Meet the First Year Bachelor Teachers for 2017

Last week, you heard from some of our students who have just finished their first year in the Bachelor Degree course, now meet the teachers!

Sarina Lirosi / @sarina_lirosi on Instagram
Sarina is a visual artist with extensive exhibiting experience. She has had numerous solo exhibitions and was represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery between 1994-2001.

Over the years she has also been invited to exhibit in both curated and group shows, including an exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery and a curated show at the Immigration Museum Melbourne.

Sarina has been a finalist in many award exhibitions including the National Works on Paper prize at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, and the Hutchins Art Prize in Hobart. Sarina has also been the recipient of a number of grants including a work development grant from the Australia Council.

Sarina’s practice centers around photography and mixed media, and explores the absurdity of being human.

by Sarina Lirosi

by Sarina Lirosi

Craig Wetjen / @cwetch on Instagram
Craig has worked in the photographic industry for 30 years. So far his career highlights are shooing for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories documenting the Mars Pathfinder and Cassini satellite projects, styling and shooting food photography in Seattle USA.

Craig has exhibited at Court House Arts (Geelong) in 2012 & 2013, Ballarat Foto Biennale in 2013 & 2015, a featured exhibitor at the Head On Photo Festival in 2015 and is currently exhibiting at University Hospital Geelong.

In 2013, Craig was inducted as a National Ambassador for Beyond Blue for his work with his Men and their Sheds book project, which aims to increase awareness of men’s mental health.

by Craig Wetjen

by Craig Wetjen

Roland Dempster / @rolandjdempster on Instagram
Roland graduated from a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) and a Bachelor of Education (Media) at Deakin University in 2009 and began working as a freelance photographer.

In 2012 he received a Master of Communication from RMIT, in which his thesis explored how formal aesthetics shape the way we read photojournalistic images.

Roland currently teaches Camera Craft & Digital Photographic Practice at Photography Studies College (PSC) in Melbourne. Roland continues to freelance for a variety of clients, producing a range of architectural, event and lifestyle work.

Currently, Roland is also rededicating himself to his artistic pursuits and working on a range of projects exploring how our perception of the world can be influenced by colour and abstraction.

by Roland Dempster

by Roland Dempster

Anat Cossen / @anat_cossen on Instagram
Anat is a commercial photographer and production manager, who also maintains her art practice. Her work has been shown at Edmund Pearce Gallery (Melbourne), Open space gallery (Melbourne), Jewish museum (Melbourne) and Tel-Hai Museum of Art (Israel).

In 2013 Anat was invited to give an artist talk at the photographic biennale in Bendigo. Anat mentored students at Hadassah College, Jerusalem (1998) and has worked as a trainer for a number of photographic studios and printing labs in Melbourne (2000-2003) before started lecturing at Photography Studies College in 2009.

Anat’s work explores change and transition in time and place.

by Anat Cossen

by Anat Cossen

Second Year Bachelor Photobook Exhibition

Last Friday night, our second year bachelor students held their photobook exhibition at Magic Johnston in Collingwood! It was a fantastic night with a huge turn out. It was great to see so many people coming out in support of our students at their first exhibition as students of PSC!

1 2

Congratulations to everyone involved!

CCP Salon 2016

Last Thursday night, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) held their annual Salon exhibition. The CCP Salon is open to all photographic artists and practitioners to enter and, as usual, we were blown away by the quality of the work.


Many PSC students and teachers entered, with Jo Cripps, a current third-year student, winning the PIC Prize and Sophie Gabrielle and Kelly T winning the PSC sponsored prize!


The CCP Salon for 2016 is running until the 17th of December at CCP in Fitzroy, so be sure to take the time to check out the vast array of quality work.


Second year bachelor students prepare for their photobook exhibition

Our second year bachelor students are currently preparing for their photobook exhibition – this Friday the 25th of November at Magic Johnston Cultural Complex in Collingwood from 6pm – 8pm. Come along and see some incredible new photobooks and photographic prints!

“The most rewarding thing about studying at PSC is being able to discuss and share work with such a diverse and talented range of people whether they’re teachers or other students.” – Anastasia Jackson


by Fuad Osmancevic

by Fuad Osmancevic

“Having been encouraged to become independent thinkers, I’ve been able to push myself thanks to my lecturers.” – Fuad Osmancevic


“I think PSC has given me a chance to push my own ideas while also developing my skills and style. It’s really broadened my knowledge photographically, not only in a technical sense but also in regards to what is happening in contemporary photography around the world right now.” – James Bugg


“The most rewarding thing about studying at PSC is being in such an incredible environment that encourages creativity and exploration. The wealth of knowledge from both the staff and fellow students is invaluable.” – Sam Forsyth-Gray

Fresh16 Exhibition Follow Up

Last Friday night, our final year Advanced Diploma Art Major students opened their graduate exhibition Fresh16.

It was fantastic to see the incredible results of many years of hard work, growth and dedication! We congratulate all students that exhibited in Fresh16 and we look forward to seeing them continue to produce great work in the years to come.


“The twelve artists who are Fresh16 have been on such a journey this year. These artists ave braved the elements of the creative process. They have each shown tremendous dedication, passion, and commitment to their practice. And as they have matured in their work, their grasp of their own artistic process has also matured, resulting in confident and assured practitioners.”  – Sarina Lirosi (Covenor, Art Major)


Exhibition runs 19 November to 4 December
Thursday to Sunday
11am – 4pm

Yarra Sculpture Gallery
117 Vere Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067

First Year Bachelor Students Reflections

It’s that time of year again as our first year Bachelor Degree students present their folio projects and reflect on their first year at PSC. We’ve spoken to a handful of students and asked them to share their thoughts and advice regarding studying at PSC.

What has been rewarding about beginning your studies at PSC?

Antoine: Developing more of a professional workflow has been really rewarding. It makes my entire process a lot more efficient and helps me produce higher quality work.

Josh: Building strong relationships with teachers and other students. I had the opportunity to assist third year commercial major student Michael Foxington on shoots for his final folio. This was a great opportunity to get some experience in that area of work.

Sally: It’s been so rewarding to see myself grow in so many ways. The teachers at PSC are incredible and always offer a unique way of looking at things.

Kaitlyn: Meeting great people, both teachers and students, who are like-minded and great to work with. Plus, being a smaller college, PSC has incredible support and facilities in place to help students.

Shelby: Learning camera craft and gaining confidence with my camera. It was also great to learn how to produce high quality prints of my work.

What surprised you throughout the year?

Antoine: Learning how to analyse images in-depth has changed the way I make work and communicate through my images.

Josh: My photographic ability has changed dramatically, especially working in a studio environment. I’ve also discovered a range of new interests and met some great, like-minded people.

Sally: It surprised me how much taking good photographs relies on the person using the camera, rather than the camera or equipment itself. Technical and creative skills are equally as important as each other.

Kaitlyn: It wasn’t as hard as I expected. The course is very well paced and the teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive.

Shelby: All of the teachers are extremely generous with their time and are always willing to provide support and feedback. The students in our group also became really close throughout the year – we’re like a family now!

In which ways have you grown throughout the year?

Antoine: I have embraced interpretive work and making more layered and meaningful images, rather than just images that just look nice. I’ve also become a lot more comfortable experimenting with my work now.

Josh: My conceptual thinking skills have grown a lot, as well as my people skills, so I’m a lot more comfortable working with people in my work now.

Sally: My process has changed a lot! I can now see the difference between taking photographs and taking ‘snapshots’ like you would on holiday. The course offers a lot of room to experiment and make mistakes and the teachers are always open to new ideas, and this has helped me refine my practice into something more professional and considered.

Kaitlyn: My camera skills have grown enormously. I can now use my camera to its full potential when making my work.

Shelby: My confidence has grown a huge amount this year! Not only with my practice, but I’m more confident within myself and more comfortable meeting new people and working with them.

Where do you see yourself going next year and in the future?

Antoine: I’m looking forward to reaching out to more people next year and making more collaborative work that is less self-contained.

Josh: I want to experiment more in the studio, especially creating artistic and conceptual work in the studio.

Sally: I want to take more of an artistic approach with my work and tell stories using emotion and visual elements. I want to delve deeper into my ideas as well and really get to the core of the concept and work on that.

Kaitlyn: I would like to explore more documentary-style work.

Shelby: I’m looking forward to continuing my development next year and I would like to do more documentary-style photography.

What has been challenging throughout the year?

Antoine: The most challenging thing was trying to find and develop a unique voice through my work.

Josh: Initially, it was challenging to prioritise and plan everything that needed to be done, but the teachers at PSC are extremely supportive. PSC also offers great facilities to get work done, so that’s a huge plus.

Sally: At first, it was difficult to make myself vulnerable to make mistakes and produce personal work, but this went away pretty quickly. Everyone at PSC is super supportive and gives excellent, constructive feedback.

Kaitlyn: I found working with conceptual ideas difficult at first, but my skill in this area has definitely grown.

Shelby: Coming up with new ideas and interpreting them into photography was difficult at first, but this became easier as the year went on. The course and feedback from teachers definitely helped and as I became more confident in my work, I was more open to trying new things and producing different work.

What advice would you offer to students starting at PSC in 2017?

Antoine: Always have an open mind and embrace new ideas!

Josh: Ask a lot of questions, request feedback wherever possible and be open to constructive feedback.

Sally: Have an open mind and challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and experiment with your work. Also, don’t be afraid of covering the basics again – having a strong foundation allows you to grow hugely.

Kaitlyn: Be organised, don’t leave things until the last minute and ask questions if you’re unsure about something.

Shelby: Don’t procrastinate! Give yourself enough time to complete your work and to do it well. Also be sure to take advantage of having such knowledgeable and helpful teachers! Ask them lots of questions.


Follow in the footsteps of these students – we’re currently taking applications for the Bachelor Degree course for 2017. Visit our website or contact us for more information!

Hoda Afshar ‘In the exodus, I love you more’


Last Thursday night, our teacher Hoda Afshar opened her exhibition’ In the exodus, I love you more’ at Brightspace Gallery in St Kilda.


It was a hugely successful night! It was great to see so many people coming out to support Hoda and see her new series of work.

Hoda with PSC Managing Director Julie Moss / Hoda with PSC course director Daniel Boetker-Smith and PSC teacher Ying Ang.

Hoda with PSC Managing Director Julie Moss / Hoda with PSC course director Daniel Boetker-Smith and PSC teacher Ying Ang.


Where Are They Now?

Entering into a creative career can be exciting, challenging, full of passion and rewards … but it also takes determination and adaptability. We recently had the pleasure to meet up with three PSC alumni – Taylor-Ferne Morris, Sarah Lynch and Emma McEvoy – at our Image Makers Seminar and hear where their careers post graduating have taken them.


Left to Right: Emma McEvoy, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Sarah Lynch

Taylor, Sarah and Emma provided us with plenty of inspiration and insight into their diverse experiences since graduating from PSC. All three first undertook the Advanced Diploma of Photography before going on to complete the Bachelor of Photography pathway program. They each chose a different area of specialisation – Taylor pursued her passion for dance through commercial photography, Sarah followed her connection to photojournalism and Emma continued to follow her path in art photography.

Taylor Ferne Morris

From the outset, Taylor explained that she has had a strong affinity with dance photography, having transitioned to photography after an injury halted her own dance career. After graduating from the Advanced Diploma, Taylor decided to head to New York where she began the exciting relationship and collaboration with Dance Media, one of the world’s leading dance publishers. Since then Taylor has worked with many of the world’s most sought-after dancers, including Paloma Herrera, Alina Cojocaru and Tamara Rojo, with her work being published in both ‘Pointe’ and ‘Dance Magazine’ for global distribution. Taylor continues to regularly travel between Melbourne and New York for Dance Media.

The quality of Taylor’s stunning work is reflected in her growing reputation, seeing many Australian dancers, groups and publications seeking her services including Dance Australia and Dance Informa. Late in 2015 Taylor’s work was published on the cover of the Dance Australia’s December 15 – January 16 issue.

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

In 2015 Taylor’s work was selected to be featured in the Your Move exhibition, at the Art House Gallery in New York where she was also awarded the top prize in studio photography.

“Don’t be afraid to create your own work and put it out there. An online presence and word of mouth is how I get most of my clients. ” – Taylor

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Sarah Lynch

For Sarah Lynch photography is part of who she is – something she feels compelled to do.
“I’m constantly inspired by the power of story telling through photography and how that can change lives. I love to create images of the land and the people who inhabit it. I believe in giving people the opportunity to educate and inspire themselves through photography.”
Having graduated from PSC’s Advanced Diploma photojournalism specialisation, Sarah immediately embarked on a career in documenting animal exploitation.
“My final folio at PSC was the catalyst for where I am now. I was able to step out of student life at PSC into a career in documentary photography.” – Sarah

Image: Sarah Lynch

Image: Sarah Lynch

This saw Sarah achieve marked results in exposing cases of animal cruelty, raising awareness in a broader audience and providing the stimulus needed to see changes being implemented around animal welfare and live exports.
“People said don’t work with animals or children, but I like the madness.” – Sarah

In 2014 Sarah founded Focus on Humanity a not for profit photography organisation that brings the gift of photography to communities around the world who do no not have access to photography. providing them with portraits and photographic prints. In December 2014 the organisation undertook it’s first campaign to India where it distributed over 200 prints to individuals and families who had never had a photograph or print of themselves.

Image: Sarah Lynch, Focus on Humanity

Image: Sarah Lynch, Focus on Humanity

Sarah is this week joining a medical ship bound for Papua New Guinea, providing aid to areas without access to medical resources.

“Photojournalism needs a sense of photographic maturity and sensitivity and the patience to get the right shot for the situation. Determination and curiosity will make up for anything you feel you may be lacking.” – Sarah

Emma McEvoy

Moving from styling to art photography, Emma McEvoy provided us with the stimulus needed to get out there and try. With a passion for fine art and much success received from her recent exhibition, Sand Castles, Emma encourages budding photographers to simply approach people and ask.

“Every day I contact people I’d like to work with. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, but you’d be surprised how many you get that say yes!” – Emma
This was the approach that gained Emma with access to the derelict building she needed to fill with sand for her interpretation of the Namibian Deserts as part of her exhibition.

Image: Emma McEvoy

Image: Emma McEvoy

“I came out of studying at PSC in such an awesome headspace. It was the best thing I could have done.” – Emma


Students Published in Capture Magazine: The Annual Edition

Our students Marisa Schlichthorst (page 78) and Michael Foxington (page 73) have been published in the 2016 Annual Edition of Capture Magazine.

Marisa is a second year advanced diploma student and the image published is from her series ‘Suffering’.

Nest by Marisa Schlichthorst

Nest by Marisa Schlichthorst

Over the past two years, Marisa has developed her conceptual thinking skills which has enabled her to delve deep into complex ideas and explore them through her photography and her own artistic expression. She credits the teachers, students and resources at PSC for pushing her out of her comfort zone, building her confidence and developing a unique style.

You can view more of Marisa’s series here.

Michael is a final year bachelor student and the image published is from his portfolio of fashion photography. The image published is titled ‘Detached’.

Detached by Michael Foxington

Detached by Michael Foxington

“I would have to mention how much PSC has done for me. I enjoyed every minute of my time there and it marked a very big turning point for my photography style, technique and career.” – Michael Foxington

You can see more of Michael’s work here.


Enrolments for 2017 are now open! Visit our website or contact us for more information.

Bachelor Degree teacher and artist David Rosetzky has been working closely with Peter from The Printshop@PSC to produce fine-art prints from his new series ‘Paperwork’. David is also working with M. 33 and Sutton Gallery on a limited edition project that will contribute to his book. David’s new full colour book of photographs and photo-collages is to be published by M. 33 and designed by Sweet Polka.

Underscore by David Rosetzky

Underscore by David Rosetzky

For more information, visit click here or email