Remember our little old log cabin & A Frame at Chewton?

Remember our little old log cabin & A Frame at Chewton? Its gone ‘Green”!! Here’s a call to arms for anyone who wants a day in the bush!!

Longer term PSC students and many graduates will remember our rural Chewton campus (complete with log cabin) and the weekend photographic workshops (through rain and shine) amid the fascinating and historic gold field landscapes….

A number of students have asked if we are still running those workshops.

The answer is that currently its been “put out to pasture” so to speak due to its rather ‘rustic’ facilities and costly maintenance involved in battling gorse bush and blackberry.

As part of our passion for regenerating the property, we have recently become involved in a Landcare program, linking other properties in the local community in being a “beacon” for sustainable landcare management and weed control (isn’t that what every good photography college does?).

This has resulted in us hosting seed collection days and assisting other members of the community revegetate their land with good native seedlings and plants. Now its our turn to have the community assist us to do the same

Sunday 29 April at 10.30 am is G(reen) day at PSC Chewton!!

It’s a great photo opportunity (for a photo essay etc ) and also for anyone who wants to “go rural” and have a day in the bush!

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Hope to see you there.  (we’ll provide gloves for any PSC volunteers!) and the familiar BBQ lunch..

Any queries? Talk to Jon at PSC on 96823191 or