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At the PrintShop with Matt Porch

2016 finalist for the Photobook Melbourne Photo Award and the Head On Photo Festival award, Matt Portch is an icon in the advertising industry. Matt is the senior designer in one of the most prestigious agencies in the world and has won impressive accolades in the industry from platforms such as ADFEST, MADC, ADMA and Leo Burnett. He also won the ‘Best Landscape’ prize at the CCP Salon in 2015. The PrintShop @ PSC was fortunate to have Matt over to print some of his recent work from the series, ‘Lost America’.

‘I have always been captivated by the American landscape. I grew up on a diet of American culture from the seventies on wards. However, instead of the white picket fence American dream, I’ve always been drawn to its more sombre side. Over the past few decades, the country has witnessed industrial redundancy, economic crisis, natural disasters, terrorism and paranoia. The result of which can be interpreted in a static and multifarious landscape. Towns become a worn-out reminder of when America was building itself a brighter future. These places appear frozen in time, their inhabitants sparse or long since departed. Both the series ‘Lost America’ and ‘Little America’ examine a quiet stillness in a landscape long since forgotten; in a sense ‘on-pause’. The backwater sticks and quiet city corners, now mirroring the vast and lonely wilderness. Feelings of melancholy and emptiness echo details of mundanity in beautiful, unremarkable landscape.’

Image by Matt Portch

Image by Matt Portch

‘I’ve been photographing for over ten years using various cameras, but mainly a DSLR. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago I became inspired by the great large format colour photographers of the seventies. I was fascinated by these seemingly ordinary looking landscapes. The fastidiousness detail captured through the 8×10 film was another character of the image. A simple scene came to life by the meticulous form of capture. I instantly became connected with this ruminative imagery. I discovered a much more manageable digital equivalent of the 8×10 in the form of a technical camera, digital back and precision optics. My preoccupation with the American landscape drew me there for two trips to explore the nature of this new found inspiration. And I’m currently planning a third journey.’

Image by Matt Portch

Image by Matt Portch

‘I process and grade my own images from RAW through to Photoshop, but it’s imperative to get that second opinion. I wasn’t even aware there were printing services for the public at PSC until someone posted a shot of their work on Instagram. When I visited, Peter was full of guidance and very attentive to my files, even adjusting colours, sharpening and offering guidance. Obviously, viewing on your own screen is going to vary greatly from viewing on another, and printing to stock is another step altogether. So to get the expertise of someone like Peter is essential if you’re looking for quality when printing your images. Peter has produced some beautiful prints for me and I hope to continue this relationship with future projects to come. ‘

We thank Matt for his time and welcome you to check out the PrintShop @ PSC. Feel free to make an appointment with our master printer, Peter Hatzipavlis here.

Meet International Student, Andrew Arismunandar

andrew 1 for blog
Andrew left Indonesia to join PSC a year ago and has already managed to score some amazing attention for his photography as a finalist for Capture Magazine’s Top Emerging Photographer of 2016 (student category). It was his classmate Jame Thorn (also a finalist) who encouraged him, spurring Andrew submit work from his first year folio – which received wonderful feedback for, from his teachers.

Now enjoying the many facets of studio photography and lighting taught at PSC, Andrew is gaining more confidence in learning new things that once intimidated him.

“The teachers here know how to make concepts of photography accessible and easy to master. What I found ‘complicated’ a year ago is now so simple to do. I think it’s related to the way we are taught here. The boundaries between students and teachers are quite blurred, everyone is treated as a friend and that makes learning here really enjoyable.”

Andrew is currently living the exciting inner city life of Melbourne. He’s always on the go and ready to scout new places for projects, which we plan to follow him for in the next few weeks. Although he loves the views and sights, Andrew’s affinity towards Melbourne stems from a more emotional connection.

Image by Andrew Arismunandar

Image by Andrew Arismunandar

“I chose to come to Melbourne because it just feels more like home here. The people are so nice to live and collaborate with. The friendly atmosphere motivates me to create more work, too.”

We can’t wait for more exciting work from Andrew and look forward to showcasing his style and methods in photography – which you can see on his Instagram channel: @andrew_aris893. If you’d like to learn more about being an international student at PSC, click here.

David Merrylees’ Folio Marks Originality in Expression and Technique

We’ve just completed a short season of folio assessments, allowing a range of our students across all levels to showcase their amazingly executed ideas to a panel of guests, teachers and classmates. We have chosen to shine a spotlight on the incredible efforts of those in our part time group, as we have another intake coming up for our courses. Our current student, David Merrylees is a fine example of the creativity that brews at PSC – and he’s definitely a great inspiration to any of you who are either learning photography or are thinking about joining our part time options. Here’s an insightful Q&A with him:

David Merrylees and his work

David Merrylees and his work

About my folio  – ‘Wall Wear’:

I like the idea that we’re surrounded by art; the fabric of the city we live in contains gems that we walk past every day. As a photographer I think it’s our greatest challenge and achievement to show something as it’s never been seen before. A new angle, a new twist; you may have looked at this wall a hundred times, but never seen the beauty it contains. To tell the truth, when I was thinking of folio ideas, I thought that photos of walls would be quite easy…

When I heard that we could print in any way we wanted I was excited by the idea of printing on fabric. I’d seen some large fabric prints at the Ballarat Bienniale in 2013 and had always wanted to give that a try. It only seemed natural then to make the fabric into garments to heighten the focus on my chosen wall textures and colours. My choice of fabric and garment design were made to champion each wall, it was an iterative and intuitive process. My first garments were chosen after the prints were made, but as I went on I was thinking of a particular garment and fabric when I took the photo. It was interesting to explore the constraints that garments put on the image. For instance, choice of garment is limited by the available fabrics and some fabrics don’t print well; also, the size of garment is limited by the print size and the crop of the image happens when the fabric is cut. My images were processed minimally, I want the viewer to see what they’ve been missing, not something I’ve imagined.

Wall Wear by David Merrylees

Wall Wear by David Merrylees

My process of developing a folio and my advice for other student photographers out there:

You can quite literally start a folio about anything, or everything. That can be a bit daunting, so it’s best to start with something that you’re interested in, something simple and part of your life. Try not to get distracted by hearing about someone else’s amazing project. Write your proposal and then just leap in, taking photos every day if you can. Be open to the possibility of changing the idea you start with; listen and look and think. Be prepared to fight for your idea; arguing for your folio will help you to develop your idea further, or perhaps show areas where you can strengthen its message. Although the creative part of a folio is important, don’t overlook practical aspects, there’s no point having a great idea if you can’t deliver it. I set a timetable very early on and then try very hard to stick to it. Not every image will be amazing, don’t worry about that. You’ll probably learn more from your not so good images than your best.


How do I feel about studying at PSC part time?

It’s brilliant! I have always taken photos, but before I started at PSC my “good” photos involved a huge dose of luck or an awesome sunset. With help and inspiration from an amazing bunch of tutors I’m learning to see what I want from an image before I push the shutter. I remember talking with another student in first year about how we would be taught creativity. We were a bit sceptical, in the vein of old dogs and new tricks. Well, after two years, we’re convinced; with a combination of exposure to photography from all over the world, enhancing our technical skills enormously and being pushed by our tutors to new heights we are much more creative. The close examination of every folio I have produced and those of my classmates has given me the language, ideas and structure to take my photography to a higher level.

So if you’re thinking about taking your photography to a higher level, feel free to come by for campus tour, or enrol yourself here.

How Pier Carthew is Taking on the Fashion Industry

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.56.44 PMPier Carthew has created quite a stir on our Instagram channel this week, showcasing a vibrant, memorable and eclectic collection of work to our fortunate followers. His recent series is one that will stop the fashion industry in its tracks. 

Here’s why.

Feeling quite cynical of how fashion photography largely revolves around the stereotypical depiction of beauty, Pier has always wanted to inject something new and different to the genre. So when he and his third year classmates were given their latest industry-focus assignment of working towards a client brief, Pier decided to create a folio that would make people look twice.


Before joining PSC, Pier was part of a theatre company that was on an eight-month international tour. He was taking photographs during his adventure and returned to Melbourne with the dreams of taking photography more seriously. He saw this path as an opportunity worth pursuing over acting.

“As an actor you’re always subjected to other people’s ideas and projects, whereas with photography you can really be in charge of your creative vision.” 

Although he did initially feel confident about teaching himself the skills involved, when he toured PSC and saw the campus, he realized that he would learn something invaluable.


The facilities drew me to the school. After meeting with Neil (the teacher) and discovering that he saw great potential in my work at the time, I was driven to join even more. Since being a student here, Neil has really encouraged me to develop strong concepts behind my work and Julie (his third year teacher) has been an invaluable resource as well as pushing me to deliver a very high standard of work. On top of this my experience with shooting in the studios at PSC has been wonderful. I’m happy with the work I’ve produced here, because I now think about photography very differently.”

Pier has been quite impressive with building his network in the photography industry and has also efficiently maintained strong ties with those in the performing arts and television circuit.

He approached Kate Davis, the esteemed co-artistic director of The Rabble, one of Australia’s leading avant-garde contemporary theatre companies that present visually charged imagery for their stage productions. She was excited to be his client for his assignment, stepping in as the stylist for his shoot, and providing the wardrobe from the high-fashion clothing store, Shifting Worlds. The only thing left in the mix were the models, and this is where Pier took charge in implementing his own style and vision to the project.


Pier chose to work with Josh and Zach – two actors who, regardless of their disabilities, are carving great reputations for themselves as powerful performers in Melbourne’s theatre scene.

The shoot proved to be a success, inspiring Shifting Worlds to display Pier’s work at their store very soon. Pier’s client-folio assignment therefore won him a larger opportunity than he expected and he will surely enjoy more attention from the industry, as a result. According to Pier, since being at PSC his work has often led him to more paid assignments in the professional world.

“I now have more commercially viable projects to showcase, which was my main objective coming here. I’m starting to get more work through my theatre and television network now, since showcasing the folio I’ve developed while being at PSC.”


We are definitely proud to have a student like Pier in our community who is creating such exciting work. Be sure to follow this rising talent on Instagram at @pierypier and read more about how you can enhance your own talents in photography with our degree and diploma programs, here.

3rd Year Student Zia Atahi Heads to Bogor, Indonesia

3rd year student Zia Atahi will be travelling to Bogor, Indonesia from June 19 to conduct a photography workshop with a class of 17 at the Cipayung Refugee Educational Centre. The  centre offers a community of learning for children, women and mixed groups of those who originally come from the regions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Only formed two months ago, the class for photography is one that has raised a lot of interest from the community. Unfortunately, there are only 4 cameras to be shared between amongst such a large group and this is reason why we want to help raise awareness about this important centre.

Image by the Cipayung Learning Centre

Image by the Cipayung Learning Centre

Zia’s original plans for travelling to Bogor was to enrich his ongoing folio series which is about the Hazara community in Melbourne. He wanted to capture the process of how refugees travel from one place to another and therefore contacted the head of the learning centre, who then offered him something significant in return.

Image by Zia Atahi

Image by Zia Atahi

Image by Zia Atahi

Image by Zia Atahi

Putting aside his folio idea for the trip, Zia has now organised exercises and activities for the group of 17 who are deeply interested in the art of photography. He yearns to first make them comfortable with the basics of the craft and get them familiar with inspiring artists in the field. What he needs assistance with from the PSC family and those in the photography industry, is a lending or donation of cameras which will help the photography class greatly. Zia hopes to let all 17 students express their views and experiences with their own tools, so that he can return to Melbourne and showcase the body of work created by them. He also aims to publish a photography book as a result of his workshop, so that the unique talents of the group can get the recognition they deserve.

Zia feels a strong connection with the purpose of his trip to Indonesia, as his own introduction to photography stemmed from a difficult experience he was going through as an architecture student. Photography made him feel truly happy and inspired him to turn his life around, joining PSC as a result. Although he was always creative as a child, Zia discovered a new strength in his ability to connect with people.

Image by Zia Atahi

Image by Zia Atahi

Image by Zia Atahi

Image by Zia Atahi

‘For me, photography is a way to document and tell stories. I feel good about taking photos not just for myself but for everyone. I’m really excited about going to the Cipayung community centre to learn from the people there.’

We are looking forward to hearing more about Zia’s trip to Indonesia and wish him all the best with his endeavours. If you would like to donate or lend your camera to the community centre via Zia, feel free to contact our front desk at  03 9682 3191 and info@psc.edu.au or get in touch with our course director, Daniel Boetker Smith at dboetkersmith@psc.edu.au. Fore upcoming updates about Zia’s travels, follow him on Instagram: @ziatography.

Gaining Success in Photojournalism While Studying at PSC


Justice Cameron
is currently in her 3rd year of being at PSC and is seeing wonderful success as a freelance photojournalist. She is regularly approached by news networks on Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10, for her stories.

Before becoming the prolific photographer that she is today, Justice remembers the moment when she realised her love for photography. It was when she received her first camera: ‘There was a big sense of relief, like I finally found something I can be creative in while maintaining my interest in technology’.

Photography by Justice Cameron

Photography by Justice Cameron

Justice joined PSC because of her love for the medium. Although she believed that she possessed enough knowledge of the craft before becoming a student, she was quick to discover that there was a whole new way of thinking in the industry.

‘As soon as I came to PSC I learnt so much. My whole understanding of photography changed within my first year of studies… It helped me to gain an understanding of photojournalism, which I really love. I enjoy being able to capture the ‘decisive moment’ while working with natural light; these are some of the skills I’ve developed and perfected while being at PSC.’

Justice's photography made front page of the Geelong Advertiser

Justice’s photography made front page of the Geelong Advertiser

During her 2nd year of studies, Justice forged connections with photographers at her local newspaper company (the Geelong Advertiser). She applied to News Corp Australia and was accepted into a casual position within the company, doing her training at The Herald Sun. The opportunity allowed her to work with editorial and sports news stories, which opened up her practice in photojournalism and expanded her network in the field even more. As a result of her experience, Justice developed her own unique style in videography as well, which has made her stand out to producers at networks. She now enjoys working for herself and seeing an increase in the number of stories that she either pitches to channels or is requested to cover.

Here are some examples of Justice’s work, which has featured on the social and television networks of famous channels:

PSC is extremely proud of Justice and wishes her all the best in the future, as she aspires to join news networks as a full time photojournalist after graduating. To stay up to date with Justice’s work, follow her Instagram channel @justicecameron_newsimagery & @justicecameronphotography. Find out more about our full time and part time degree or diploma courses here

PSC Hosts Q&A with Ben Shapiro at NGV

Directed by Emmy award winning filmmaker and cinematographer, Ben Shapiro, ‘Gregory Crewdson – Brief Encounters’ is a documentary that captures the thought process, vision and influences of the iconic photographer. Following the journey from conceptualization to constructing elaborate productions, Ben Shapiro unravels the story behind Crewdson over the span of a decade, capturing backstories and insights of the photographer. We will be given a complete view of the larger-than-life character many of us have been intrigued by, through this documentary.

poster (large)
In collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria, we will be screening the documentary to the public for the first time, followed by a Q&A with the director Ben Shapiro, himself. This is a great opportunity for attendees to converse with such a renowned filmmaker for a larger understanding of the industry and how famous photographers work.

Book your tickets here for this exclusive event that will be held on June 6, 2016 at the National Gallery of Victoria, Clemenger Auditorium.

Watch the trailer:

Alkira College (Cranbourne) Visits PSC for a Photography Workshop

As part of our exciting Secondary School Workshop Program this week we were delighted to welcome studio art and media studies students all the way from Alkira College (Cranbourne). This program is part of PSC’s unique collaboration with schools and industry members in the field of photography.

We believe that igniting the passion of photography begins with giving people opportunities where personal ideas and techniques are explored under the guidance of experts and award winning artists, such as the teachers at PSC.

The workshop with Alkira College began with a tour of our classrooms, exhibition walls, studio and printing facilities, led by the coordinator of communications and students, Carmen Edwards. 




Students had a chance to interact with the exhibited work, observe the way our classes are conducted (both in the creative and technical sense), see our high quality digital labs and take a look at ThePrintShop @ PSC, before venturing into our busy studios.

The second segment of the workshop was then guided by our course director, Daniel Boetker Smith, who gave an introduction to the concepts of personal style and current trends in photography. Opening the minds of students to the world of Instagram photography, he raised their awareness about established and upcoming photographers who have become world-famous on the social network channel, thanks to their strong point of view and distinguished subject matter.



Students were encouraged to learn about and adopt the styles of  inspiring Instagram photographers such as Hans Seeger, mmuseumm and Arto Saari, for the third segment of the workshop. Students explored different areas of the glittering arts and financial district in the heart of the CBD (where PSC is located) to try their hand at Instagram photography using the styles of their chosen photographer.

Image by Francis Donato

Image by Francis Donato

Image by  Yasmin Rose

Image by Yasmin Rose

The Secondary School Workshop provided a glimpse of what our students learn about at PSC. We place importance on photographic techniques as well as professional skills that make our students ideas creators, where they establish their personal voice and learn about how to market their work to the world. The secondary school students who visited us this week were encouraged to partake in conversations with the artists they chose as inspiration, enabling them to share ideas with those who are successful in the field. We are thankful to Alkira College for visiting us and look forward to hosting more workshops with schools in the near future.


For more information about our special Experience Day Workshop, visit our website.

PSC Grad Sarah Lynch Gets Showcased in New York City


If you’re following our Instagram channel, you are probably already blown away by the amazing photographs of New York city, taken by a certain ‘@focus_on_humanity’. Our channel has been taken over by an amazingly prolific graduate of 2013, Sarah Lynch.

After completing her degree, she received the prestigious Heartfelt Award for using photography to make a difference – something that she’s still dedicated to. She began her own not-for-profit organisation, Focus on Humanity, which  is driven towards giving remote communities access to the art and medium of photography. It serves to make portraits for families and individuals, training people to learn the craft so that they can record their own experiences and express their views through the language of photography.

Image from 'Focus on Humanity' website

Image from ‘Focus on Humanity’ website

Recently been offered her own solo exhibition space in the cultural capital of New York in 2018, Sarah’s work is currently being showcased at the Agora Gallery (New York) in an exhibition titled, ‘Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand’. Featuring artists from Oceania, the exhibition’s main focus is Sarah’s ongoing photography series from 2014 where she shot the volcanic landscapes of New Zealand:

‘The series aims to draw the viewers into the otherworldly landscapes; to see the world through an alternative perspective from the one they usually do, with the hope that they will be enchanted by the world and its beauty and something worth saving and fighting for. The images are not the usual environmentalist landscapes that viewers may be used to seeing but it is my hope that if people can become entranced with nature then they may take up the cause to protect it.’

Image by Sarah Lynch

Image by Sarah Lynch

This is a great opportunity for Sarah to get more international recognition for her work, as the Agora Gallery is based in the most prized fine art district of New York and is largely frequented by dealers, collectors and curators. The exhibition will be on till the 9th of June and you can view as well as purchase some of her limited edition prints from the ARTmine page.

Image taken by The Hippy and the Blonde Facebook page

Image taken by The Hippy and the Blonde Facebook page

Aside from her busy exhibition schedule, Sarah also launched an adventure-blog with another PSC graduate, Ruth Perry. You can visit their ‘Hippy and the Blonde’ Facebook page, Instagram channel and blog have a look at their wonderful travels around America!

We’re really happy to hear about our graduates leading such exciting lives and using their photography to inspire and reach out to people across the world. It’s great to know that our graduates are getting the success they deserve in the world of photography.

PSC’s Pippa Milne and Katrin Koenning at CCP Declares: On The Social Contract

Pippa Milne, PSC teacher and curator for the Centre for Contemporary Photography, has curated the upcoming exhibition, CCP Declares exhibition: On The Social Contract, which will be opening at 6pm on Thursday 26th of May. 

Image by Mohini Chandra Untitled from Kikau Street 2015-16, from CCP's website

Image by Mohini Chandra Untitled from Kikau Street 2015-16, from CCP’s website

The exhibition will feature important work by award winning photographers such as Katrin Koenning (PSC teacher), Miriam Charlie, Pilar Mata Dupont, Elvis Richardson, Mohini Chandra, Tom Nicholson and Cherine Fahd. Pippa was inspired by these artists, who create work that looks at how society works and portray their understandings of the various rules of engagement between citizens, the state and the environment. The subject matter is particularly relevant to contemporary society as we feel the contracts and agreements between us stretch and (sometimes) break.

Image by Katrin Koenning from her series, 'The Crossing'

Image by Katrin Koenning from her series, ‘The Crossing’

Katrin’s series ‘The Crossing’ delves into the ‘fractured relationship’ between man and environment. Printed by ThePrintShop @ PSC, Katrin will reveal, for the first time in Melbourne, a first instalment of the larger, long-form work. Following on from her recent exhibition of the work at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney as part of ‘Transfer‘, which also saw her steer a series of educational engagements in collaboration with ACP. Her exhibition here in Melbourne is a much anticipated event.

Images by Katrin Koenning from her series, 'Indefinitely'.

Images by Katrin Koenning from her series, ‘Indefinitely’.

Katrin ‘s work ‘Indefinitely’ is currently featuring in a solo show at The Lost Ones Gallery in Ballarat (re-opening on June 1 – June 19). Her ‘Dear Chris’ series will be on show at Verge Gallery in Sydney soon (June 3 – 25),  and ‘The Crossing’ is also currently featuring as part of Noorderlicht Festival ‘Arena’, Netherlands. In addition to this, her first book ‘Astres Noirs’ (in collaboration with Sarker Protick) is due to be published this June by French publisher Chose Commune, and will be launched at Le Bal (Paris) and Les Rencontres D’Arles Festival in July. Pre-orders can be made at www.chosecommune.com

We’re proud of Pippa’s achievement with the curation of ‘CCP Declares: On The Social Contract’, and excited about Katrin’s work continuing to be in the spotlight of our industry. The PSC community is delighted to work with such exceptional staff who continue to guide and inspire our students everyday.

For more information about learning with us, visit our website