Celebrating our first Bachelor of Photography Graduates

Last night was a historic occasion for PSC as we held our first graduation ceremony for the Bachelor of Photography. It was a great celebration for the graduates, their families and the PSC community. Congratulations to the Bachelor of Photography class of 2013!

The procession of Graduands & members of the Academic Board

Sarah Lynch making the Graduate Response

2013 Bachelor of Photography Graduates

Managing Director Julie Moss with members of the Academic Board – Dr Les Horvat, Ms Jenny Heron, Dr Robin Williams & Professor Chris Ryan (Absent: Professor Belinda Probert)

Fresh 13 is Open!

Congratulations to our final year art major students and teacher Sarina Lirosi on a fabulous exhibition opening on Friday night. Fresh 13 showcases the talent and efforts 19 students exploring themes of beauty, perception, journeys and identity.

It was wonderful to see so many current and past students, teachers, mentors , family and friends engage with the exhibition and show their support.

Photos by Andy Hardy

Fresh 13 is open until 8 December check out the website for further details.

CCP Salon 13 Opens Tonight

PSC is delighted to support the CCP Salon 2013 by sponsorship of the category: Best Fashion Image Prize. We look forward to the opening of the Salon exhibition this evening and wish all entrants well.
Check out our Facebook page for a video of the installation or the Salon 13 website for more information.

New Speedlight Accessory Kits in the PSC Studio

John Swainston from Maxwell International has kindly donated two Rogue Master Lighting Kits to the PSC studio. These kits contain a variety of accessories for use with speedlights and will be used during classes and made available for students to hire. Thanks John!

The Rogue Master Lighting Kit includes:

1 x Large FlashBender Reflector
1 x Large Diffusion Panel
1 x Small FlashBender Reflector
1 x Bounce Card/Flag
1 x Universal Gel Kit
1 x 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid
1 x Rogue Grid Gel Kit

Email Dru at studio@psc.edu.au to arrange to hire a kit or for more information.


Student Profile – Donna Stevens

Name: Donna Stevens
Current year level: Final year Advanced Diploma student – Art Major

Current Employment/Position:
Commercial photographer.

Are you doing the course for a career or as a hobby?
Show me the money. The school has been so instrumental in my new­found photographic career.

Describe your first impression of PSC.
My first impression was impressed.

What do you like most about PSC?
The studio. It’s a large white space full of unimaginable creativity.

How much time do you put in outside of class each week?
Loads. I’m constantly meeting with subjects, making backgrounds, organising props, drawing ideas, or scheduling studio time.

Compared to the beginning of the course, how different is your photography & conceptual skill now?
Technically I was rubbish. Studio gear was scary. Now I’ll happily play around with all of the gear.

What has been your most valuable learning experience?
To create work layered with meaning and not just pretty pictures. As photographers, technique is nothing without strong ideas.

What has been your greatest challenge whilst studying?
Holding a baby and a camera at the same time.

Tell us about your experiences with mentor and client projects.
I love my mentors. One is a curator and one an artist. They’ll tell you when your ideas need work and encourage you when you’re on the right path. I’ve learnt people are very giving of their time.

What advice would you give to future students?
Bug your favourite photographer for an assisting job. Be friendly to the PSC staff. Volunteer at the CCP.


Student Profile – Shaun Tanner

Name: Shaun Tanner
Current year level: First year part time Advanced Diploma student

Describe your first impression of PSC?
From the minute I saw there was an open day I was there. I was impressed with the setup and layout PSC has. All the knowledge and resources to help grow and develop your new found skills were all contained within PSC. The perfect place to learn photography

What do you like most about PSC?
What I like most about the college is the experience and knowledge of the lecturers at your disposal. Also, the college has the perfect mix of theory and simply head out and shoot. The best way to learn is to get out there and shoot. Once you’re done, you bring your images to class and share with the class and teacher and get invaluable feedback. It’s a great learning environment.

Where did your photography interest come from and when did it begin?
I’ve always had a desire to capture images. I often thought I needed a better camera, but that all changed on a holiday overseas with my shiny new DSLR. I then realized, it wasn’t the camera. It’s me. Maybe I needed to learn how to use it and then I was completely hooked. The birth of my first child cemented it for life. I love it.

How different is your photography & conceptual skill now compared to the first week of the course?
I can see a positive change in my photography. Both technically and creatively. I have done a few short courses years before PSC and they put me in good stead, although it certainly wasn’t necessary. PSC was the perfect place for me to develop those skills further. I’ve already had some paid work using what I have learnt. It’s a great environment to learn, shoot and get feedback every week on current images in a classroom environment with your newly formed friendships and teachers with industry experience.

What has been your greatest challenge / achievement whilst studying at PSC?
The greatest challenge personally was capturing images of people I have never met before out on the street. I was comfortable technical wise, settings etc, but going up to a complete stranger and asking if I could take their photograph. This was a large part of the core work to present images such as these. At the same time however, once over the very first hurdle it is actually quite easy and a lot of fun to get images of people. I quite enjoy it.

What advice would you give to future students?
Any advice I would give would be to not sweat the little things. Take what you’ve learned and get out there and just shoot. Don’t fall in the trap of trying to learn too much at once. Only if the camera and equipment you currently own is holding your photography back should you upgrade. Learn and master what you’ve been taught with what you have. With the skills learned at PSC you can apply that knowledge to any equipment.

Enrolments are open for part time study in 2014. Visit the our website for more information and contact us to arrange a tour of PSC.

Imagined Histories – Age Review

Congratulations to Bachelor Pathway graduate on a great write up in the Age for ‘Imagined Histories’. Read the full article on the Age website and check out our recent post for exhibition details.

Careers Teachers Visit PSC

We enjoyed hosting a group of careers teachers at PSC today. The teachers viewed our graduates work, found out about our courses and practiced their modeling skills in our studios! Thanks for coming, we hope to see you and your students at PSC in the future!

Images by Craig Wetjen

Second Semester Folio Presentations

Folio presentations are underway! Our first year Bachelor of Photography students were the first group to get started and have impressed us with their concepts and skills. Bachelor students continue to present tomorrow and the Advanced Diploma students will get started – all the best and congratulations on a great semester!

First year student Olivia Mroz presents her folio

Images by Craig Wetjen

Fresh 13

Yarra Sculpture Gallery
117 Vere Street

Exhibition opening: 6-9pm Friday 22 November 2013
Exhibition dates: Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm, 23 November – 8 December 2013

Preparations continue for Fresh 13, the art major students end of year exhibition opening in a few weeks.

Fresh 13 is a unique, interactive exhibition showcasing the photographic talents of 19 graduates. Their collections touch upon formidable realities such as climate change and the interference within 21st century perception – objective record or subjective viewpoint? Also included in the exhibition are works exploring the dark undercurrents of the human psyche – our ever-­‐shifting sense of identity and self-­‐worth. These inherent topics are echoed through a variety of means from large-­‐scale photography prints to projection art and printed silks, further entrenching the viewer in each artist’s piece.

Emma McEvoy has already had her talents recognised and was awarded ‘Australian Student Photographer of the Year’ at this years 2013 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards.

Emma will be presenting her series entitled, Beneath The Weight Of It All, which explores the dubious balance between the darkest of human emotions and the light within such fragile beings. This intuitive series has a particular focus on the feminine consciousness and emotional struggles, with images illustrating the poignant connection between hurt and healing, ultimately illuminating the light and darkness within us all. “It’s the ones with cracks that the light shines through.” ­‐ Emma McEvoy

Image by Emma McEvoy