PSC’s Four Talented Students Open Their Own Exhibition

Tammy Boyce, Ian Kemp, Margaret Lim and Pamela Morris were all silver award winners at the 2016 state-wide AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photography Awards and are now having their latest work showcased in the Backspace Gallery in Ballarat. The exhibition will be dedicated to these four artists who have developed their photographic skill-set to wonderful heights. Currently studying part time at PSC, they are proud of their achievement and were kind enough to share their thoughts with us:

Ian Kemp

Getting together in an exhibition in our final year was a natural extension of class work, we had to rely on what we had learnt there except that this time it is not a class exercise. It is where we want to be in the future.

2016-VIC-awards-Non C-KempIan-118649

Margaret Lim

I can’t believe the year is almost coming to an end.  The coming exhibition in Ballarat will be a great platform to showcase my work to a wider audience and I feel privileged to be part of such a talented group of artists.  Studying at PSC has been instrumental in nurturing my dream to create artwork that I feel confident in showing to the public but much more, it crystallised a self belief in my own pathway.  The College has been wonderfully nurturing and supportive, I have learnt much more than I expected.

2016-VIC-awards-Illus-LimMargaret-118213 with name

Pamela Morris

PSC lecturers were very supportive and encouraging but at the same time ensured they challenged me and gave me assignments that caused me to work way out of my comfort zone.  This has not only made me a better photographer but has opened my eyes to photographic genres and techniques that, I otherwise would not have experienced and which I now embrace as part of my repertoire. I feel that the course has fully prepared me to be able to successfully work professionally as a photographer.

 Working with other students to create a Gallery Exhibition has been a great collaborative experience.  Choosing the images to be part of my display has required me to be very introspective about my work so I can understand what may appeal to a broader audience.

2016-VIC-awards-Illus-MorrisPam-118691 with name

Be sure to make it for their exhibition opening at the Backspace Gallery (Ballarat) on 3 September at 2pm. In addition to this we are having our last intake for our part time classes on 31 August – so apply now and get your spot! Visit to register your interest.

PSC’s Mid Year Exhibition of 2016 Exudes with Fresh Talent

The work exhibited at PSC keeps getting more exciting and eye-popping, as the years progress. If you haven’t visited our Mid Year Exhibition this year, you must rush yourself to 65 City Road to get a burst of inspiration this very moment! We have a diverse range of students exhibiting, from the first to final year of the Creative Certificate, Pro Certificate, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor degree. Seeing all stages of student work which cover every area of photography such as travel, documentary, photojournalism, fashion, lifestyle, food, portrait and landscape, is a rare occasion. Furthermore, the exhibition will only be on for a limited time.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the brilliant work being showcased:

Aaron Walker is a professional photographer with a fifteen year career in the arts industry as an international aerial performer, circus trainer and show consultant. He recently had his own solo exhibition at Watch This Space Gallery in Sydney and received rave reviews from Arts Review, which you can read about here. Keep up to date with Aaron’s work and enjoy a bedazzling journey of striking photographs.

Pier Carthew is a fashion photographer who has always wanted to push the boundaries of the genre and produce new, stunning images. Being a former theatre actor who now photographs stage shows, performers and productions, Pier’s photography is injected with a sense of heightened drama. If you come by PSC, be sure to see Pier’s work the moment you enter our foyer!

Photojournalist Rochelle Hansen, specialises in travel – culture and equine photography, having exhibited her show-stopping work at the Kapow! Exhibition in 2015, the CCP Salon in 2015 and 2014, and has been the recipient of the Mason Family Arts Bursary for 3 years in a row since 2014. Follow Rochelle @rochellehansenphotography.

Proud to have her work up for the Mid Year Exhibition, Sally Kaack is a traveller and storyteller, capturing the true essence of urban culture all around the world. Check out her Instagram channel to slip into a colourful world that pulsates with vibrance and adventure.

Fine art photographer, Sarah Walker is one of our prized Bachelor degree students who has carved out a niche for herself in terms of showcasing thought-provoking work. She has been published by Son of a Gun Magazine, The Latent Image and has achieved a lot of success at the Melbourne Art Book Fair (2016), the Obscura Photography Festival in Penang (2015) and soon will be met with much praise at her upcoming exhibition at the Besser Gallery.


Be sure to check out our Mid Year Exhibition and find out about how you can be a part of PSC with our last part time course intake of the year, starting on 31 August.


Photography Student Julia Kambouropoulos Works with The Northsider

Images by Julia Kambouropoulos

Images by Julia Kambouropoulos

Meet Julia Kambouropoulos one of our talented photojournalism major students who was selected for a one year internship with The Northsider, a ‘monthly community newspaper made for the inner north of Melbourne by the inner north of Melbourne’. During the course of her internship, Julia’s work has been featured numerous times, allowing her to collaborate with writers, publishers, personalities and businesses in Melbourne. She has been simply exhilarated by her experience and was kind enough to share her thoughts with us: 

‘Without PSC I wouldn’t be where I was today. Not only have they helped me grow and become more confident as a photographer with real technical skills, they have also pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, physically and creatively. It’s been great to have such supportive tutors, who always help when they can – like getting us opportunities in the workforce. Landing an internship with The Northsider through my teacher, Bill Bachman has been amazing. I’m getting an actual experience of working for a publication and going on assignments, as well as getting lots of constructive feedback on my images. 

I did my very first proper feature with The Northsider team on Yasin Leflef, an inspiring music star. I wouldn’t never be able to have done anything like that without the help of The Northsider or PSCI’m also currently doing a writing class with Bill Bachman which is helping me become more emotive with my writing skills so that I can be a better photojournalist for the growing industry.’

Julia’s life is definitely very exciting and we’re looking forward to seeing more of her work! Check out the articles she has done for The Northsider by clicking on the images below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.21.30 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.21.57 AM

If you’re interested in having a journey like Julia, feel free to check out our website and see our brand new short course. You can follow Julia on Instagram @out_of_the_lens.

Photojournalism Students Excel During Location Flash Workshop

One of the highlights of the Advanced Diploma photojournalism course is a location flash workshop. This year’s took place on Saturday August 20, with 15 students, five tutors and a dozen models on the go from 10am to 5pm.

PSC PJ Major location lighting class, Aug'16 - guest speaker Scott McNaughton

PSC PJ Major location lighting class, Aug’16 – guest speaker Scott McNaughton

Inspired by guest lectures the previous week from Scott McNaughton, The Weekly Review photographer and PSC tutor, and Simon Schluter, resident portrait wizard at The Age, students were required to shoot at least two location assignments on the Saturday using off-camera flash before returning to college to edit and file their images.

Michael Coyne with Justice Cameron, Jess DeBono and models in Hosier Lane - BTS PJ Location Flash workshop 20Aug2016. Photo by Scott McNaughton.

Michael Coyne with Justice Cameron, Jess DeBono and models in Hosier Lane – BTS PJ Location Flash workshop 20Aug2016. Photo by Scott McNaughton.

Assignment briefs were prepared by Photojournalism Major Coordinator, Bill Bachman. Subjects ranged from street artists, architects and fashion designer/models to a busker, art curator, rowing coach, property developer, environmental planner and flight attendant. These roles were mainly played by first year Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree students, along with a few volunteers from outside the college.

Ian Jones and Pam Morris with tutor Scott McNaughton and models Bianca Kambouropoulos and Juliet Kelly at Sandridge Rail Bridge - PSC PJ Major location flash workshop, 20 Aug 2016

Ian Jones and Pam Morris with tutor Scott McNaughton and models Bianca Kambouropoulos and Juliet Kelly at Sandridge Rail Bridge – PSC PJ Major location flash workshop, 20 Aug 2016

Bill, along with PSC Senior Fellow Michael Coyne and staffers David Callow, Scott McNaughton and Vicki Bell, advised and assisted students throughout the day. At the end of the workshop students presented their best work in a slide show. PSC is proud to announce that our Full Time Course applications are now open. Click here to find out more. Check out the image gallery below to see the exceptional work of our students:

PSC officially Partners with ATOM for Aus – NZ wide Photo Comp

Teaming up with Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) for the first time, we are the official partners for this year’s ATOM Photo Comp; a celebration of photographic talents across all primary and secondary schools in Australia and New Zealand. We are thrilled to be a part of this, as it gives us an opportunity to establish connections with the wider (and growing) community of photographers who aspire to be iconic image makers of our time. The PSC family gladly extends our years of experience and multitude of industry links to those who place importance on photography, and wish to be a part of this exciting, ever-evolving art and profession.

Course director Daniel Boetker-Smith (founder of the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive), art photography coordinator, Sarina Lirosi and teacher Anat Cossen (who are all practicing international photographers) will be judging the ATOM Photo Comp this year. They are undoubtedly expecting their task to be a challenging one, as they expect to see a vast array of wonderfully talented work.

Meet your judges for the ATOM Photo Comp: Daniel Boetker-Smith, Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen.

Meet your judges for the ATOM Photo Comp: Daniel Boetker-Smith, Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen.

The theme for this year’s competition is quite thought-provoking, which will ignite an eclectic mix of interpretations. Photographs submitted must reflect ‘A Sense of Place’, touching upon the way photography showcases unique perspectives of the world we live in.

We wish all photographers the best of luck with the competition, which you can learn more about from the ATOM Photo Comp website. For those who are interested in furthering their understanding of photography, feel free to look at our full time degree and part time courses. Full time applications are now officially open and we are currently accepting students in our last part time course intake of the year!

1st Year Student Antoine Loncle Finds a Niche Market for His Photography Work

In the spirit of the annual Obscura Festival of Photography that is opening on 19 August (in which our second year students are heavily involved in), we met up with one of our international students who is actually from Penang. Antoine Loncle is a first year student in the Bachelor Degree program who moved to Melbourne six months ago. He had never been to Melbourne before that and was almost going to pursue his higher studies in France, as he is half French and very familiar with the region. He settled on Melbourne because he wanted a change, and felt that in comparison to other colleges and universities in Asia-Pacific, PSC had the best to offer.

Image by Antoine Loncle

Image by Antoine Loncle

He applied to PSC by sending his folio online, and receiving hands-on assistance from the PSC team. When he finally starting attending his classes after getting accepted, he was truly pleased with his decision.

“Studying at PSC has exceeded my expectations – especially considering the facilities with the Studios and labs. The environment has been great with inspiring prints hanging everywhere. The Teachers are very approachable and I get along with them really well.”

The art of taking photographs is in Antoine’s blood. His grandparents had an avid interest in photography, which got passed down to his parents and emerged strongly in Antoine – who transformed the hobby into a professional endeavour some years ago, when he was part of Malaysia’s rock music circuit.

Vaudville Smash photographed by Antoine Loncle

Vaudville Smash photographed by Antoine Loncle

I started playing in a band some years ago as a drummer, and I would hear complaints about how there were never any photographs of us. So I bought a camera and began taking photographs during gigs, extending my approach to clicking other bands – which then started getting me photography work in the music circuit. People started calling me to take photographs of different bands in events and concerts. I started my Facebook page (Frenchies’ Photography) and that really expanded my professional scope.

This is something that I’ve started up in Melbourne since being here. I find out about bands touring Melbourne and email organisers about providing my photography services. So far this has been quite successful. I recently covered the Melbourne International Jazz festival, which landed me more assignments. 

Image by Antoine Loncle

Image by Antoine Loncle

Before coming to PSC I had no idea about file management, which has been extremely helpful, especially when I go to a gig and shoot thousands of photographs. It’s given me the ability to work professionally in a quick manner, and deliver results almost overnight to my clients. Studying here has enabled me to think like a photographer and attain the skills of a project manager.  My workflow is so much more streamlined now, allowing me to get better turnovers.

I guess the really important thing about getting photography work, is the ability to be friendly and down-to-earth while networking. It’s about establishing connections as you meet new people.

Image by Antoine Loncle

Image by Antoine Loncle

With all the events lined up, Antoine is going to be really busy. You can follow his Instagram channel @frenchiesphotography. Stay updated on our Facebook page to find out the latest on our students’ involvement at the Obscura Festival. You can also book an appointment with us to get a personal tour where you can learn about our full time programs.

Who is Luke Rush? Introducing our Creative 2nd year Student

Some of you have probably met Luke Rush before, either on campus or at last year’s Open Day at PSC. He’s a creative and motivated 2nd year student, who has produced a variety of work under the genres of commercial and fine art photography. Luke will be at open day again this year, and as a way of introducing him to our visitors we took a moment to interview him. Here’s what he had to say about his journey at PSC:

I’ve loved every minute of being at PSC. My highlight has been the most recent assignment I did where I created a nude art folio and got the best mark ever for my work – a High Distinction. I’ve always had an interest in fine art. I’ve been inspired by artists I’ve learnt about since studying at PSC. The dream job would be to work at Vanity Fair or Vogue – a good fashion editorial magazine, and I would like to pursue fine art photography in my own time.

I attended TAFE and did a visual arts course, instead of doing year 12. Photography was a small part of it – and I was encouraged to pursue the subject further when I started applying to universities; PSC was my first preference. I was beaming when I visited the college, I was taken on a tour of the buildings and then had an interview with Craig Wetjen, which went really well. I apparently had the biggest folio ever – a collection of final work from my year 10, 11 and TAFE folio plus the 12 images required for the interview.

My high school was an all-boys college in Geelong. It was really sports orientated but our arts department was equally prestigious and called for high quality work. While I was in school, I shifted between photography and fine art, as I loved creating images as well as painting and drawing. Even till this date, working on mix-media projects is something I appreciate doing.

I really enjoy being at PSC and learning from tutors who are practicing photographers – they haven’t just come out of university with a degree in the discipline, but they actually create work that they exhibit and also bring to class some times. The guide us in ways that help us to fine tune our vision. We come up with ideas and they help us to build progress, giving us advice on the technical and practice side of it.

I live by the philosophy that it’s important to have a career in something I’m going to love and enjoy for as long as I can work. Photography doesn’t have a retirement date; you can keep going with it. It’s a way of life; something that I can also meet people through and network with.

I’m part of creative groups on Facebook – most of them have thousands of people in them from Australia and around the world. It’s about getting exposure, so I’m constantly posting things and taking part in conversations. The industry is competitive, but once you’ve put the work in and built a good folio, you’ve got a great basis to work on.

I feel confident about getting work after PSC – after all it’s an award winning institution and everyone knows about the quality of education and training we’ve received here. However, I also know that having a good folio matters at the end of the day.

We thank Luke for sharing his thoughts with us. If you’d like to know more about his experience, feel free to ask him at PSC Open Day, this Sunday 14 August. You can follow Luke on Instagram @lukerushphotography and register yourself for the event here:

Introducing Emily Skelton

Emily Skelton is currently in her 1st year of the Advanced Diploma program and is preparing to lead high school students, graduates and parents through PSC classrooms and facilities, (such as the PrintShop, Digital Labs and Studios) on PSC Open Day.  Our creative will also be adorned with new photographs produced by students, as part of the Mid-Year Exhibition that will be in full swing by 14 August.

Image by Emily Skelton

The experience of being a part of our Open Day will be significant for Emily, who attended the event last year and was motivated to join PSC especially after seeing the work on display. She was encouraged by her parents to print her folio entry professionally at PSC’s PrintShop by master printer Peter Hatzipavlis, who also taught her about image editing.

“Peter was so nice and helpful. I didn’t know much about my camera at the time and had no idea about what shooting in RAW meant or how to adjust the exposure. Peter explained the process of creating high quality images while shooting, and how to tweak the results in post-production for printing.”

Image by Emily Skelton

Image by Emily Skelton

Most of Emily’s work for her folio entry comprised of portraits stylised in black and white, as her skills in image editing were limited. In school, she had picked studio art as a way of working towards her passion for photography. The lack of focus on the particular discipline made it a struggle for Emily to create her folio – however her determination pulled her through. Despite the extra work she had to put in, she was able to create a photobook for her presentation at school and at PSC.

Since joining PSC, Emily’s skill set has expanded considerably. She loves editing images on Photoshop, as she enjoys being part of the creative process of changing certain aspects of images to make them more three-dimensional and lively.

“I can now make out what techniques were used in every image I see and apply my knowledge to my work, instead of happily snapping away as I used to. I’ve come up with a lot of creative ideas, as a result of bouncing ideas off my classmates. People around me have seen a dramatic change in my photographs, especially when they compare the work that I do now to what I produced before. I’m also beginning to challenge myself a lot more than ever.”

Image by Emily Skelton

Image by Emily Skelton

Emily comes from Bacchus Marsh and makes the journey to PSC every day for her classes. Travelling from the country to the city has transformed her quite a lot, as she is exposed to a wide range of diversity, in terms of the people she meets and things she learns about. Her confidence has grown when it comes to approaching others and openly discussing ideas with them, which she hardly did before. She is excited about new possibilities in photography and hopes to see her work on billboards or magazine covers in the future.

“My world has opened up as a result of being a student at PSC. I would like to have an eclectic professional life for example, doing fashion shoots on one day, a story for a documentary piece on the other, all while developing my personal work.”

As her skills in photography have become more advanced, Emily has recently seen a success in booking professional assignments within her network through her Facebook page. From taking pictures as a three-year-old, Emily is definitely living her dream of being an emerging photographer with a multitude of opportunities awaiting her. Follow her Instagram channel @em.skeltonphotography to see her latest work and feel free to ask her questions about studying photography at PSC Open Day.

Image by emily Skelton

Image by emily Skelton

Making a Life Changing Decision to Study Photography : Featuring Anne McCallum

“I live in the countryside, in a place called Nug Nug which is in the North East of Victoria. I’m currently doing my Advanced Diploma in photography at PSC – as I’ve always loved photography. For someone who has been telling her children that they can do anything they want to, I thought it was time I took up the opportunity to pursue my passion.”

Anne McCallum is in her first year at PSC and is finally honing her creativity in the arts. She describes her inclination towards photography as something that was passed down to her by her mother who was a singing teacher and artist, and her father who ‘always had a camera in his hand’.

Image by Anne McCallum

After years of working in a variety of industries such as nursing, hospitality and retail, Anne has recently been exploring her interest in visual communications and image making. As a result of her quest for finding an environment which would help develop her artistry, Anne researched schools in Victoria and visited PSC.

“I looked at a few places but just kept coming back to PSC. The atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly, that I felt inspired to jump into the deep end and take up full time studies here. Now that I’ve started, the tutors are very nurturing and they want you to do the best you can do.”

Despite having a busy lifestyle and being the mother of five, Anne listened to her heart and made a commitment of travelling down to Melbourne for her classes. The lifestyle of moving back and forth between places isn’t new to her. Ever since she left Scotland as a child to reside in Australia, she has been travelling all over the region which has made her extremely adaptive.

Image by Anne McCallum

Image by Anne McCallum

After her first semester at PSC, Anne has found a deep interest in still life photography. She enjoys trying out a range of lighting techniques, in natural environments and at the PSC studio.

“It’s been a very interesting semester and I have enjoyed a steep learning curve, as the course is very practical and challenging in a good way. The experience of learning here is so diverse, giving you a wide range of genres in photography to explore. The major lesson I’ve learnt is that it’s important to believe in yourself. I was initially worried about ‘not reaching the standards’, but I’ve overcome that since being here. I now feel like there’s nothing I can’t achieve.”

Come to PSC Open Day and meet Anne, who will be happy to discuss her experience with you and offer you insights about studying photography. Anne and her husband currently host the Nug Nug Wah Homestead, which you can check out here, you can also follow Anne on her exciting Instagram channel @nug_nug_wah_homestead. Feel free to contact us and learn more about our full time options.

Image by Anne McCallum

Image by Anne McCallum

Kristina Valdez on Being a First Year Student and Entering the World of Photography

‘I love photography – it’s creative and every day is so different. I love capturing new sights, environments and travelling. Since being at PSC I’ve learnt so much about lighting, colour and composition, which has changed my outlook on the art and how we construct visuals.’

Kristina Valdez is in her 1st year of the Bachelor Program and is really enjoying her life as an emerging photographer. Coming from a high school that didn’t have any subjects or electives in photography, Kristina was not deterred from pursuing her passion. She built her folio from her visual communications class and went out of her way to develop an understanding of photography, to create a wonderful series of work that would catch the attention of teachers at PSC.

Image by Kristina Valdez

Image by Kristina Valdez

She met the course director of the college, Daniel Boetker Smith, and describes her interview as a ‘fun discussion about photography, with a friend’. Although Kristina wanted to join PSC to become a fashion photographer, after her interview and folio presentation Kristina got underway with her first semester assignments and discovered her love for landscape photography.

Image by Kristina Valdez

Kristina is so thrilled to have joined us, her family and friends were really supportive as they know she’ll lead a happy life doing what she loves. Her journey to PSC is also quite a fated one, as after enrolling she remembered visiting our city campus during an excursion when she was in year 9!

Be sure to follow Kristina’s amazing Instagram channel @labuenavistaa and meet her at PSC Open Day on 14 August:

Image by Kristina Valdez

Image by Kristina Valdez