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Alkira College (Cranbourne) Visits PSC for a Photography Workshop

As part of our exciting Secondary School Workshop Program this week we were delighted to welcome studio art and media studies students all the way from Alkira College (Cranbourne). This program is part of PSC’s unique collaboration with schools and industry members in the field of photography.

We believe that igniting the passion of photography begins with giving people opportunities where personal ideas and techniques are explored under the guidance of experts and award winning artists, such as the teachers at PSC.

The workshop with Alkira College began with a tour of our classrooms, exhibition walls, studio and printing facilities, led by the coordinator of communications and students, Carmen Edwards. 




Students had a chance to interact with the exhibited work, observe the way our classes are conducted (both in the creative and technical sense), see our high quality digital labs and take a look at ThePrintShop @ PSC, before venturing into our busy studios.

The second segment of the workshop was then guided by our course director, Daniel Boetker Smith, who gave an introduction to the concepts of personal style and current trends in photography. Opening the minds of students to the world of Instagram photography, he raised their awareness about established and upcoming photographers who have become world-famous on the social network channel, thanks to their strong point of view and distinguished subject matter.



Students were encouraged to learn about and adopt the styles of  inspiring Instagram photographers such as Hans Seeger, mmuseumm and Arto Saari, for the third segment of the workshop. Students explored different areas of the glittering arts and financial district in the heart of the CBD (where PSC is located) to try their hand at Instagram photography using the styles of their chosen photographer.

Image by Francis Donato

Image by Francis Donato

Image by  Yasmin Rose

Image by Yasmin Rose

The Secondary School Workshop provided a glimpse of what our students learn about at PSC. We place importance on photographic techniques as well as professional skills that make our students ideas creators, where they establish their personal voice and learn about how to market their work to the world. The secondary school students who visited us this week were encouraged to partake in conversations with the artists they chose as inspiration, enabling them to share ideas with those who are successful in the field. We are thankful to Alkira College for visiting us and look forward to hosting more workshops with schools in the near future.


For more information about our special Experience Day Workshop, visit our website.

PSC Grad Sarah Lynch Gets Showcased in New York City


If you’re following our Instagram channel, you are probably already blown away by the amazing photographs of New York city, taken by a certain ‘@focus_on_humanity’. Our channel has been taken over by an amazingly prolific graduate of 2013, Sarah Lynch.

After completing her degree, she received the prestigious Heartfelt Award for using photography to make a difference – something that she’s still dedicated to. She began her own not-for-profit organisation, Focus on Humanity, which  is driven towards giving remote communities access to the art and medium of photography. It serves to make portraits for families and individuals, training people to learn the craft so that they can record their own experiences and express their views through the language of photography.

Image from 'Focus on Humanity' website

Image from ‘Focus on Humanity’ website

Recently been offered her own solo exhibition space in the cultural capital of New York in 2018, Sarah’s work is currently being showcased at the Agora Gallery (New York) in an exhibition titled, ‘Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand’. Featuring artists from Oceania, the exhibition’s main focus is Sarah’s ongoing photography series from 2014 where she shot the volcanic landscapes of New Zealand:

‘The series aims to draw the viewers into the otherworldly landscapes; to see the world through an alternative perspective from the one they usually do, with the hope that they will be enchanted by the world and its beauty and something worth saving and fighting for. The images are not the usual environmentalist landscapes that viewers may be used to seeing but it is my hope that if people can become entranced with nature then they may take up the cause to protect it.’

Image by Sarah Lynch

Image by Sarah Lynch

This is a great opportunity for Sarah to get more international recognition for her work, as the Agora Gallery is based in the most prized fine art district of New York and is largely frequented by dealers, collectors and curators. The exhibition will be on till the 9th of June and you can view as well as purchase some of her limited edition prints from the ARTmine page.

Image taken by The Hippy and the Blonde Facebook page

Image taken by The Hippy and the Blonde Facebook page

Aside from her busy exhibition schedule, Sarah also launched an adventure-blog with another PSC graduate, Ruth Perry. You can visit their ‘Hippy and the Blonde’ Facebook page, Instagram channel and blog have a look at their wonderful travels around America!

We’re really happy to hear about our graduates leading such exciting lives and using their photography to inspire and reach out to people across the world. It’s great to know that our graduates are getting the success they deserve in the world of photography.

PSC’s Pippa Milne and Katrin Koenning at CCP Declares: On The Social Contract

Pippa Milne, PSC teacher and curator for the Centre for Contemporary Photography, has curated the upcoming exhibition, CCP Declares exhibition: On The Social Contract, which will be opening at 6pm on Thursday 26th of May. 

Image by Mohini Chandra Untitled from Kikau Street 2015-16, from CCP's website

Image by Mohini Chandra Untitled from Kikau Street 2015-16, from CCP’s website

The exhibition will feature important work by award winning photographers such as Katrin Koenning (PSC teacher), Miriam Charlie, Pilar Mata Dupont, Elvis Richardson, Mohini Chandra, Tom Nicholson and Cherine Fahd. Pippa was inspired by these artists, who create work that looks at how society works and portray their understandings of the various rules of engagement between citizens, the state and the environment. The subject matter is particularly relevant to contemporary society as we feel the contracts and agreements between us stretch and (sometimes) break.

Image by Katrin Koenning from her series, 'The Crossing'

Image by Katrin Koenning from her series, ‘The Crossing’

Katrin’s series ‘The Crossing’ delves into the ‘fractured relationship’ between man and environment. Printed by ThePrintShop @ PSC, Katrin will reveal, for the first time in Melbourne, a first instalment of the larger, long-form work. Following on from her recent exhibition of the work at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney as part of ‘Transfer‘, which also saw her steer a series of educational engagements in collaboration with ACP. Her exhibition here in Melbourne is a much anticipated event.

Images by Katrin Koenning from her series, 'Indefinitely'.

Images by Katrin Koenning from her series, ‘Indefinitely’.

Katrin ‘s work ‘Indefinitely’ is currently featuring in a solo show at The Lost Ones Gallery in Ballarat (re-opening on June 1 – June 19). Her ‘Dear Chris’ series will be on show at Verge Gallery in Sydney soon (June 3 – 25),  and ‘The Crossing’ is also currently featuring as part of Noorderlicht Festival ‘Arena’, Netherlands. In addition to this, her first book ‘Astres Noirs’ (in collaboration with Sarker Protick) is due to be published this June by French publisher Chose Commune, and will be launched at Le Bal (Paris) and Les Rencontres D’Arles Festival in July. Pre-orders can be made at www.chosecommune.com

We’re proud of Pippa’s achievement with the curation of ‘CCP Declares: On The Social Contract’, and excited about Katrin’s work continuing to be in the spotlight of our industry. The PSC community is delighted to work with such exceptional staff who continue to guide and inspire our students everyday.

For more information about learning with us, visit our website

PSC Hosts the International Photography Symposium Masterclass

Symp Masterclass May
Renowned photographers, Yervant, Lindsay Adler, Roberto Valenzuela, Brooke Shaden, Bob and Dawn Davis are in Melbourne to lead the International Photography Symposium, and we’re proud to host the photography masterclass that will be taking place at our studios on the 20th of May.

This event is part our unique approach of interlinking our students’ education with professional contemporary photographic practices of the industry. It is a great opportunity for us to have such high -profile specialists on campus to further enrich our understanding of the craft.


Yervant is an AIPP member and Honorary Fellow of the Master Photographers’ Association of UK, as well as a certified Canon Master of Australia. He was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the WPPI in 2010 and has been celebrated as the most influential wedding photographer of our time. Yervant has also studied with PSC in the past.


Lindsay Adler is a fashion photographer based in New York. She has authored a variety of books on the subjects of studio lighting and portrait photography. Her work has also been printed in magazines such as Marie Claire and Elle.


Brook Shaden is a graduate of Temple University and is in Shutter Magazine‘s list of Top 10 Most Influential Photographers (2014). She has had her photography published more than 65 times in the last seven years.


Member of the Canon Explorers of Light program and international top selling author in wedding photography, Roberto Valenzuela has featured in Cosmopolitan Bride, Rangefinder and Professional Photographers of America magazine. His latest book ‘Picture Perfect Lighting‘ is currently no.1 in Amazon’s new releases within the category of photography lighting.

Bob Dawn Davis

Bob and Dawn Davis are an international wedding photography duo based in Chicago. Apart from being ambassadors for Manfrotto, they are also recipients of Junebug Wedding‘s ‘World’s Best Photographers’ title and members of the Canon Explorers of Light Program.

Being the best specialised institution for Photography in Australia means that we are visited by award winning professional photographers from our international network, year round. Hosting the masterclass of the International Photography Symposium is a wonderful opportunity for our students to build their portfolio with the guidance and feedback of the best in the field. We are also happy to extend our invitation to those outside of the PSC community, to join us in honing their talents in the craft of image making.

Outstanding Results for PSC in National Student Satisfaction Survey!

Photography Studies College achieved outstanding results in the recent undergraduate student survey – the 2015 Student Experience Survey (SES) as part of the national  Quality Indicators  for Learning and Teaching (QILT), undertaken for the government.  This national survey  provides extensive results for the student experience across all Australian  universities and for the first time, in 2015,  included a range of non university institutions. All the results of the survey are available to the public at  www.qilt.edu.au 

PSC students with teacher, Hoda Afshar

PSC students with teacher, Hoda Afshar

An article in today’s Financial Review shines a spotlight on these great achievements revealing that PSC is one of the 2 highest scoring institutions in this national survey, receiving 92% in overall student satisfaction! This is a fantastic result as we didn’t only beat all universities in the overall student satisfaction area but in other survey areas of teaching quality, learner engagement and student support

Check out the article ….

Carmen Reflects upon Her 10 Years of being at PSC

Carmen Edwards

Carmen Edwards

Carmen is PSC’s wonderful communications and students coordinator. She started working at PSC ten years ago this week and has a sea of experiences and memories to reflect on. Carmen is a major pillar of support for students in their academic and life matters, and is also a patron of the work produced at PSC having taken the opportunity to purchase many pieces of work created by students at our exhibitions. Here are some words about her past ten years at the college:

“One of the highlights of working at PSC is the joy of students discovering their passion for photography and excelling in it. To see a student start the course with relatively no photography skills, to push through and gain confidence, to persevere and succeed – it’s such a privilege to share that journey with them. I’ve learnt that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, thanks to working with our part time students. When I see them reaping the rewards of their hard work, it reinforces how important it is to follow your passion and do what you love.

I started at PSC as a temp filling in at reception, within the fortnight I was a full time employee and soon after moved into the front of house supervisor and director’s p.a role. After a vacancy came up with a staff member going on maternity leave, I moved departments into the role of student relations officer. After about 2 years in this position, I was appointed into my current role of communications and students coordinator.

When I started at PSC we were still using analogue processes and darkrooms. I’ve been here during the transition from analogue to digital photography and witnessed the constant evolution at PSC as technology continues to develop. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the successes that the students and college has had, especially in the recent years with the consecutive industry accolades. There has been a growing number of award winning students as we’ve become a nationally recognised success story. My prediction is to watch this space as PSC and our students become an international success story! I’ve met many inspiring people, artists and photographers through PSC and made such wonderful friendships that I now treasure.

I’ve learnt so much from my mentors here, especially my director, and I’ve been able to collect a plethora of fond memories and experiences through all the fun times we’ve had amongst the students and staff. My final comment would be to quote Earl Nightingale – “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” That’s so true!”

Feel free to have a chat with Carmen whenever you’re around our campus. Learn more about part time studies here.

Award Winning Graduates of 2015

Grad Banner Article

During the spellbinding graduation ceremony held at ACMI on the 6th of May, we applauded our students who had made their mark in the field of photography, with our sponsored awards of the evening. Let’s take another look at our winners and thank our sponsors who played a big role in enhancing their future.

Ilford Imaging is a premium image processing and production company that was established in 1879 (U.K) and is one of the ‘earliest adopters of digital imaging technology for photographic and commercial wide format markets’. With technology partners in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Australia, Ilford has won the TIPA award for Best Inkjet Photopaper for two years in a row. Elena D. San Roman (advanced diploma ’15) and Sophie Pigram (bachelor of arts, photography ’15) were the winners of the prestigious award for ‘excellence in art’.

Elena D San Roman with Julie Moss

Elena D San Roman with Julie Moss

Sophie Pigram with Julie Moss

Sophie Pigram with Julie Moss

The next award went to two highly prolific photographers who have seen their work published in numerous commercial magazines. Jessica Hollingsworth (advanced diploma ’15) and Cassandra Tzortzoglou (bachelor of arts, photography ’15) received the award for the ‘excellence in commercial photography major’ award by Sunstudios – the providers of the best lighting and camera equipment in the country. Jessica Hollingsworth and Cassandra Tzortzoglou are worthy of such an amazing award, with their work printed in publications such as Jute Magazine, Fashion Weekly, Archive Collective Magazine, Culture Magazine, MOD and Fashion Journal Magazine.

Jess LaFrankie with Julie Moss

Jess LaFrankie with Julie Moss

Cassandra Tzortzoglou with her Father

Cassandra Tzortzoglou with Andrew Miller from Sunstudios.

Supplying the best products that support our photographers and provide imaging solutions, Borges ImagingBowens and Kayell Australia have been prominent names in the Australian photography industry for the past thirty three to forty years. They are three companies that have always kept their pulse on the latest technologies available for our students.  For ‘excellence in the photojournalism major’ Borges Imaging and Bowens presented the award to Adam Kemp (advanced diploma ’15) and Clare Steele (bachelor of arts, photography ’15) received her award from Kayell Australia. Adam Kemp recently had his folio ‘Skateboarding Culture’ presented as part of an Australian Photographic Gallery series (by Echo Publishing). On the other hand, after having her photobook acquired by the National Library of Australia a few weeks before graduation, Clare Steele is on her way to be a part of PhotoIreland this year for an eventful period.

Adam Kemp with his family

Adam Kemp winner of the Borges Imaging & Bowens award with the team from Borges Imaging

Clare Steele

Clare Steele with Michael Marlborough (Kayell Australia)

Peter Petty played a major role in the development of Neurosurgery in Australia, from the time of his appointments as Assistant Neurosurgeon at both The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Prince Henry’s Hospital in 1967 until January 2010. He was appointed Senior Lecturer in Anatomy at The University of Melbourne in 1962, and was an extraordinary anatomist and teacher.  As with everything he did, he brought both a practicality and intense scientific interest to his teaching.  Fortunately for us – he was also a student here at PSC. In recognition of this passion, his daughters Susie and Liz have established a special graduation award in honour and in memory of their father, after his demise. 2016 marks the last year that we present the ‘Peter Petty Memorial Award’ and the talented recipients of the award were Timothy Allen (advanced diploma ’15) and Lucie McGough (bachelor of arts, photography ’15).

Timothy Allen with Julie Moss

Timothy Allen with Julie Moss

Lucie McGough with her Mother

Lucie McGough with her Mother

This year, we were pleased to have Ian van der Wolde – the chair of the compliance committee of AIPP who also served as the national president for the AIPP- an organisation that ‘advocates for excellence in imaging and is the membership organisation of choice for professional and aspiring image makers’. Ian is in fact, a former graduate of PSC. The AIPP and our college have a long standing relationship with many of our teachers holding AIPP memberships and students who win awards at competitions hosted by them. This year, Mr. Wolde presented Vicki Moritz (advanced diploma ’15) with the award for ‘conceptual excellence and photographic innovation’. Vicki was the 2015 AIPP Australian Student Photographer of the Year in 2015.

Amongst our array of distinguished guests, Reymond Chapman (the partnership sales manager of Adobe Australia) attended our graduation ceremony to present the ‘Adobe Award for determination and creativity in final year’. PSC is thankful to have this award, with our students working entirely on Adobe systems and software to produce their award winning work in college and for the industry, worldwide. Our deserving winner this year was Jordan Madge (bachelor of arts, photography ’15). Jordan wasn’t present to receive the award due to being in Tokyo, Japan for his own exhibition opening ‘Shokai‘. He was also the winner of the Photobook Melbourne Award of 2015.


Reymond Chapman and Daniel Boetker-Smith (Jordan Madge was in absentia)

The wonderful and incredibly influential Sally Brownbill was also present at our event. She is the founder and owner of The Brownbill Effect – the industry’s unique and most comprehensive creative directory for photographers and businesses. Sally Brownbill has been an active course advisory committee member of PSC since 2013 and has an extensive experience in the international filmmaking scene – having worked in the U.K and Europe. She gave the renowned ‘Sally Brownbill Award for great potential in commercial photography’ to Marisa Ho (advanced diploma ’15). Marisa Ho already has a successful string of commercial clients – working on weddings, architecture and for dance companies such as the Australian Ballet.

Marisa Ho and Sally Brownbill

Marisa Ho and Sally Brownbill

Julie Moss also presented a special award from Exetel – ‘Australia’s largest independent internet service provider’. Olivia Mroz (bachelor of arts, photography ’15) won the Exetel award for ‘excellence in reflection and self expression in photography’ – a quality that we hone in our students while they develop projects at PSC. Olivia Mroz has been recognised as one such student who has exemplified her penchant for making her work highly expressive and reflective of her style. She won the Silver Award for AIPP Epson State Awards, Melbourne for her photobook ‘Amelia’ in 2015 and has had her work published in DEW and Y.AMB Magazine in the same year.

Olivia Mroz

Olivia Mroz

The PSC community was glad to have Robert McLaren, from Irwin & McLaren Bookbinders at the ceremony. Robert is the descendant of Jim McLaren, who established ‘James McLaren Pty Ltd’ in 1903. The company offers the finest paper manufacturing and binding services in the country and we are pleased that they play an active part in our students’ journeys. Robert McLaren presented the prestigious award for the ‘excellence in documentary photography’ to Daniel Pockett (advanced diploma ’15) – one of our most successful students, who was selected for an internship with The Age late last year. Daniel was also assigned by Getty Images to cover fun and mayhem on the tennis courts of The Australian Open. He was also a finalist for the AIPP student photographer of the year Gold Award in 2015, where he also received a silver distinction.

Daniel Pockett and Robert McLaren

Daniel Pockett and Robert McLaren

We were also happy to have Debi Mac with us to present the Heartfelt award for using photography to make a difference. Heartfelt is a volunteer organisation of professional photographers from all over Australia and New Zealand dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature births, or have children with serious and terminal illnesses. Ebony Finck (advanced diploma ’15) won this award for her series ‘Juncture’ that was described by GUP Magazine as ‘a meditation on mortality as life comes to a close’.

Ebony Finck

Ebony Finck with Debi Mac

Finally we had two PSC sponsored awards for the evening that recognised our winning students’ potential in professional photography while reflecting on their dedication to learning and creativity at PSC. The PrintShop at PSC Award for ‘commitment to learning’ went to Marie Watt (bachelor of arts, photography ’15) and the overall PSC award for ‘creativity and enterprise’ went to Sarah Maslan (advanced diploma ’15) as well as to Emma McEvoy (bachelor of arts, photography ’15).

Marie Watt with Julie Moss

Marie Watt with Julie Moss

Sarah Maslan with Julie Moss

Sarah Maslan with Julie Moss

Emma McEvoy with Julie Moss

Emma McEvoy with Julie Moss

The graduation ceremony was a success, with our staff and students feeling proud of their accomplishment in the field of photography. Every year PSC increasingly sends out award winning photographers into the industry. We thank our sponsors and look forward to many more years of incredible growth and know that our students are prepared for the exciting and competitive world out there! Their foundation and newfound skills in photography were developed and supported by the Academic Board, members of which have taken continuous care in ensuring the best photographic education provided to students, in Australia.

The PSC Academic Board

The PSC Academic Board

Graduating and Earning Recognition

Exactly a week before graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, emerging photographer/publisher Clare Steele, was in charge of PSC’s very own photobook exhibition stall at the National Gallery of Victoria Art Book fair of 2016. Third year students Sophie Pigram, Olivia Mroz, Sarah Walker, Mac Lawrence, Nathan Larkin and Lucie McGough were involved in selling photobooks – all of which were created and published by them and their fellow classmates.

There were more than 71 stalls during the weekend of April 29 to May 1 – with photobooks made by Nathan Larkin, Olivia Mroz and Clare Steele selected by the National Library of Australia for their permanent collection.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.04.36 PM

Image of Clare Steele at the National Gallery of Victoria, by Daniel Boetker Smith

Clare Steele was excited to be at the event, as she always looks forward to getting feedback from interested audiences who are keen to find out more about the thought processes behind the books. Clare loves being part of the photobook community, thanks to her course at PSC where she was introduced to the particular area of the industry. After publishing her first photobook for her final folio piece last year, she has gone on to publish more work on her own, submitting them to international competitions.

“I very much appreciate the amazing photographers/curators/writers (Katrin Koenning, Hoda Afshar, Pippa Milne, Daniel Boetker-Smith) who have enlightened me and opened my eyes to what photography can be, and given me the rare opportunity to have complete creative freedom to work really hard on my project. Likewise, receiving great feedback and support for that work while also being informed about the difficulties real-world photographers face.”



Clare plans to travel to Ireland and be a part of Photo Ireland – thanks to the industry connections facilitated by teacher Katrin Koenning.

“I’m looking forward to the chance of sharing and talking about my work to those who’ve never seen it before, hearing their different views and interpretations… to travel and open my eyes even more, while always improving my craft and continue to develop photographic series from stories I’m passionate about.”

We are proud of Clare and are excited to see her graduate this Friday, May 6 !

April Highlights at the PrintShop @PSC

April has definitely been an eventful month, with numerous student activities and international competitions taking place. We’ve had our students win major prizes at the AIPP Victorian State Awards, graduate Emma McEvoy’s magical ‘Sand Castles’ exhibition, teacher Katrin Koenning’s showcase at the Australian Centre for Photography, as well as our first ever secondary school collaborative-workshop session! The PrintShop @PSC has been equally if not more busy, with a stream of professional photographers visiting Peter, in order to print their award-worthy photographs. Here’s a snapshot of the happenings at the PrintShop during April, with quotes from Peter’s clients:

Trevor Neal

Image of Trevor Neal's series, 'Interrobang?!' taken by Peter Hatzipavlis

Image of Trevor Neal’s series, ‘Interrobang?!’ taken by Peter Hatzipavlis


‘Interrobang?!’ is an image I took in Berlin last year and forms part of a series called Berlin Walls. I shoot with a FujiFilm X Pro-1these days and whilst it is a great camera it does have its limitations. With Peter’s assistance I was able to put together a limited edition fine art print run which recently sold out.

Journey as a Photographer:

Photography has always been close to me in some way or another. Early introductions came courtesy of my Grandfather, his “box brownie” and the multitude of black and white photographs scattered throughout his makeshift darkroom. As a small boy, that room, the focal point of  a “shed complex” which lay behind a modest regional Australian home, was both a mystery and an intrigue.

Years later, sport had become  the focus of life and I remember my passion for photography being ignited through, what I respectfully call, the “Steffi Graf” years.  It was a time spent exploring the beauty of “black and white” and the perfect sporting image. As life rolled on, I found myself travelling more and more. These experiences seemed to trigger a deeper curiosity about the world; its vastness, beauty and that sense of being. Subsequently, my interpretation of landscape and streetscape photography began to transition from simple travelogue, to a more vigorous pursuit of the photographic art form. As I set about sharpening both my skills and appreciation for this, a different set of questions began to emerge.

Today, the inspiration for my photography comes from an effort to make sense of a world that’s mine, particularly as I continue to navigate the murkiness of midlife. I find myself in awe of those with the courage to confront their vulnerability.  I’m even more admiring of those willing to use this as a foundation for their artistic expression. To me, this requires a great authenticity and has become something to which I aspire. 

I recently heard a renowned photographer say that …good photography begins with having something to say….  I am learning about that. And as the journey evolves, I am hopeful that my images and their intention might touch someone in some way, no matter how small or different that may be.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

I have been using Peter’s services for a couple of years now and can’t recommend him highly enough. I certainly value his knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, however I also think its his kind, helpful approach and responsiveness to any request which sets him apart. Not only do I walk away with a high quality print every time but I always feel like I’ve learnt something along the way!

Website: www.trevornealphotography.com

Serap Osman

Image by Serap Osman

Image by Serap Osman

Image by Serap Osman

Image by Serap Osman


The series featured is called “after hours”. The images were shot on 120mm film using a plastic camera. The film was cross-processed, producing the colours you see in the images attached. All the images were shot on rainy Melbourne winter’s evenings. Hopefully they prove that some beauty can still be found in miserable conditions.

Journey as a Photographer:

For as long as I can remember I was always fascinated by photography. I vividly remember my Dad’s Pentax KX camera and saving up my pocket money for my first camera when I was 10 years old. After high school, I did a degree in media in Turkey and continued to learn more about photography, including black & white processing and printing.

I then arrived in Australia and completed the BA Photography degree course at RMIT. The period in which I studied at RMIT mean I had to shoot film during the first 2 years of the program and could also shoot digital images in the final year. The course opened my eyes to the possibilities to combine film and digital technologies and also taught me to respect both formats. 13 years on, I still love shooting both film and digital images and sometimes combine the two.

 It took me years to realise that my work was fine art and not necessarily commercial. The biggest change in my photography has been embracing that notion and exploring my ideas to their conclusion. I am looking forward to expanding on m knowledge, technique and ideas as the years go on.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

I was first introduced to Peter, and the PrintShop, back in 2015. Fellow Photographer Cameron Clarke and I were preparing for an exhibition as part of the stills co-op. Peter helped me prepare my exhibition images for print and since then I have never looked back. It has been a pleasure to work with Peter through the scanning and printing process. I have grown to respect his opinion and listen to his thoughts given his experience in producing fine art prints.

Website: www.seraposman.com.au

Julian Dolman


Image by Julian Dolman

Image by Julian Dolman

Image by Julian Dolman


These two images are taken from a series captured over a 3 week road trip across America in 2014. They were taken as personal work but closely followed the narrative of a book being authored by a friend with the ideas firmly rooted around the idea of freedom. Shot on 35mm film using a Contax G1 the colour image was shot on our way out of New York into Pennsylvania by train, the second image which for my eye is the quintessential America road shot was taken from the window of a Mustang while driving from San Francisco down to LA. The plan is to go back next year following a different route and capture on a medium format digital rig to allow further expansion of the printing process.

Journey as a Photographer:

I fell in love with Photography as a child, hugely fascinated by being able to capture images so closely resembling how they looked in real life. My studies were completed at NMIT back in 2003 where I was primarily interested in Landscapes but as the studies came to a close I had caught the portrait bug and I have spent the last 15 or so years photographing Actors. Looking back I feel strongly that the studies taught me how to use a camera creatively and that through going out into the world and working I have slowly learned how to be a photographer and run a photography business.These days I run the Headshot business from my East Brunswick Studio and it affords me the luxury to travel and photograph on the street which just takes me back to taking pictures for love not money which is a great feeling to get back.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

Put simply the experience of working with Peter has been hugely inspiring and his work and passion for what he does I believe is unmatched in Melbourne. Peter takes great care and immense skill to bring images to life as prints, and in a digital world where printing your work can become such a rare treat, this just makes you fall in love with photography all over again.

Website: www.headshotphotographer.com.au

Jessica Ledwich

Image of Jessica Ledwich and her work, taken by Peter Hartzipavlis

Image of Jessica Ledwich and her work, taken by Peter Hartzipavlis


The Golden Bird explores western cultures obsession with material goods and the absurdity of what we choose to assign value to. A desiccated bird, undesirable in its true form is transformed into an object of beauty and desire.

Journey as a Photographer:

When I look at my early work I can clearly see the influence of the photographers I admired.  I think the biggest development in my photographic practice has been the refinement of my own visual language and style. Through continually shooting and experimenting I have developed a language and style that best expresses my concepts. This is still developing but I can now see a ‘voice’ in my work that wasn’t there in the beginning. This is a natural journey that all photographers have, and continue to have until they put down the camera.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

The reason why I choose Peter at the PSC Print shop is because of his expertise and experience with all aspects of the photographic print. He brings his technical knowledge and creative insights into the process so I can make the most out of my images. My work is often difficult to resolve within a print context due to the aesthetic devices I employ, but Peter understands the communicative potential of the photographic print and because of that I completely trust the outcome of my prints in his hands.

Website: www.jessicaledwich.com

Vicki Bell

Image of Peter Hatzipavlis at work, by Vicki Bell

Image of Peter Hatzipavlis at work, by Vicki Bell


I have a great passion for people and family life so this commission was creating a wall collection for a client I have photographed for many years . This was a home shoot in the client’s newly built  home and they wanted to create a feature in the hallway to celebrate their young family and their new chapter. 

Journey as a Photographer:

The best part of being a photographer over 20 years is being apart of the evolution and revolution. Beginning form the darkroom film days was a great starting block. I have loved the challenge of learning new technology and embracing the possibilities of image making in the digital era. The business of photography has definitely been the biggest change because it is so accessible to the masses; this has been the biggest challenge to remain competitive in the market as a portrait photographer. Again establishing good relationships with clients, making good first impressions and having integrity is key in the longevity of any business.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: ‘

f there’s one thing I have learnt in all my years as a photographer is the importance of establishing strong relationships with industry partners that you can trust and rely; I have certainly found that with Peter. He provides great service and quality but most of all he can finesse my file so it translates perfectly on the right paper for the image. Knowing that Peter is also a photographer with years of experience and a passion for the craft of printing means my work is in excellent hands.

Website: http://vickibellphotography.com.au/

April has been such an inspiring month at the PrintShop. We encourage readers and students to visit the PrintShop to learn as much as they can from Peter. We thank the photographers who gave their time to tell us about their stories and can’t wait for the chance to see their work exhibited in the near future! Thank you for the update, Peter – we look forward to the month of May.

Stella Nguyen on the Process of Building a Folio

Stella Nguyen, part time student at PSC and full time secondary teacher, won two silver awards at the AIPP Victorian State Awards. Currently running her own portrait photography business in addition to her other commitments, Stella was kind to give us a walk through her process of getting work AIPP-ready!

'Be Here with Me' - Image by Stella Nguyen

‘Be Here with Me’ – Image by Stella Nguyen

By Stella Nguyen:

Image selection
•My first selection was based on support from Craig Wetjen, fellow students at PSC, Instagram and friend likes and my personal favourites. The second stage of selection was based on those favoured or struck curiosity from judges at the AIPP AN INSIGHT INTO CREATING AWARD IMAGES & CRITIQUE NIGHT. •The third was combining both work I loved and what I thought might be unique enough for the judges.

Freak out and set a goal
Being second year I was intimidated by the judges and other photographers at the AIPP Info night. The work was amazing and I was in awe. Freaking out was good for me as it provided a challenge and pushed me to drive myself further. In short ‘I felt the fear and did it anyway’ with the goal and hope of achieving one silver.

I looked at past winners from AIPP to get a further understanding of what AIPP Judges would look for, of favoured ‘styles’ and also what images have been ‘done’ so I can consider my point of difference.

'The Mist' - Image by Stella Nguyen

‘The Mist’ – Image by Stella Nguyen

Test print
Test printing and refining were key as well as seeking feedback and advice. I test printed:
•- For paper selection
•- For different combinations (tri-typch)
•- To re-evaluate pretty ordinary first few prints and test print again

Working with Peter
Peter has a good eye and knows his paper stocks well so when I knew something wasn’t right with my prints Peter could pin point what the issues were and share his knowledge of how to edit for specific papers and his knowledge of AIPP and their expectations. Peter was a great guide to tell me when I went too far or need to go further. It built a great learning curve for me to edit for print.

Let go
At some point I think I had to realise that I had to let go and leave the print alone, there was no more at that stage that I could see or do within my knowledge of printing at that time.


To follow Stella’s photography on Instagram check out @wide_eyed_stella  – also read more about learning photography with us part time, here.