10 Questions for PSC’s Tutor Bill Bachman

1.What did you want to be when you grew up?


2. When did you decide to pursue photography as a career?

I graduated with a degree in Japanese language then retreated to Mt Buller where I worked for a season as a ski instructor, and wrote a few articles about my experiences there. The first question a magazine editor asked me was “Do you have any photos to go with the words?” When another editor asked me the same question a few months later, I figured they were trying to tell me something, so I bought an Olympus OM-1 and three lenses. Eventually I enrolled in a part-time course at PSC. For several years I juggled roles as a writer, editor, photographer, production manager and advertising salesman, but eventually photography won out.

3. Do you think you have your own style of photography, if so, what is it about your photos that stand out?

Strong colours and (mostly) simple compositions. When shooting for editorial purposes, the images are usually telling some sort of story and need to be eye-catching, easy to read and inter-connective.

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PSC Weekly Wrap

STUDENT: Fabian Meli, Final year part time commercial
ASSIGNMENT: Final year, Sem 1 folio
STUDENT COMMENT: The image is from a portraiture series for my final year first semester folio. The concept was to return with some true to life portraits of individuals, I had crossed paths with in life. I wanted the images to have deep blacks and higher than normal levels of contrast for the dramatic effect and gritty punch whilst capturing the person I know to exist under any facade the individual portrays.
Having spent quite a bit of time at live events around Melbourne developing my skills where the performances are a little adhoc and you have little to no control over lighting, always working with what you have in a venue, I wanted to return to the Studio to slow it down, nothing makes me happier then collaborating with other creative individuals and seeing where the process takes you.