2016 Graduate Feature; Zac Dorio

Our graduate being featured today is photojournalist and surfer Zac Dorio.

Zac Dorio, 2016


What got you started in photography?
I got started in photography when I first realised that I could capture a moment and keep it forever as an image, being able to capture that slice of time really got me thinking.


When you first started at PSC, what kind of photographer did you imagine you would become?
When I first started at PSC I had NO idea what kind of photography genre I liked, what style or where I would see myself! I was just happy and open to try new things and experiment.


Zac Dorio, 2016 

What is the most beneficial thing you have learned?
Through studying at PSC throughout the years I learned to be versatile in my work, be willing to try new things and step outside my comfort zone.


What was your most challenging moment at PSC?
My most challenging moment at PSC was probably when I had to shoot fashion / editorial type of images, I had no experience in that field. It was tough but I came out with some really strong images.


What was your most rewarding moment at PSC?
My most rewarding PSC moment was seeing my work printed at our end of year exhibition ‘Always Already’. To know where I had come from and how hard I had worked for that, seeing my work on the wall just made me realise how far I had come and how worth it it all was.


What was your graduating folio about? How did you arrive at this idea?
My graduating folio was about the ocean, the connection and interaction I have with the ocean via a passion of surfing and photography. I always enjoyed shooting surf and surf lifestyle, so I was automatically drawn to the sea. I wanted to document it in a way that was personal to me and also told a story and showed that connection.


Zac Dorio, 2016


What advice would you give to current students?
I would just say be passionate about what you do; always give 110% so that you know you gave it your very best. Push your boundaries and step outside your comfort zone


What do you do when you’re not taking photos?
I work in a busy little cafe making coffees, I surf and like to explore Victoria as much as possible .


What is your dream job/shoot?
My dream job is to work for a magazine / company following surfers around the world chasing adventures, good waves and good vibes.


To stay in the loop of what Zac is working on, follow him on Instagram.


Zac Dorio, 2016

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