Astres Noirs by Teacher Katrin Koenning is Released

As most of you know, our very talented teacher and coordinator Katrin Koenning is touring Europe, having visited Germany and is now making her way to France to attend the launch of her first book, ‘ASTRES NOIRS‘ (in collaboration with Bangladeshi photographer Sarker Protick) at Le Bal in Paris and at the Les Rencontres d’Arles (the biggest photography festival in the world).

The book has been published by the Paris based publishing company, Chose Communeone of the most exciting photobook publishers in the industry. Fortunately for us at PSC, we have our very own copy of the first edition in The Hub for you to see! Additionally, you can also buy your own copy at:

Managing Director Julie Moss is happy to introduce our very own copy of ASTRES NOIRS to the PSC community, with course director Daniel Boetker Smith and teachers, Hoda Afshar and Pippa Milne

Managing Director Julie Moss is happy to introduce our very own copy of ASTRES NOIRS to the PSC community, with course director Daniel Boetker Smith and teachers, Hoda Afshar and Pippa Milne

Here is what Chose Commune had to say about ASTRES NOIRS:

“Astres noirs is the debut book for both Katrin Koenning and Sarker Protick, artists who live thousands of miles apart whose peculiar photographic wanderings create a hauntingly beautiful dialogue. This book presents photographs taken on mobile phone cameras, devices used to capture their everyday in an impulsive and almost obsessional way, documenting life from their doorsteps to far afield.  Their photographs capture the commonplace such as water stains on asphalt, dust clouds and rays of light, and transform these into mesmerising frames – elusive fragments that evoke an imaginary creature, a milky way, a phosphorescent silhouette. Presented together, their combined voices lead us on a journey into unexplored territory, somewhere between the everyday and paranormal, between night and day. Amongst enveloping darkness, lightness is revealed, dazzling and miraculously caught by discerning eyes.”

We are all so proud here at PSC, and look forward to seeing her achieve many many more great things. Here is a sneak preview of the exquisite work in ASTRES NOIRS: 





Katrin’s work is also currently being exhibited at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne as part of the ‘CCP Declares: On the Social Contract’ exhibition, curated by another of our lecturers Pippa Milne. Open until the 10th of July.

To find out more about how you can be a part of Photography Studies College (Melbourne), click here.

PSC Experience Day Highlights

Yesterday, students from secondary school all across Victoria visited our creative campus for our first Experience Day of the year. This was part our industry – awareness endeavours, where we enable the wider community to get a glimpse of a day in the life of a PSC student. Our passions for fostering interests in the art of photography and developing the visual communications skill set of students across the country, resulted in a fun filled day where a variety of insightful activities were organised.

exp Day group shot

Students from year 10, 11 and 12 attended the introduction to the day by course director, Daniel Boetker-Smith, who explored the nature of photography today with social tools, such as Instagram. Students were encouraged to think about how they could develop styles that brought out their individuality, while looking at the Instagram channels of high profile photographers from the industry. Daniel introduced them to the vision and techniques of Katrin Koenning, PinkHassov, Thomas Prior and Arto Foto, to highlight the qualities of what it takes to be an image-maker for a successful career in the field. A group workshop session then followed, where teams were led by teachers Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen, with our PSC mentors, Myra, Rachel, Justice and Luke who guided students in brainstorming the ideas, vision and styles of the aforementioned photographers.


Students then ventured out to different iconic spots around the Melbourne CBD – as PSC is located in the flourishing arts and business district, to capture images in the styles of their chosen Instagram photographer. Receiving hands-on feedback from their accompanying teachers and mentors, students who were relatively new to the experience achieved amazing results!

Image by @lesleylu0710

Image by @lesleylu0710

Image by @ceruleaubird in the style of @thomas_prior

Image by @ceruleaubird in the style of @thomas_prior

Image by @jjadephotography

Image by @jjadephotography


Image by @dmichaelw

Image by @dmichaelw

After a fun pizza lunch, where Daniel went through some of the work posted on Instagram by the students, with the hashtag ‘#pscexp’, students were then taken on a tour around our creative campus, where they also interacted with Master Printer Peter Hatzipavlis and our librarian Allison Belcher.



Students were also enabled to have one-on-one sessions with our teachers who are practicing in the industry, nationally as well as internationally. A swift folio-review workshop was arranged where students brought in their folios to receive feedback and comments by our photography icons at PSC. Ideas on how students could further develop their styles were also brainstormed, leaving them inspired to look at their work in different ways and enhance their folio for their final assessments at school.



While students received constructive feedback, they were also led to our studios for a live – shoot, where teacher Michael Warnock gave them tips on how to work with subjects and lighting, in a professional studio environment. Students were quick to follow through, as they experimented with different moods and expressions. They were also introduced to our current Bachelor student, Taylor Ferne Morris and graduate, Lisa Frieling, who were doing their own commercial shoots as well. Secondary students were welcomed to discuss the realities of starting a career in photography and were pleased to hear about the positive outcomes that the industry has to offer, especially after getting a degree from a school like PSC.


The staff at PSC were thrilled to see such enthusiastic secondary students, who were eager to learn as much as they could, while they also found a sense of accomplishment by getting the real-world experience of the photography industry. Students enjoyed the busy and lively city environment of PSC and walked away with a new set of skills and experiences!

To find out more about our campus and courses visit this page. We hope to see you for our next Experience Day!


Working on Personal Expression with Clytie Meredith

Clytie Meredith has finished her first semester at PSC as a part time student. She enjoyed a wonderful folio assessment last week, where a range of her work was showcased to her class and tutors. Her series from the past six months were critiqued and admired by the group; as she displayed a wonderful ability to define her style with a well-developed technical skill set. We took a moment to interview her, in order to find out about how she handled her ‘Personal Expression’ folio, and why she decided to join PSC.

Image by Clytie Meredith

Image by Clytie Meredith

‘Craig gave our class an assignment which was to find an object and photograph it in ten different ways. This was part of our weekly exercise and it really taught me about the power of seeing and capturing things in unique ways. I had so much fun doing this. What was helpful was that we were given guidelines as well as the freedom to experiment and explore the different skills we learnt in class – such as slow shutter speeds and long exposures. It was challenging at times, but worth it as I learnt to shoot in manual settings for the first time. I achieved great results, so I’m really proud.’


Image by Clytie Meredith

Image by Clytie Meredith

‘I’ve always been interested in photography I wanted to explore the art more and develop skills for it. I met someone who studied at PSC and really loved the experience. After looking at a few other places, I came to PSC for a tour and had a short interview with the wonderful people who work here. I loved the photography I saw on the walls of the campus and liked the environment. I just got inspired by everything!’

Image by Clytie Meredith

Image by Clytie Meredith

‘I’m a full-time mother of three children. As my children are getting older, I wanted to do something that was going to benefit my family and myself. I feel that I’m setting a good example for my children by being creative. This is something I value and want them to value as well.’

Image by Clytie Meredith

Image by Clytie Meredith

We are inspired by Clytie’s brilliant folio and words. To share an experience as remarkable as hers, feel free to join our next intake that will be commencing on July 4. Click here to enrol.

At the PrintShop with Matt Porch

2016 finalist for the Photobook Melbourne Photo Award and the Head On Photo Festival award, Matt Portch is an icon in the advertising industry. Matt is the senior designer in one of the most prestigious agencies in the world and has won impressive accolades in the industry from platforms such as ADFEST, MADC, ADMA and Leo Burnett. He also won the ‘Best Landscape’ prize at the CCP Salon in 2015. The PrintShop @ PSC was fortunate to have Matt over to print some of his recent work from the series, ‘Lost America’.

‘I have always been captivated by the American landscape. I grew up on a diet of American culture from the seventies on wards. However, instead of the white picket fence American dream, I’ve always been drawn to its more sombre side. Over the past few decades, the country has witnessed industrial redundancy, economic crisis, natural disasters, terrorism and paranoia. The result of which can be interpreted in a static and multifarious landscape. Towns become a worn-out reminder of when America was building itself a brighter future. These places appear frozen in time, their inhabitants sparse or long since departed. Both the series ‘Lost America’ and ‘Little America’ examine a quiet stillness in a landscape long since forgotten; in a sense ‘on-pause’. The backwater sticks and quiet city corners, now mirroring the vast and lonely wilderness. Feelings of melancholy and emptiness echo details of mundanity in beautiful, unremarkable landscape.’

Image by Matt Portch

Image by Matt Portch

‘I’ve been photographing for over ten years using various cameras, but mainly a DSLR. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago I became inspired by the great large format colour photographers of the seventies. I was fascinated by these seemingly ordinary looking landscapes. The fastidiousness detail captured through the 8×10 film was another character of the image. A simple scene came to life by the meticulous form of capture. I instantly became connected with this ruminative imagery. I discovered a much more manageable digital equivalent of the 8×10 in the form of a technical camera, digital back and precision optics. My preoccupation with the American landscape drew me there for two trips to explore the nature of this new found inspiration. And I’m currently planning a third journey.’

Image by Matt Portch

Image by Matt Portch

‘I process and grade my own images from RAW through to Photoshop, but it’s imperative to get that second opinion. I wasn’t even aware there were printing services for the public at PSC until someone posted a shot of their work on Instagram. When I visited, Peter was full of guidance and very attentive to my files, even adjusting colours, sharpening and offering guidance. Obviously, viewing on your own screen is going to vary greatly from viewing on another, and printing to stock is another step altogether. So to get the expertise of someone like Peter is essential if you’re looking for quality when printing your images. Peter has produced some beautiful prints for me and I hope to continue this relationship with future projects to come. ‘

We thank Matt for his time and welcome you to check out the PrintShop @ PSC. Feel free to make an appointment with our master printer, Peter Hatzipavlis here.

Lucia Rossi Gets Ready To Teach Part Time Students about Design

Lucia Rossi Blog Banner

Lucia Rossi, an accomplished visual artist in Australia, is introducing the concepts of composition and design to our latest group of part time students today! The subject covers the most important aspects of visual communication, enabling students to create powerful images that will have a bigger impact on their audiences, as they learn about composing their ideas within the frame. They will be taught about guiding viewers to understand their subject matter in a clearer and stronger manner. Lucia particularly loves teaching the part time group as she feels that their enthusiasm to hone their photography talents often yields great results.

“What I love seeing in the duration of this course is a steep learning curve. Students end up having so much more control over what they’re communicating with their subjects. It’s great to see this level of transformation during this course.”

Lucia believes that the important thing about her class is to enjoy experimenting with subject matter. She highly encourages her students to have fun while learning about the practical and theoretical aspects of design. This class teaches students key elements in photography within the initial 20 week certificate course. To learn more about our part time course click here. We are excited about having a new group of students in our July 4 intake – so come by for a visit and enrol yourself here.

Meet International Student, Andrew Arismunandar

andrew 1 for blog
Andrew left Indonesia to join PSC a year ago and has already managed to score some amazing attention for his photography as a finalist for Capture Magazine’s Top Emerging Photographer of 2016 (student category). It was his classmate Jame Thorn (also a finalist) who encouraged him, spurring Andrew submit work from his first year folio – which received wonderful feedback for, from his teachers.

Now enjoying the many facets of studio photography and lighting taught at PSC, Andrew is gaining more confidence in learning new things that once intimidated him.

“The teachers here know how to make concepts of photography accessible and easy to master. What I found ‘complicated’ a year ago is now so simple to do. I think it’s related to the way we are taught here. The boundaries between students and teachers are quite blurred, everyone is treated as a friend and that makes learning here really enjoyable.”

Andrew is currently living the exciting inner city life of Melbourne. He’s always on the go and ready to scout new places for projects, which we plan to follow him for in the next few weeks. Although he loves the views and sights, Andrew’s affinity towards Melbourne stems from a more emotional connection.

Image by Andrew Arismunandar

Image by Andrew Arismunandar

“I chose to come to Melbourne because it just feels more like home here. The people are so nice to live and collaborate with. The friendly atmosphere motivates me to create more work, too.”

We can’t wait for more exciting work from Andrew and look forward to showcasing his style and methods in photography – which you can see on his Instagram channel: @andrew_aris893. If you’d like to learn more about being an international student at PSC, click here.

David Merrylees’ Folio Marks Originality in Expression and Technique

We’ve just completed a short season of folio assessments, allowing a range of our students across all levels to showcase their amazingly executed ideas to a panel of guests, teachers and classmates. We have chosen to shine a spotlight on the incredible efforts of those in our part time group, as we have another intake coming up for our courses. Our current student, David Merrylees is a fine example of the creativity that brews at PSC – and he’s definitely a great inspiration to any of you who are either learning photography or are thinking about joining our part time options. Here’s an insightful Q&A with him:

David Merrylees and his work

David Merrylees and his work

About my folio  – ‘Wall Wear’:

I like the idea that we’re surrounded by art; the fabric of the city we live in contains gems that we walk past every day. As a photographer I think it’s our greatest challenge and achievement to show something as it’s never been seen before. A new angle, a new twist; you may have looked at this wall a hundred times, but never seen the beauty it contains. To tell the truth, when I was thinking of folio ideas, I thought that photos of walls would be quite easy…

When I heard that we could print in any way we wanted I was excited by the idea of printing on fabric. I’d seen some large fabric prints at the Ballarat Bienniale in 2013 and had always wanted to give that a try. It only seemed natural then to make the fabric into garments to heighten the focus on my chosen wall textures and colours. My choice of fabric and garment design were made to champion each wall, it was an iterative and intuitive process. My first garments were chosen after the prints were made, but as I went on I was thinking of a particular garment and fabric when I took the photo. It was interesting to explore the constraints that garments put on the image. For instance, choice of garment is limited by the available fabrics and some fabrics don’t print well; also, the size of garment is limited by the print size and the crop of the image happens when the fabric is cut. My images were processed minimally, I want the viewer to see what they’ve been missing, not something I’ve imagined.

Wall Wear by David Merrylees

Wall Wear by David Merrylees

My process of developing a folio and my advice for other student photographers out there:

You can quite literally start a folio about anything, or everything. That can be a bit daunting, so it’s best to start with something that you’re interested in, something simple and part of your life. Try not to get distracted by hearing about someone else’s amazing project. Write your proposal and then just leap in, taking photos every day if you can. Be open to the possibility of changing the idea you start with; listen and look and think. Be prepared to fight for your idea; arguing for your folio will help you to develop your idea further, or perhaps show areas where you can strengthen its message. Although the creative part of a folio is important, don’t overlook practical aspects, there’s no point having a great idea if you can’t deliver it. I set a timetable very early on and then try very hard to stick to it. Not every image will be amazing, don’t worry about that. You’ll probably learn more from your not so good images than your best.


How do I feel about studying at PSC part time?

It’s brilliant! I have always taken photos, but before I started at PSC my “good” photos involved a huge dose of luck or an awesome sunset. With help and inspiration from an amazing bunch of tutors I’m learning to see what I want from an image before I push the shutter. I remember talking with another student in first year about how we would be taught creativity. We were a bit sceptical, in the vein of old dogs and new tricks. Well, after two years, we’re convinced; with a combination of exposure to photography from all over the world, enhancing our technical skills enormously and being pushed by our tutors to new heights we are much more creative. The close examination of every folio I have produced and those of my classmates has given me the language, ideas and structure to take my photography to a higher level.

So if you’re thinking about taking your photography to a higher level, feel free to come by for campus tour, or enrol yourself here.

How Pier Carthew is Taking on the Fashion Industry

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.56.44 PM

Pier Carthew has created quite a stir on our Instagram channel this week, showcasing a vibrant, memorable and eclectic collection of work to our fortunate followers. His recent series is one that will stop the fashion industry in its tracks. 

Here’s why.

Feeling quite cynical of how fashion photography largely revolves around the stereotypical depiction of beauty, Pier has always wanted to inject something new and different to the genre. So when he and his third year classmates were given their latest industry-focus assignment of working towards a client brief, Pier decided to create a folio that would make people look twice.


Before joining PSC, Pier was part of a theatre company that was on an eight-month international tour. He was taking photographs during his adventure and returned to Melbourne with the dreams of taking photography more seriously. He saw this path as an opportunity worth pursuing over acting.

“As an actor you’re always subjected to other people’s ideas and projects, whereas with photography you can really be in charge of your creative vision.” 

Although he did initially feel confident about teaching himself the skills involved, when he toured PSC and saw the campus, he realized that he would learn something invaluable.


The facilities drew me to the school. After meeting with Neil (the teacher) and discovering that he saw great potential in my work at the time, I was driven to join even more. Since being a student here, Neil has really encouraged me to develop strong concepts behind my work and Julie (his third year teacher) has been an invaluable resource as well as pushing me to deliver a very high standard of work. On top of this my experience with shooting in the studios at PSC has been wonderful. I’m happy with the work I’ve produced here, because I now think about photography very differently.”

Pier has been quite impressive with building his network in the photography industry and has also efficiently maintained strong ties with those in the performing arts and television circuit.

He approached Kate Davis, the esteemed co-artistic director of The Rabble, one of Australia’s leading avant-garde contemporary theatre companies that present visually charged imagery for their stage productions. She was excited to be his client for his assignment, stepping in as the stylist for his shoot, and providing the wardrobe from the high-fashion clothing store, Shifting Worlds. The only thing left in the mix were the models, and this is where Pier took charge in implementing his own style and vision to the project.


Pier chose to work with Josh and Zach – two actors who, regardless of their disabilities, are carving great reputations for themselves as powerful performers in Melbourne’s theatre scene.

The shoot proved to be a success, inspiring Shifting Worlds to display Pier’s work at their store very soon. Pier’s client-folio assignment therefore won him a larger opportunity than he expected and he will surely enjoy more attention from the industry, as a result. According to Pier, since being at PSC his work has often led him to more paid assignments in the professional world.

“I now have more commercially viable projects to showcase, which was my main objective coming here. I’m starting to get more work through my theatre and television network now, since showcasing the folio I’ve developed while being at PSC.”


We are definitely proud to have a student like Pier in our community who is creating such exciting work. Be sure to follow this rising talent on Instagram at @pierypier and read more about how you can enhance your own talents in photography with our degree and diploma programs, here.

What’s in Store for the June Image Makers Seminar

Rise of Documentary
Our next Image Makers Seminar (on June 23) will bring us the perspective of highly experienced photojournalists from the ‘Arava in Focus‘ photography delegation of 2016. In collaboration with Partnership2gether (an organisation that focuses on uniting Jewish communities in Australia with those in Israel) the Arava in Focus group will be holding an exhibition from June 19 at Brightspace (level 1, 8 Martin Street, St. Kilda). It will showcase the stories and works of Alex Levac, Gilad Livni and Danny Hadas, who will be present to lead an exciting discussion at our Image Makers Seminar.

Here is a snapshot of our wonderful guests:

Alex Levac

Alex Levac is an iconic photographer who brought the world stories about the Kav 300 Affair and the indigenous communities of the Amazon. He won the Israel Prize in 2005 for his body of work, which displayed his unique depiction of the ‘Israel reality’. Alex has published five books on the culture of Israel and has traveled to Brazil, London, Paris and the United States. His photography has captured different epochs of social changes such as the booming punk culture of London amongst other street scenes and people.


Alex Levac will be accompanied by Gilad Livni – a photographer involved in peace-making projects involving rural communities in the Arava region. He is also the CEO of the Moshav Pharan and is based in Australia, playing a crucial role of increasing the engagement between Israelis in Arava and Australia. Gilad has been a photographer for 40 years and has a lot of experience with landscape photography.

Image by Danny Hadas

Image by Danny Hadas

We will also be joined by Danny Hadas, a resident of the Moshav Pharan region who is dedicated to nature photography and has exhibited his work at Ein Hod Gallery, Roots Gallery and The Bible Museum in Tel Aviv and Beit Yad LaBanim. He has had a successful career with conducting workshops in Southern Israel.

The purpose of our June Image Makers seminar is to discuss the rise of documentary photography in the rapidly changing environment of social media and mobile photography. There will also be a debate about whether there is such a thing as an ‘objective’ image.  We are really excited about hosting this special event in the midst of the Arava in Focus exhibition and series, and invite everyone to enrich their understanding of photojournalism today with a fresh point of view.

Featuring International Student, Charlotte Vignau

Charlotte Headshot

Meet Charlotte Vignau, our second year Bachelor Degree student who has joined us all the way from Toulouse, France! She is a valuable part of our growing cluster of international students who have chosen to study photography in our award winning institution.

Here’s a snapshot of why Charlotte enjoys being at PSC and living in Melbourne:

‘I enjoy everything at PSC. I feel that there’s a real space for creativity at this college, and the teachers really work hard to put us on the path we want to be on as photographers.’

Image by Charlotte Vignau, from her current folio series

Image by Charlotte Vignau, from her current folio series

‘I fell in love with Melbourne on my first visit. I really love the artistic, young and energetic ambience of the city. When I came to look at PSC I decided that learning photography from the school would be my aim for moving to Melbourne. My favourite place here is Sandringham Beach – I love the rough landscape of the cliffs by the sea. I also really like Fitzroy, as there’s always something nice to find there.’

Charlotte is currently working on her first folio submission at PSC. Her series is inspired by the story of Medusa and makes use of high-quality concepts to portray her perspective on the mythology. Charlotte’s creativity follows a detailed work process, involving research and planning. We admire her style and wish her all the best for the coming weeks!

How Charlotte plans her shoots

How Charlotte plans her shoots

Behind the scenes with Charlotte at the studio

Behind the scenes with Charlotte at the studio

We love having Charlotte in the PSC family and look forward to sharing more updates about her work and journey. To find out more information about learning with us, visit our website.