PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Sophie Pigram, First Year, Bachelor Of Photography
ASSIGNMENT: Major Folio Tier 2 : ‘D E F A C E D’
COMMENT: In this series I am reflecting upon my experiences as an adolescent and the struggle of finding an identity in this particular stage of life. It is a collection of work that focuses on the way people subconsciously project their least desired attributes onto others and in turn cast them out for these qualities. From this, I have created physical representations of the internal self that translate the struggle to find ones place in the world.

Music Video Premiere

This week we were treated to the premiere screening of the second year students music videos. Throughout the semester they have been exploring the world of moving image, developing new techniques and skills and were asked to use these skills to produce a music video linked to their end of semester folio.

For many it was their first time capturing moving footage and it was great to see such high quality pieces using a variety of techniques. Although challenging at times students said they enjoyed the opportunity to become ‘moving image makers’, take their skills to a new level and develop their editing techniques.

The variety of music video genres was fantastic and it was interesting to see their folio concepts expressed in uniques ways. There were also a number of fun cameo appearances by staff and students which were especially entertaining – who knew we had such fine actors walking our corridors! Well done!

Independent Photography Festival 2013

The Melbourne Independent Photography Festival (IPF) opens this Saturday 2 November. The festival is a celebration of independent photography and features a series of talks, workshops, exhibitions including a hands-on photo book making workshop this Sunday with some of Melbourne most exciting young photographers.

Another  festival highlight is a Photobook and Zine Fair on Saturday 9 November, featuring Australia’s most exciting photo book producers – from high-end perfect bound coffee table books, to $2 BW saddle-stitched zines, and everything in between. If you want to find out whats happening in photography in Melbourne – get along to this. You can also submit your own photo books to the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive at this event.

Image from Independent Photography Festival website

From the organisers:

‘While we’re eternally grateful to The Internet for the infinite platform it gives us to connect, collaborate and communicate, we feel that for too long our altogether analogue, manual and physical practice has been confined to blogs, tumblrs and dedicated websites. IPF hopes to bring together the living, breathing artists and creatives who make up our inclusive but nowadays very screen-based discipline. The program introduces hard-working, autonomous, passionate, and progressive photographers who are creating for the love of shooting and shooting for the love of creating.’

Check out the website for full program details.

Student Profile – Peter Lawrence

Name: Peter Lawrence
Current year level: First year Advanced Diploma student

Describe your first impression of PSC.
The dominant impression was the quality of the student images hanging on the walls. I wanted to be able to make images like that.

What do you like most about PSC?
It’s hard to narrow down to a single, dominant positive but if I had to pick one I think it would be the emphasis on producing a coherent body of work rather than just a collection of individually good images. As one of the tutors put it, “learning to let go of one great image because it didn’t fit within the folio”.

Where did your photography interest come from and when did it begin?
Photography is a new hobby for me. It started 2 years ago when I bought my first DSLR. As a student I had done some monochrome photography using film in optical and electron microscopes – but that was nearly 40 years ago!

How different are your photography & conceptual skill now compared to the first week of the course?
The difference is enormous really. I went through school being told I had no visual arts aptitude, largely because I could neither draw nor paint, and so I came to PSC viewing photography as an essentially documentary medium. What I’ve learned is that through photography I can express an artistic faculty, albeit primitive, that I never knew I had.

What has been your greatest challenge / achievement whilst studying at PSC?
Producing a series of images with a common, identifiable theme. Having an idea for an image is one thing but having an idea that can sustain ten or more images is a whole other challenge.

What advice would you give to future students?
It’s fine to start the course with a clear view of what you want to achieve but come with an open mind. You might discover opportunities you never expected ­ both within and outside PSC.

Enrolments are open for part time study in 2014. Visit the our website for more information and contact us to arrange a tour of PSC.

National Geographic Turns 125!

National Geographic magazine is currently celebrating its 125th year of publication with a series of special events and articles.

Photojournalism major coordinator Bill Bachman writes:

‘As you venture further into the world of photography – no matter what your inclination or specialisation – if there is one publication you should subscribe to, this is it. How come? Well, if for no other reason, for the quality of the images and information it has brought to lounge rooms the world over since 1888. Throughout that century-and-a-quarter, it has had a major influence on visual communication; that tradition continues in new and different ways as digital technology broadens and speeds up the ways in which we interact as human beings on Planet Earth. Even if you never leave Planet Melbourne, you can still travel the world with National Geographic.’

Check out the following links and and have a look on newsstands for the October “Photography Issue”.

Stories with risk, beauty, nature, quirk & exploration

National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary

Memorable Moments in National Geographic’s 125 Years

Amber McCaig – Imagined Histories

Edmund Pearce Gallery
Level 2, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street

Exhibition dates: 6 – 23 November 2013

‘Using a combination of portraits and still life elements, Amber recreates an exploration into the idea of identity and imagination, providing an insight into what it is like to live out fantasies in everyday life. Laden with armour, treasure chests, maps and lore, these fantasies show the power of our imagination and what is possible if we dare to dream.’

Amber recently completed the Bachelor Pathway program and won the BIFB Portfolio Review Prize.Visit the website for further information.

An Evening with Andrew Chapman & Melanie Faith Dove

PSC students, staff and friends were inspired by the stories of documentary photographers Andrew Chapman and Melanie Faith Dove last night. Melanie, a PSC graduate, and Andrew shared the stories behind the images in their new book Working Dogs and spoke about making positive in-roads in the Australian doumentary community.

Andrew shared his passion for the outback and rural life, entertained us with stories of hanging out of aeroplanes and other feats to ‘get the shot’.  He also spoke about his books Woolsheds and The Shearers. Melanie encouraged students to get out there and pursue the stories, sharing how her decision to be spontaneous and pursue a story has subsequently opened exciting doors for her both locally and internationally.

Images by Michael Coyne

The Melbourne launch of Working Dogs is this Sunday 27 October at Collingwood Children’s Farm. There will be working dog demonstrations and the opportunity to meet authors and photographers Andrew and Melanie.  Check out the Facebook page for more information.

New to the Hub

Tom Putt has kindly donated a number of books to the Hub featuring stunning scenery and the fun Woof! series. Thanks Tom!


Fresh 13 – Art Major Exhibition

Yarra Sculpture Gallery
117 Vere Street

Exhibition opening: 6-9pm Friday 22 November 2013
Exhibition dates: Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm, 23 November – 8 December 2013

The art major students are frantically preparing for their graduate exhibition. With a diverse range of themes and ideas, this group exhibition showcases each students’ unique projects.

Image by Emma McEvoy

Artist Talk – Melinda Gibson

Edmund Pearce Gallery
Level 2, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street

Date: Thursday 21 November
Time: 6:30pm

There will also be a full day workshop on Wednesday 20 November. Visit the website for further details.