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Feature Friday; Kadek Thatcher

For Friday August 4th, we are featuring final year Advanced Diploma Photojournalist major Kadek Thatcher. How did you get into photography? Well I originally wanted to be an actress but mum told me I wasn’t going to step out of high school and be in Hollywood, so I picked up the camera in year 10 and […]

Feature Friday: Kayla De Saint Aromain

Friday July 28th is featuring Advanced Diploma of Photography student Kayla De Saint Aromain. What got you started in Photography?   I got started early high school after participating in an end-of-year activity where I quickly fell in love! When you started at PSC, did you have an idea of the kind of photographer you want to […]

Feature Friday: Noah Thompson

The July 21st Feature Friday is a quick insight of second year bachelor student Noah Thompson. Earlier this year Noah was a finalist in the National portrait prize, he was involved in an exhibition at the Melbourne Immigration Museum titled “They Cannot Take The Sky” which was made into a book. Noah was also successful […]

Feature Friday; Natalie Renee Vicari

Today, July 14th, we are featuring second year bachelor student Natalie Renee Vicari. What got you started in photography? I had always really liked photography over other artistic mediums, but I didn’t get started photographing until I was 18 and got given my cousin’s old camera for my 18th. When you started at PSC, did […]

Feature Friday: Project 17

This July 7th Friday Feature is the introduction to Project 17; a collective of part-time bachelor students.   Where did you come up with the name ‘Project 17’? Why did you decide to form this group? The ‘Project 17’ collective was created in Summer 2016 by the Part-time Bachelor students from PSC for their first […]

Friday Feature; Shannon Ogrizek

Today we catch up with level 5 Advanced Diploma of Photography student Shannon Ogrizek   What got you started in photography? I love taking photos and wanted to learn how some of the famous photographers created their photos, but also I wanted to do it because there are endless possibilities and ideas on how to […]

Feature Friday; Anthony Mayze

The Australian Professional Photography Awards are coming up, which means our students are now preparing their state award-winning images for the national competition. One such student is Anthony Mayze who studies the Advanced Diploma of Photography. Now with an incredible achievement of three silver awards, Anthony sat down to have a quick chat about his […]

Friday Feature; Emily Skelton

Currently in her second-last semester at PSC, Advanced Diploma of Photography student Emily Skelton is already setting up her career; working with her local football club, as well as becoming a well-known figure around her hometown of Bacchus Marsh. We caught up with Emily to learn more about her journey so far.         […]

Feature Friday; Anna Salzmann

Today’s student feature is on Anna Salzmann, a current Level 5 Advanced Diploma student at PSC. Earlier this year Anna received a silver award at the AIPP Epson State Awards for her series ‘Sei Bellissima’.     What got you started in photography? My first memory of loving photography was when my uncle who is […]