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Profiles of Our March Image Makers Seminar 2016

Image Makers March Wordspress Banner

For our monthly Image Makers Seminar we have an interesting panel discussion set up for the 17th of March 6pm at our campus. Following the theme of the ‘Future of Photography’, we have a second installation to Jonathan Shaw’s ‘NewFotoScapes’ seminar that took place last month. This time five veteran photographers will be giving their views on what the medium and profession of photography will be like in the years to come. Here’s a quick guide to our wonderful guest speakers:

Bill Bachman:

Bill Bachman

Introducing the panel discussion, Bill Bachman is one of the most well-sought after photojournalism teachers at PSC. With a rich career of his own, Bill is s one of Australian Geographic’s most prolific freelance contributors, having photographed more than 25 major features between 1986 and 2010. He is the author of Off the Road Again, Animal Vegetable Mineral, Special Delivery: Aussie mailboxes & other roadside attractions, The Murray River and Local Colour. His work has been widely exhibited and is held in numerous corporate and gallery collections, and in the print collection of the National Library of Australia. Bill has photographed five Winter Olympic Games, and has extensive experience in the film and television industries as a still photographer.

Michael Rayner:
Touted as one of the most influential figures in news editorial photography to many staff members at PSC, Michael Rayner started working with renowned publications such as The Age (in 1968) and Fairfax media – leading the press photography circuit as the official photographer of the Brisbane Commonwealth Games, the Sydney Olympic Games and then the Cricket World Cup in Pakistan, India and Australia. Michael has also traveled to Northern Iraq, where he covered the story of refugees and landmine victims. He has published his work in books such as ‘Ticket to Ride’, ‘Caribbean Odyssey’ and ‘Contact Renewed: Australia versus the new South Africa’.

John Swainston:

John Swainston is currently the Director of ‘Watsonville’ is a business consulting company focused on developing skill-sets in management teams, and strategy development, as well as communication skills enhancement. The company has an extensive network reaching out to Australia, North America, Europe and Japan. He previously led Maxwell International Australia; a major photo-imaging brand that marketed and offered technical assistance for imaging equipment. John’s career in photographic equipment distribution spanned 44 years, first in the UK and the US, then in Australia, where he spent 27 years as national distributor for Nikon, and nine years for Lowepro. He has basically seen it all, from film to digital and Super 8 to hi-speed video shot on an iPhone. He was Deputy Chair of the Australian Centre for Photography from 2002-2005 and presented the Australian Press Photography Awards for 19 years. John is also a passionate photographer and is currently writing a book about Australian photographers scheduled for publication in 2016.

Emily Rayner:


Emily Rayner is the group content director of FairFax Digital. Overseeing the company’s two popular publications (The Weekly Review and Domain), Emily has over 20 years of experience in content and marketing strategies, previously working with BBC, Optus, AOL and Orange.  Well versed in digital marketing, Emily’s expertise in digital content, branding and social media strategy has been extremely important in getting the work of photographers seen by the wider public.

Keith Shipton:


Keith Shipton is the chief editor and publisher at Photo Counter the online industry publication of record for Australia and New Zealand, as well as ProCounter, for Australian professional photographers. The news portal aims to inform and educate its readership with timely, independent, and relevant local and international content that offers insights into new photographic technology, trends and industry events. A veteran of the photographic business who takes the occasional picture, in the 1980s Keith Shipton was also the editor of Australian Photography and the pro magazine that is now titledCapture. He then spent 12 years at Kodak as manager of Corporate Affairs for Australia and Asia Pacific. He now publishes PhotoCounter, the online industry publication of record for Australia and New Zealand, as well as ProCounter, for Australian professional photographers. He also contributes freelance articles on photography and photographers to a variety of publications.

Will Shipton:

Will Shipton is is an editor and journalist who specialises in the photographic industry. He is editor of ProCounter, a website and online newsletter for Australian professional photographers and aspiring pros. He is also a regular contributor to Photo Review Magazine. Will has a BA (Distinction) in journalism from Deakin University and is a keen enthusiast photographer.

We look forward to seeing our guest speakers and attendees for the event. You can be a part of our event live, by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

PSC’s Women Photographers at Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

thumb__DSC3206_1024 copy

The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre is a haven of organisations and groups dedicated to empowering and helping women in all walks of life. From arranging emotional support to getting political and professional networks in place for supporting causes, the centre has worked on all fronts to build a stronger community of women in Melbourne. Having graduates and students exhibit their work in such an important centre is therefore a great achievement. Selected by Julie Wajs, each series reflects some aspect of womanhood, spanning over generations.

PSC teacher/curator Julie Wajs with PSC students Margaret Lim and Cassandra Tzortzoglou

PSC teacher/curator Julie Wajs with PSC students Margaret Lim and Cassandra Tzortzoglou

Patricia Saca, the venues coordinator for the centre was pleased to see the public’s reception of work that went up last week. According to her, the strength of the exhibition lies in the variety of styles in photographs that are already drawing widespread appreciation from those who pass through the corridors. Encouraging an open-policy approach to circulating fresh artwork by emerging artists, Patricia never places restrictions on the nature of work, often refusing to take down images even when the most seldom of complaints are expressed. She is proud to promote and support such spectacular talent from PSC.

QVWC venues coordinator, Patricia Saca and Margaret Lim

QVWC venues coordinator, Patricia Saca and Margaret Lim

Margaret Lim:

Margaret Lim with her Family

Margaret Lim with her Family

Margret Lim has one of the largest installations at the exhibition. Using materials and objects from Op-Shops around Melbourne, she created a series that signifies the dynamic nature of women. According to her, women reinvent themselves continuously throughout their lives and build upon their understanding and wisdom of the world and themselves, with time.

 Cassandra Tzortzoglou:

Cassandra Tzortzolgou with her work

Cassandra Tzortzolgou with her work

Cassandra Tzortzolgou on the other hand, takes us on a path that is mysterious and focused on elements of nature. Inspired by Greek mythology and tales revolving around bees and the symbolism of honey for her series Natural Phenomena, Cassandra exhibits the second part of the series with the ‘complex relationship between man and nature’.

 Elma Gradascevic:

 Elma Gradascevic with her work

Elma Gradascevic with her work

Elma Gradascevic constructed a project based on how technology can overpower or diminish the innate nature of women. She believes that ‘our natural world is largely disappearing from our daily lives, but its symbolism in cultural motifs demonstrate how integral it is to our internal and creative selves.’ She uses feathers to represent hope.

Elena D San Roman:

By Elena D San Roman

By Elena D San Roman


by Elena D San Roman


Elena D San Roman based her series ”Point of Entry’ on ‘the experience of remembering’. From her artist’s statement she expresses: ‘I’m exploring the process of recall, accessing a memory and the transformation that comes from reliving an experience of childhood trauma.No matter how much time passes, the fear and anxiety that comes from trauma is always present, it hides in the shadows, haunting you every day. Ugly images flash before your eyes when you least expect it, making you question what is real and what is not.’

Allison Rose:

by Allison Rose

by Allison Rose

Allison 2

By Allison Rose

Allison Rose creates a vibrant series that ‘explores the contradictions of a readymade life from conception to birth – futuristic, convenient, mass-produced and fast.’ Each piece of artwork conveys a message about how the basic human need to create is now so ‘automated’ and often described in a language that mirrors the process of manufacturing.  Objects used in her work represent ‘a part of the cycle of creation’ and have been captured by x-ray machines.

Emma McEvoy:

Copyrighted, Emma McEvoy

Copyrighted, Emma McEvoy

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.35.56 PM

Copyrighted, Emma McEvoy

From a section of Emma McEvoy’ artist statement, we can definitely note how she deals with metaphor in her photography language: ‘(This is) a series which embraces the hues of authenticity via femininity and nakedness, and the water’s symbolic ebb and flow, through the thought-provoking palette of photography. Each photograph attempts to surface the fear of fragility. Bare skin emerging from a body of water – canvasing a reflection of Mother Nature, and sculpting a refuge for surrender: a place where vulnerability enfolds.’

Sophie Pigram:

Photograph of Sophie Pigram taken by Cassandra Tzortzolgou

Photograph of Sophie Pigram taken by Cassandra Tzortzolgou

Aesthetically driven and inspired by the physical molecular basis of memory itself captured by The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in early 2014, Blank Spaces is an exploration into the abstract realm of memory. Through self portraiture and object the work creates a physical representation of  the physiological workings of the mind, focusing on retained and recollective thought that have been confabulated over time and its effect on the subconscious. [From Sophie Pigram’s website].

Claire Blankendaal:

Images by Claire Blankendaal

Images by Claire Blankendaal

‘The Autonomous is a series of photographs born from a conceptual idea of self and what it means to be a female artist in Australia engaging with feminist issues in 2015. Approaching my camera like I would a diary and allocating time and space to each entry, I use methods of automatism, ritual, endurance and the performative body. In these I have found my position in the discussion—freedom of choice, celebration of differences and above all personal autonomy, these are the scaffold that structure my outlook and actions. By stripping back pre-conceived notions of femininity and being conscious in my influences and environment I have found freedom. In the act of creation and immersing myself in my practice, in these moments I am completely autonomous.’

Sarah Maslan:

Sarah Maslan with her work and Elma Gradascevic

Sarah Maslan with her work and Elma Gradascevic

‘The idea that people from different parts of the world, with completely different cultures, religions and life experiences can share the same dream is fascinating. In fact, some psychologists believe that our shared dream experiences serve to connect us as a human race. We can find meaning in everything. Even the everyday shapes and symbols that repeat in nature, and our world around us, can convey a message. When we dream, the conscious reality of today disappears and all that existed beyond the bounds is brought forward so time seems to be just a notion that slowly fades, leaving the past and the present intertwined. Herein resides our true awareness.’


PSC is proud of these students who come from a range of the course we provide (Bachelor of Photography, Advanced Diploma and Part Time cohorts). It is wonderful to see such talents come together and their work to reflect something so meaningful.

We will be updating this page soon with statements from other artists of PSC who are exhibiting. It would be great for you to come by and see the exhibition during March. If you’d like to exhibit your work at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, feel free to contact them.

Conceptualising a Women’s Day Exhibition with Julie Wajs

Teacher and head curator at PSC, Julie Wajs takes a fresh approach to curating an exhibition for one of the most important days of the year. For our ‘Women in Photography’ focus this month, she gives us an insight into the care taken to organise ‘Our Stories… Our Vision…’ . This is a celebration of International Women’s Day with works selected by PSC’s talented pool of female photographers. These are currently being exhibited at the Queen Victoria Women’s centre.

Here are Julie’s thoughts about the event and her approach to curating the exhibition:

For International Women’s Day our exhibition at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre had to be a selection of work by our female students across different majors of the college. It’s always good to have a bit of a mix in the scheme of things stylistically, especially in such a public space that has a historical aspect to it. We were very conscious of the fact that the centre supports women in all areas of life; both politically and emotionally, and the work chosen for this had to be reflective of that. There’s always a sense of responsibility when putting any exhibition together – you definitely have to be sensitive to the space you’re in.

By Elena D San Roman

By Elena D San Roman

Selecting some of the bigger pieces of work by students and graduates, the subject matter in each series deals with personal, political and fashion-related issues in some way, mirroring the perspective of women.

Margaret Lim

By Margaret Lim

What makes this exhibition interesting is the fact that it ranges across students who study full time and part time at PSC, which means that we are looking at work produced by a cross section of different generations. It’s a great way to see how a wide age group approaches certain topics differently, or sometimes in very similar ways.

By Emma McEvoy

By Emma McEvoy

I hope those who come to the exhibition are provoked into engaging with the work and having an opinion about them. It’s important for us to get people to think about some of the aspects that these photographs are touching upon.

To be a part of the exhibition, visit the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre on 210 Lonsdale Street, on 9th March at 6pm.  You can hear more about Julie’s process of curating here

Antonia Hempel Inspires Artists at St. Kilda Town Hall

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.42.57 pm
Antonia Hempel graduated with a Bachelor of Photography at PSC in June 2015. Barely a year later, she has been given the opportunity to have her work showcased at the very prestigious exhibition space for national artists; The Gallery (St. Kilda Town Hall).
Antonia Hempel spent three years hiking and kayaking her way to remote bodies of water, in Australia and overseas, for her exhibition “Renewal”. The series was developed while Antonia was at PSC, allowing her to receive guidance from her tutors who helped finesse her vision with this particular piece of work . The stunning video and photographic images she captured of these little- visited locations are accompanied by the recorded sounds of running water and pristine tones of a crystal Tibetan singing bowl.
Antonia on location

Antonia Hempel

Antonia uses water as a symbol of the connectivity of all living things as well as a tool for exploring a meditative calming response.
“Water is the connector of life, the common denominator that weaves all living things together. As it is a powerful symbol of connectivity, water is a perfect tool for exploring a meditative, calming response. My inspiration comes directly from nature and my love for the land. I hope my work will encourage people to celebrate and bond with nature and feel peaceful, even if just for a short time.”
– Antonia Hempel

Antonia worked closely with sound healer Ami Hasson, who used a singing bowl and Native American medicine drum to produce the distinctive soundtrack. Her husband, Gaston Freddi, accompanied her on location to record the sound of water and contributed original compositions to the soundtrack.

‘Renewal’ can be viewed at The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, from 6 January – 3 February, with an official opening at 6pm on Thursday, 14 January.

Antonia on location_2

Antonia Hempel on Location while shooting ‘Renewal’.


Antonia lives and works as a practicing photographer in Melbourne, she works in a variety of other mediums including video and painting. Her works are a response to capturing the beauty of the natural environment. Shooting entirely in remote and sometimes inaccessible locations that are largely untouched by human intervention. She shot Renewal over a period of three years filming and photographing bodies of water around Australia and Overseas. All of her photographs were printed by Peter Hatzipavlis at ThePrintShop @ PSC.

Highlights from the Thirty One exhibition

The Thirty One Exhibition opening night on Thursday 17 December at the OKLA Gallery was the highlight of the year for the graduating Bachelor students. A wonderful evening was had by all, filled with good cheer and celebration.

After much dedication and hard work throughout the year, it is so rewarding to finally see their finished images on display. The diversity of work was a testament to the focus of the students in exploring their own creative paths as they focussed on their chosen specialisations – Photojournalism, Art and Commercial photography.

Emily Tucci

Emily Tucci with her work

Emily Tucci, one of the exhibiting students, agreed saying “It’s been a really good experience being able to collaborate as an entire group on this project. Usually group exhibitions are much smaller so having 30 photographers involved has been really different and a lot of fun to have everyone all together mixing the specialisations.”

We also had the opportunity to chat to Jordan Madge and Piers Fitton about their work and experiences this year.

Jordan Madge

Jordan Madge with his work

“It’s amazing to be finished the Bachelor course and to have been part of this exhibition. For me it wasn’t just about photography in terms of learning, there were a lot of other different steps along the way.  There’s personal growth and friendships and its the way you think as well because its not necessarily just taking photos, its the way you look at everything in life now.” – Jordan Madge

Piers Fitton

Piers Fitton with his work

Piers Fitton – “This year I did something that I really wanted to do, it wasn’t just part of an assignment, it was my own path to explore and build my creative ideas further.  I’m really happy because I have accomplished what I set out do.”


Laura Scholfield

Laura Scholfield with her work

“Studying at PSC has been the best 3 years of my life and the friendships I’ve made are friends for life.  The last three weeks without PSC have actually been so boring and I miss it so much every day … but it is an amazing feeling to be finished and i’m really excited about what the future holds.” – Laura Scholfield

If you missed the exhibition at OKLA Gallery @The Compound Interest then you can still see the work on show here at the PSC End of Year Exhibition and pick up a copy of the exhibition catalogue.  The exhibition is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm from 4 January at PSC, 65 City Road, Southbank.

PSC Staff

PSC staff (Left to Right): Carmen Edwards, Communications & Students; Daniel Boetker-Smith, Bachelor Course Director; Jim Davidson, Chair PSC Governing Council; Katrin Koenning, Photojournalism Major teacher; Julie Moss, Managing Director; Melina Rookes, Communications & Students

Congratulations to all of the students involved and also to the staff and teachers that have supported them on their journey.


Raquel Betiz with her work




Wins for PSC at CCP Salon 2015!

The PSC campus is abuzz with the wonderful news of our two students Lucie McGough and Elli Bardas winning awards at the CCP Salon 2015.  Celebrating 23 years of Australian contemporary photography, the exhibition had 29 categories of awards with a large number of photographers from all over the country who were nominated.

CCP 2015

CCP 2015

The panel of judges comprised of Arlo Mountford, Katrina Sedgwick (Director of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Pippa Milne (CCP Curator) and Naomi Cass (CCP Director). They unanimously selected Lucie for the Best Fashion Work award and Elli for the ‘Sun Studios Excellence in Colour’ Award.

Lucie McGough's Image (Best Fashion Work Award Winner)

Image: Lucie McGough

Image: Elli Bardas

Image: Elli Bardas

We also want to congratulate our PSC PrintShop external customers who took out awards at the CCP Salon: Frances Valentine for ‘Adobe Most Conceptual Use of Digital Media’, Matt Portch for ‘JCP Studios and Fini Frames Best Landscape’ and Agata Mayes for ‘Kayell Best Commercial Work’.

Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Matt Portch

Image: Matt Portch

PSC PrintShop’s Peter Hatzipavlis played a crucial role in the development of these award winning images, providing his high level of expertise as our prime print specialist.

We are happy about the high quality and standard we see in our students’ work and feel proud of their achievements, especially when their talents and levels of dedication are recognised by the wider industry. The CCP Salon was a wonderful opportunity for PSC students to network and receive great exposure. So many of them participated and exhibited their work, paving the way for a bright career in photography ahead.

CCP Salon 2015

CCP Salon 2015

As in previous CCP Salons, PSC was proud to sponsor the Best Fashion Work Prize, as leading providers in photography education. With our highly acclaimed staff of teachers, printing specialists and studio managers, our prominent role in the Australian photography industry allows us to open opportunities for those who are passionate about the craft. It’s great to see the skills that our students are learning in class, presented in their unique, award-worthy work.

We were honoured to be a part of the CCP Salon 2015 and look forward to getting involved again, next year!

The Excitement of Fresh 15

PSC’s Fresh 15 exhibition launch on 20th November proved to be a successful event, as 13 of our Advanced Diploma art major students felt proud to see their hard work presented in such a magnificent manner.


Image: Benjamin Pedrochi


The group of students (now rightfully deemed as distinguished emerging artists in the photography industry) comprised of Sean Meaney, Ebony Finck, Elena D San Roman, Elma Gradascevic, Gabriella Cigana, Jonathan Carmichael, Joanne Creedon, Lachie Hill, Lloyd Pereira, Sarah Maslankiewiczs, Todd Hunter, Vicki Moritz.

Fresh 15 marks an incredible achievement for our Advanced Diploma students (2015). Here are a few thoughts from the evening:

“The exhibition is a tribute to the hard work of the students. It is a result of their dedication and the culmination of the staff’s contribution towards honing their talents. The Fresh 15 students have passed on their gift of creativity to all those who visit the exhibition.”  – Julie Moss (Managing Director, PSC)


Image: Benjamin Pedrochi


Students were grateful for the support and encouragement they received from their teacher, Sarina Lirosi.  Lloyd Pereira (one of the exhibiting students) spoke about the remarkable efforts of Sarina, who played a major role in the journey of our students.

“Sarina inherited a group of diverse individuals and we all had our own little ideas. We didn’t know what was going to happen with them. She helped us to develop our ideas and ambitions, protecting it each step of the way. Whenever we had technical issues, or when life got in the way, she helped us through them.  We’ve learnt so much creativity over the course of this year.”- Lloyd Pereira

Lloyd Pereira at Fresh 15 Opening

Lloyd Pereira at Fresh 15 Opening. Image: Daniel Pockett

“It’s great to see the work of my students exhibited. They’re incredibly passionate about what they do. Fresh 15 is a celebration of that. It was important for me to let my students define their own style. I did push them along the way, but I also took a step back to let them discover who they were as artists. The diversity in the work exhibited at Fresh 15 is testament to their individuality.” – Sarina Lirosi

Sarina Lirosi

Sarina Lirosi. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

Students felt a sense of fulfilment knowing that the journey of being at PSC allowed their work to be realised by the outside world.

The Fresh 15 Group

The Fresh 15 Group. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

The Fresh 15 exhibition will be open from November 21 – December 6, Wednesday to Sunday (12 – 5pm). Come by for some inspiration and a chance to meet PSC graduates.


A Fantastic Opportunity with FORMAT’s Louise Clements at PSC!

In the midst of our end of year presentations and exhibitions, PSC has added an exciting element to the journey of our students as they embark upon a new chapter. Louise Clements, the co-founder / curator of FORMAT Festival is coming to town for our next Image Makers Seminar on the 27th of November. All tickets are free, but you are required to book your seat by going to our Eventbrite Page. In addition to this, we will be giving our students, alumni and guests a chance to get their folios reviewed by her!

Louise Clements at FORMAT 2014 Portfolio Review

Louise Clements at FORMAT 2014 Portfolio Review


Louise’s folio reviews will be taking place on Tuesday 24th – Wednesday 25th of November from 10am-5pm. We are offering portfolio reviews (30 mins each) to current students, alumni – and as a special treat we are offering THREE free review sessions to photographers from outside the PSC community. Unfortunately, not all students, alumni, & guests who contact us are guaranteed a spot. You may nominate a preferred time but it will not be possible to give everyone their preferred time.

Current Students: If you are a current student at PSC, to book a critique session please contact the Course Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith – dboetkersmith@psc.edu.au

Alumni: If you are member our alumni – please send a URL or 10 small jpgs of your best work with a 50-word statement about yourself and your work to the Course Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith – dboetkersmith@psc.edu.au by Friday the 20th of November.

 Non-PSC: If you are a photographer from outside the PSC community who would like to apply for one of the THREE external reviews– please send a URL or 10 small jpgs of your best work with a 50-word statement about yourself and your work to the Course Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith – dboetkersmith@psc.edu.au by Friday the 20th of November.

Louise Clements curating the exhibition for WYNG

Louise Clements curating the exhibition for WYNG


More about Louise:

Most of you would probably know that FORMAT is UK’s leading festival of contemporary photography that usually welcomes 100,000 participants from all over the world. Getting your work reviewed by Louise is therefore a really big deal and we’re so excited for our students to get this sort of exposure.

Louise Clements is an iconic figure in the photography industry, thanks to years of curating high profile programmes such as Common Purpose, Contemporary Art Society and Midland Band. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art (Bretton University of Arts, 1998) and a MA in Curating (Manchester University, 2001) Louise worked as a freelance curator and writer, setting up a collective by the name of ArtX and curatied exhibitions for Kaunas Photofestival in Lithuania, as well ‘BlowUp’ in New Delhi. Her work has been published by COOP INDIGO (Germany), Fotografia (Poland), Troika Editions, just to name a few. She has been the juror for the Daylight Magazine Award (USA), LensCulture New Photographic Portrait Award (Paris) and the WYNG Masters Award Project (Hong Kong).

Louise currently leads QUAD (centre for contemporary art and film) as an artistic director since 2012. ‘The European Review of Photography’ listed her as one of the world’s top 40 creatives, which makes the opportunity to meet her all the more exciting!

Headquarters of QUAD, Derby (UK)

Headquarters of QUAD, Derby (UK)

PSC is an award-winning college that is officially deemed by Canon AIPP as the best photography institute in Australia. We are a leader in the photography community and feel proud to open our doors to famous names in the field, as well as those who wish to be a part of the PSC experience! At PSC we pride ourselves over our real world industry exposure we give our students. Stay tuned to our social media channels for regular updates.

PSC’s 10th Image Makers Seminar with Jean McAuslan

Photography Studies College
65 City Road
Friday 13th November 2015 
6:00 – 7:30pm 

For our next Image Makers Seminar we’re taking a journey into a chapter of Australian history. With the guidance of Jean McAuslan, manager of exhibitions and collections at the Shrine of Remembrance, we will learn about the role of Indigenous Australians in the defence of our nation.

Microsoft Word - Jean McAuslan.docx‘Indigenous Australians at War from the Boer War to the Present’ is a travelling exhibition that highlights the tenacity and courage of Indigenous Australians in the armed forces, while revealing the  untold stories of the many Indigenous lives involved. Jean will discuss her efforts in curating the exhibition and the lessons learnt from the vast and insightful project.

We welcome all students, staff and guests to our Image Makers Seminar and urge you to quickly book your places for this event. Although it is free, we do have limited seats, so visit our EventBrite link and register your attendance. 

CCP Salon 2015 is Accepting Entries Now!

PSC and the Print Shop are delighted to yet again sponsor the fashion prize for the CCP summer Salon.

The Centre for Contemporary Photography (one of Australia’s leading exhibition venues for photography) is hosting the biggest open-entry competition and exhibition for the CCP Salon 2015. Presented by Leica and Ilford, this event is celebrating its 23rd anniversary with promises of a huge  turnout. Calling out across Australia for submissions in photo media, entrants stand a chance to win awards worth up to $20,000 for over 29 categories and have their worked exhibited in a high-profile gallery.  Previous years have seen the CCP gallery flooded with spectators and participants alike on opening night, with visitors keen to take part in the bestowing of votes for the Crumpler People’s Choice award.

The Photography Studies College Best Fashion Work award, is particularly prestigious as winners receive $750 worth of printing services and consultation at the PSC Printshop. We look forward to hearing the winners announced and encourage our wonderfully talented students to partake in one of the biggest exhibition events of the year!


Details for the CCP Salon:

Exhibition Dates:
Friday 27 November—Saturday 19 December 2015

Entries Close : Friday 6 November 2015, 6pm

Artwork to be delivered to CCP, printed and ready to install:
Thursday 19 and Friday 20 November 2015 between 9am—5:30pm

Exhibition opening and announcement of prize winners: 
Thursday 26 November 2015 6—8pm (exhibition opening) Wednesday 2 December 2015 (CCP online)

Entry Fees:

Student card holders / CCP members – $35 per entry
CCP non-members – $65 per entry
(Limit of six entries per artist)

Additionally, the CCP Salon will be running an Instagram competition where Instagrammers will be encouraged to upload posts that respond to one-word  theme prompts, including #diyccpsalon with each image. Follow @ccp_australia and @leica_australia to take part in this.