fitzroy) in September, Anat chose to get her photography printed by the finest master printer she knows; Peter at the PrintShop @ PSC.

Here’s a glimpse of her work with her words about photography:

Anat Cossen 01

Image by Anat Cossen

“Peter at the Print Shop has been always very helpful and willing to assist me with any part of the printing process; from file prep and scanning to proofing and finalising prints. Over the past few years Peter printed my work for presentations as part of my Masters degree and gallery exhibitions.”

Image by Anat Cossen

Image by Anat Cossen

“At the moment I’m working on a project I shot over summer in collaboration with the fabulous Sarina Lirosi. The project shot on film and is now in a process of scanning and preparing to print. It will be exhibited at Red Gallery in Fitzroy in September.”

Image by Anat Cossen

Image by Anat Cossen

“The most notable affect photography had on my life is that it increased my perception and recognition of fleeting moments. Life became a cinematic journey, like a theatre production where events unfold and reveal themselves. I became an observer and learnt to appreciate my surroundings.”

We are excited to see Anat’s collaboration with Sarina come to life on the walls of the Red Gallery. The PSC community is extremely fortunate to have such creative and productive practicing artists on campus. Feel free to contact us about how you can be a part of the PSC experience and click here to get more details about the PrintShop @ PSC.

At the PrintShop with Sanja Pahoki

The PrintShop @PSC is renowned for working with photographers with incredible careers in Melbourne and across the world. In the month of May, Peter Hatzipavlis at the PrintShop was happy to manage and finesse the printing as well as imaging services for Sanja Pahoki – one of the most sought after figures in photography, having showcased her work in 14 solo exhibitions across Australia.

Preview of Sanja Pahoki's upcoming series.

Preview of Sanja Pahoki’s upcoming series.

Sanja tells us about her current series that was printed recently at the PrintShop:

‘This is a series of images that I took on an iPod back in 2010. They were taken on a ferry from St.Petersburg to Helsinki. I had just had an inspired moment in front of some paintings by the Russian painter Kazimir Malevich. He is well-known for his non-figurative paintings and Suprematism manifesto. You can see that I am trying to abstract the forms inside the cabin in the ferry. The images will be included in an upcoming exhibition ‘Long-distance relationship’ at Mailbox gallery in the CBD curated by Andree Ruggeri. Andree  has written about the show, ‘Iconic images from the early 20th century Russian avant-garde are continually appropriated, renegotiated and deconstructed in contemporary creative practice. This exhibition traces links and various disconnects between recent Australian and Russian art, and the constructed logic and geometric formalism of Suprematism and Constructivism. Video, photography, print, and installation mirror the multi-disciplinary nature of the Russian avant-garde, as a distant and complex period enters our own time and place.’

Sanja’s journey as a photographer:

‘I first started taking photographs at high school. There was a little b&w darkroom and I used it to print images of my dog, Tiny.  I always remember being interested in photography, I think this comes from my father. In Croatia where I was born, my father earned a little extra money by working for a commercial photographer. We lived in a one-room apartment. I have these vivid memories of waking up in the morning and of seeing rows of prints and negatives hanging from strings around the apartment.’

From 'The Pahoki Family' Series by Sanja Pahoki

From ‘The Pahoki Family’ Series by Sanja Pahoki

‘In high school I really got into photography. The first job that I had was delivering pamphlets. It took all year to save up for my first camera, $200 for a Pentax K1000. I used to take lots of photographs of my friends and on trips to Jan Juc. I set up a little darkroom in a rental property and used to print all of my negatives. I had a preference for b&w. I enrolled in a CAE (centre for adult education) photography class with Moira Joseph, she was very encouraging of my photography and said that I had a good eye. So I kept doing it until I got to the point where I decided I wanted to do this more seriously. Back in high school I had thought about doing photography as a profession but it didn’t strike me as being very realistic. At that time I was concerned with how I was going to make a living. As I got older I found that it was more important to try and do something that you love.’

From the series 'I Haven't Been Feeling Myself Lately' by Sanja Pahoki

From the series ‘I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself Lately’ by Sanja Pahoki

On working with Peter…

‘I was first introduced to Peter through ex-head of photography at the VCA, Christopher Koller. My digital skills are rudimentary so Peter is essential to the production of my work. I love that he comes from an analogue photography background as he is able to translate my film-based files to prints of the highest quality. I am quite fastidious when it comes to my images and working with Peter I feel I can achieve some of the results I used to be able to do by myself in the darkroom. I also like how dedicated and punk Peter is. He’ll put in the long hours to make sure that a project is achieved to the highest standard and on time. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking him away from his family.’

We thank Sanja for her time and look forward to attending her group exhibition show, ‘Long-distance relationship’ on 8 June – 2 July (with the exclusive opening on 9 June at 6pm), at Mailbox Art Space, 141-143 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000. Additionally, you can always visit the PrintShop @PSC for premium printing services. Find out more about opening hours here.

Alkira College (Cranbourne) Visits PSC for a Photography Workshop

As part of our exciting Secondary School Workshop Program this week we were delighted to welcome studio art and media studies students all the way from Alkira College (Cranbourne). This program is part of PSC’s unique collaboration with schools and industry members in the field of photography.

We believe that igniting the passion of photography begins with giving people opportunities where personal ideas and techniques are explored under the guidance of experts and award winning artists, such as the teachers at PSC.

The workshop with Alkira College began with a tour of our classrooms, exhibition walls, studio and printing facilities, led by the coordinator of communications and students, Carmen Edwards. 




Students had a chance to interact with the exhibited work, observe the way our classes are conducted (both in the creative and technical sense), see our high quality digital labs and take a look at ThePrintShop @ PSC, before venturing into our busy studios.

The second segment of the workshop was then guided by our course director, Daniel Boetker Smith, who gave an introduction to the concepts of personal style and current trends in photography. Opening the minds of students to the world of Instagram photography, he raised their awareness about established and upcoming photographers who have become world-famous on the social network channel, thanks to their strong point of view and distinguished subject matter.



Students were encouraged to learn about and adopt the styles of  inspiring Instagram photographers such as Hans Seeger, mmuseumm and Arto Saari, for the third segment of the workshop. Students explored different areas of the glittering arts and financial district in the heart of the CBD (where PSC is located) to try their hand at Instagram photography using the styles of their chosen photographer.

Image by Francis Donato

Image by Francis Donato

Image by  Yasmin Rose

Image by Yasmin Rose

The Secondary School Workshop provided a glimpse of what our students learn about at PSC. We place importance on photographic techniques as well as professional skills that make our students ideas creators, where they establish their personal voice and learn about how to market their work to the world. The secondary school students who visited us this week were encouraged to partake in conversations with the artists they chose as inspiration, enabling them to share ideas with those who are successful in the field. We are thankful to Alkira College for visiting us and look forward to hosting more workshops with schools in the near future.


For more information about our special Experience Day Workshop, visit our website.

Outstanding Results for PSC in National Student Satisfaction Survey!

Photography Studies College achieved outstanding results in the recent undergraduate student survey – the 2015 Student Experience Survey (SES) as part of the national  Quality Indicators  for Learning and Teaching (QILT), undertaken for the government.  This national survey  provides extensive results for the student experience across all Australian  universities and for the first time, in 2015,  included a range of non university institutions. All the results of the survey are available to the public at  www.qilt.edu.au 

PSC students with teacher, Hoda Afshar

PSC students with teacher, Hoda Afshar

An article in today’s Financial Review shines a spotlight on these great achievements revealing that PSC is one of the 2 highest scoring institutions in this national survey, receiving 92% in overall student satisfaction! This is a fantastic result as we didn’t only beat all universities in the overall student satisfaction area but in other survey areas of teaching quality, learner engagement and student support

Check out the article ….