PSC Students and Wikipedia join forces


IMAGE: Destiny Deacon


As part of our Bachelor Course our 1st year students have been actively improving the representation of Australian photography on WIKIPEDIA.
Students have been researching and authoring WIKIPEDIA articles on some of Australia’s great photographers from the past and present, contributing to a richer representation of this country’s fascinating and complex photographic history.

Well done 1st years !!!

Check out Hannah Nikkelson’s great article on Destiny Deacon

Others in the project are articles on HH Tilbrook, Ruth Maddison, Alice Mills and one of PSC’s founders, John Cato.

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  1. James McArdle
    James McArdle says:

    This is a brilliant initiative for which PSC should be applauded. Australian photographers on Wikipedia have been few and the fact that students are being asked to contribute to a body of knowledge is an excellent impetus toward original research and a laudable pedagogical innovation.

    Personally, I am thrilled to see John Cato given the recognition he deserves, for example.

    Could this be extended to later years in the course as well? The standard of the entries is generally good, but some tend to use hyperbole inappropriate to an Encyclopedia, and information could be verified with more referencing. Others editors will eventually fix such faults, but it is all the better if the initial article avoids such shortcomings. It requires considerable time to do the background research on a Wikipedia entry, let alone deal with its clunky interface. In some instances the effort is something one would normally expect of Honours theory project. I hope that might be considered, both in crediting the first year students involved thus far and in future placement of this exercise in later years of the program?


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