Feature Friday 30th June 2017; Shannon Ogrizek

Today we catch up with level 5 Advanced Diploma of Photography student Shannon Ogrizek

Shannon Ogrizek

What got you started in photography?
I love taking photos and wanted to learn how some of the famous photographers created their photos, but also I wanted to do it because there are endless possibilities and ideas on how to create images.

When you started at PSC, did you have an idea of the kind of photographer you want to become?
I had no idea what kind of photographer I wanted to become, I just really wanted to create my images, express my emotions and feelings through my images, as well as create images that I would love. I also really enjoy making images for clients; I like going through the process with clients seeing what they want, progression through that and then the final result. I’m a photographer of everything, I never turn down a job or an idea I’ll always give it a go, it doesn’t matter if it’s completely different to what I have done previously.

What is the most beneficial thing you have learned up to this point?
Most beneficial would have been to just create images that you want to create, create images that you will be proud of and happy with at the end of the day.


Shannon Ogrizek


What has been your most challenging moment at PSC so far?
Finding ideas for folio work and pushing those each and every shoot to get a magnificent photo and have it be something that I’m proud of, knowing I worked hard for.

What has been your most rewarding moment at PSC so far?
Most rewarding moment at PSC is always end of year finals, seeing my hard work and effort go into my folios every trimester and being able to see the final result at the end of it is just a really rewarding experience for me.

So far, what body of work have you been most proud of?
My most proud body of work I have made was my movement images and my domestic violence posters that went up around Melbourne.


Shannon Ogrizek


What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m working on a body of images that is of the natural world, but incorporating slow shutter speeds with that. However I’m just constantly shooting with models and products, being active with my photography.

What do you do when you’re not taking photos?
If I’m not taking photos I’m usually on Instagram getting inspiration for a shoot I’d like to do in the near future.

Where do you find your motivation?
I find my motivation from other photographers work, being given encouragement and feedback.

Who/what inspires you?
There’s so many photographers that I’d like to talk about for this particular question but I really love Lindsay Adler and her work. A few Melbourne photographers, in particular a friend of mine Andy Swann, as well as scrolling through Instagram.

What is your dream job/shoot?

I really do love taking portraits/football photos/weddings and debutantes as well as landscapes/light trails, really anything that’s fashion or has animals.


To see more of Shannon’s work, like her Facebook page.

Shannon Ogrizek


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