Photojournalism Update

Creative Flash Workshop

Final year Photojournalism major students lit up the city on Saturday in an all-day creative flash workshop with Scott McNaughton and Bill Bachman. First year students Caitlyn Maffescioni, Sarah Harris, Levi Lower, Harrison Binstead, Hung Dao, Marianna Khaled, Niamh Donohue and Jon Gruber volunteered to play roles such as fashion designer, property developer, urban gardener and street artist. Briefs describing the subject and location were issued to the final year students, who then worked in pairs to interpret and shoot each assignment.

Scroll down to see some of the images that resulted.

Street Artist – Michelle Holt

Street Artist – Salona Chithiray

Property Developer – Andrew Hardy

Fashion Designer – Emily Loughnan

City Gardener – Emma Stone

Photographer – Salona Chithiray

Photographer – Sunny Nyssen

Write for Publication

Photojournalism majors do an eight-week unit called “Write for Publication” in their final semester. Designed to put the journalism back into photojournalism, this course teaches basic writing skills to help students prepare work for publication in the editorial world.

To tell this year’s class more about that world, four highly-regarded editors visited PSC last Tuesday – Justine Costigan (Hardie Grant Media, specializing in a variety of titles ranging from travel to urban lifestyle), Jeremy Bourke (Royal Auto Magazine, which is delivered monthly to the homes of around 1.3 million Victorian members of the RACV), Emma Ryan and Ged Bulmer (Bauer Media, Australia’s largest magazine publisher – both work in the Trader division, specializing in motor sport, boating, camping and caravanning).

Justine Costigan (Hardie Grant Media), Jeremy Bourke (Royal Auto Magazine), Emma Ryan & Ged Bulmer (Bauer Media)

Text and photos by Bill Bachman.

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