New PSC Pop Up Exhibition

Podium Level Alcove Gallery 

PSC has a new pop up exhibition at Southgate featuring some of our students award winning images from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography national industry awards. At  these awards PSC was award Australian Tertiary Photography Institution of the Year for the fourth year in a row!


Image by Celine Pearse

  Check it out at Southgate!

PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Catherine Bailey, Bachelor Pathway, 2014-2015
ASSIGNMENT: Final Folio: ‘Vinyl Revival’
COMMENT: I’m working on my year-long final creative project: a series of vinyl record covers. These are 12x12inch snippets of eclecticism exploring themes of transience, absence and consumerism.
This image is from the first ‘work-in-progress’ instalment and was informed by the colours of the Pink Floyd album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. It reflects my feeling that music has become somewhat transient – it’s easy to dismiss when you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it. We devour music, but often don’t consider it to be a physical product, preferring to download it as digital content. In doing so, we often miss out on the tactile experience the artist might have intended us to have.


Highlights from the Opening of Fresh 14

Fresh 14 opening night on Friday 21 November at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery was the highlight of the year for the art major students.

After much dedication and hard work throughout the year, it is rewarding to finally see their finished work on display. A wonderful evening was had by all, filled with good cheer and celebration.

Congratulations to the 23 students in this show. Fresh 14 runs until Sunday 7th December. Visit the PSC website for further details.






Images by Andrew Hardy.

‘Take A Look At My Photobook’ Exhibition

Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
395 Gore Street

Exhibition opening: 6-8pm Friday 28 November 2014
Exhibition dates: Thursday to Sunday 11am-6pm until 6 December 2014

The second year Bachelor of Photography students will be showcasing their handmade photobooks for you to see, touch, and experience this Friday. ‘Take a Look at My Photobook’ showcases an array of different approaches to photographic self-publishing.

emily renna

Image by Emily Renna

PSC Students Selected for Internships at the Age

Five students from the 2014 Photojournalism Major class have been selected by Picture Editor Leigh Henningham for summer internships at The Age.

Greg Briggs, Emma Morgan, Melissa Davis, Salona Chithiray and Sunny Nyssen will work a normal five-day roster for four weeks over the summer. This is an excellent opportunity for these emerging photographers to use their skills in a real world context.


Leading a sheep

Early spectators

Images by Greg Briggs

Two girls protest the policing of women's bodies.

Image by Melissa Davis

Call for entries: LensCulture Exposure Awards 2014

The LensCulture Exposure Awards 2014 is an international competition that aims to discover and showcase the best photographers from all over the world. Share your images with the world for a chance at over $10,000 in awards, as well as a world-class exhibition in London and massive exposure to our global audience of over 900,000. Our international jury of notable industry professionals will select six top winners in two categories and 25 finalists. These are our largest international awards of the year and YOU are invited to submit your best photographs and get worldwide recognition.


From the series ‘Greenland’ © Ciril Jazbec
Honorable Mention, Exposure Awards 2013

Check out the website for further details.

Jo Scicluna Wins Pat Corrigan AM Acquisitive Award at the CCP Salon

Thanks to Jo Scicluna, Winner of this year’s Pat Corrigan AM Acquisitive Award at the Centre for Contemporary Photography Salon, for this glowing testimonial about the process of printing her winning image Where I have always been (an Island) #4 2014, here at the Printshop@PSC.

“Peter Hatzipavlis played a vital role in the development and completion of the work, ‘Where I Have Always Been (An Island) #4’, 2014. This work consists of a sculptural collage of two different landscape images. The process of achieving a balance between integrating the two images tonally, and also emphasising the obvious difference between each image, involved a series of tests. This process displayed Peter’s sensitivity to my conceptual intentions, and allowed me to make an informed series of decisions. The print quality exceeded my expectations and the use of the cotton rag stock supported my photo-sculptural intentions. ”

Jo Scicluna


Fresh 14 – PSC Art Major Exhibition

Yarra Sculpture Gallery
117 Vere Street

Exhibition opening: 6-9pm Friday 21 November 2014
Exhibition dates: Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm, 22 November – 7 December 2014

Fresh 14 showcases the work of our art major students. With a diverse range of themes and ideas, this group exhibition demonstrates passion and commitment resulting in haunting, enchanting and sometimes whimsical work.
Fresh 14 invite

Bachelor Graduation 2014

This week we had the graduation ceremony for our second group of Bachelor of Photography students. It was a wonderful celebration for the graduates, their families and the PSC community.

This was the second group of graduates to complete the Bachelor Pathway program and they produced a diverse body of still and moving images and research projects. Congratulations to the Bachelor of Photography class of 2014!

_BNW0834 copy

Getting robed up and ready to graduate

_BNW0966 copy

Academic Board Address by Dr Robin Williams

_BNW1004 copy

Tracy Nicholas giving the Graduate Response

GRAD 14-054 copy 2

Graduating class of 2014 with PSC teacher Mauro Risch

GRAD 14-028 copy

PSC Senior Fellow Dr Michael Coyne with Members of the Academic Board – Dr Laura Hougaz, Dr Robin Williams, Ms Jenny Heron, & Dr Les Horvat  (Absent: Professor Belinda Probert & Professor Chris Ryan)

Student Profile – Sean McDonald

Start one of our part time photography courses in 2015 and you could be living the dream like our part time student Sean McDonald.  Sean used to work in a full time corporate job – now he has his own business specialising in music and fashion photography.

The Quarters-1

‘The Quarters’ – Sean McDonald

Read about Sean’s journey below:

What was your first impression of PSC?

Overwhelming! Seemed to be lots of talented people and I remember thinking how little I knew about photography.

What do you like most about PSC?

I love being in an environment geared towards helping me get better at the craft of photography. I love engaging with the teachers and their experience but most of all the strong bond formed amongst peers to help drive each other. It’s a very creative passionate environment.

What is your favourite class?

I most enjoyed the studio sessions, getting hands on and learning new skills/techniques.

How different is your photography & conceptual skill now compared to the first week of the course?

Drastically different. When I first started I found my main thought process was on my camera settings and trying to figure out how to control shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture. Now that, along with framing etc comes second nature and my thought process is more on the subject matter and trying to engage with them and draw out emotion.

What has been your greatest challenge and achievement whilst studying at PSC?

Definitely juggling a demanding full time job was the greatest challenge. But if you love what your doing enough you find a way to push through. Also getting out of my comfort zone of being more of a fly on the wall type shooter to shooting weddings etc has been a challenge early on but now I feel very comfortable with that which is a good achievement.

What kind of photography work have you done during your time at PSC?

I now do a lot of corporate work including many events, product shots, portraits, images for brochures, as well as corporate videos. That is my main income now and I also do weddings, press shots for bands and music videos which are a bit more creative but pay a little less. From a personal side I’m continuing to push my portraits and editorial type work and I am always shooting live music.

What is your dream job? 

Dream job is just being able to make a comfortable living as a photographer. I enjoy working with people the most so maybe having my own studio would be great and getting to travel for work but to be honest I already feel like I’m living the dream. I was able to give up my corporate day job and do just photography and I’m actually surviving!

What advice would you give to future students?

Make the effort to learn the fundamentals in the first 2 years. Shoot, shoot, shoot, every shoot I’ve done I have learnt something new, the more you shoot the quicker you develop. Do the things you’re most afraid of and get out of your comfort zone. Take every opportunity, I have had so many experiences where I have gone out of my way to do a job that at the time I felt was a waste of time and it always leads to something great. It’s also very important to build your network should you want to go into full time photography.


Do something you really love next year! Visit our website for more information or book in for a personalised discussion and tour.