PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Marion Abada, 3rd Year PT
ASSIGNMENT: 3rd Year, 1st Semester Folio – Solace
COMMENT: The idea behind this folio was to explore the concept of ‘solace’ in the context of the spaces created within Melbourne’s oldest and most significant churches and cathedrals.   I wanted to focus on the architecture itself and how the design of these buildings has created spaces that continue to inspire awe, reflect power and provide comfort and respite to those that need it.    The biggest challenge I had in creating these images was the huge tonal range of church interiors.  Lots of bright window lights and dark corners meant I needed to bracket images and HDR process (Photomatrix) before adding back selective contrast, highlights and darkening off areas to get the final images feeling the way I wanted.   I learnt a lot while creating this series.  With the constant presence of church tour guides walking the aisles, I also learnt heaps about the spaces themselves too.  Did you know that the architect for St Patricks Cathedral could not be convinced to leave England to design or oversee the building of our city’s most famous cathedral?