How To Break Into Professional Photography: Tim Allen

“I’m very proud of myself for all the time and effort I put into my work, it’s really starting to shaping my craft.”

– Tim Allen

Shortlisted for the Bowness photography Prize, from Tim's series 'Moving'

Shortlisted for the Bowness photography Prize, from Tim’s series ‘Moving’

Recently announced as a finalist for the Bowness Photography Prize, Tim Allen is a proud and accomplished graduate of the Advanced Diploma with a commercial major at PSC. He took a moment to tell us about what he’s currently doing and how the opportunity came about:

I currently work for an Aerial Photography company based in Oakleigh. The opportunity came about while I was attending PSC Part Time. I received an email from the PSC employment registry about the position of a Full Time Aerial Photographer in a company that is heavily involved in the real estate & construction industries. My role is quite exciting, as it involves me being out in the field on shoots and editing photographs as well as videos during post production. It was initially challenging to pursue full time work and part time study but I was determined to make it happen.

part time photography melbourne_Tim_Allen_TerraFirma_01

part time photography melbourne_Tim_Allen_2425

My interest in aerial photography began a year prior to getting full time work. A housemate of mine at the time was studying to become a pilot. He wanted to fly, I wanted to take photos. So we ventured off together and I ended up shooting my entire ‘Terra Firma‘ series. The prints were presented in class for my 2nd year final folio submission, which I then used again a few months later for my job interview.

Tim plans to continue documenting his journey on film & digital wherever he travels. We are proud of him and look forward to seeing him grow even more in the field! Follow him on Instagram @timallenphoto and see more of his work. To find out more about our Advanced Diploma program, click here. We are also having a new intake for our part time courses on the 29 July, so feel free to check out our options!

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