10 Questions for PSC’s Coordinator of Digital Programs Craig Shell

Representing a broad range of photographic skill and experience, Craig now concentrates his professional efforts toward educating the photographers of tomorrow. After 15 years of advertising photography, having been printed and published world wide, and a winner of 5 advertising awards, Craig felt he has achieved enough in the commercial world and now enjoys a Fine Art led practice. Having recently completed a Masters in Fine Art (MFA), “Trauma Imagery- Documenting the Views from Hell”, Craig has keen interest in the investigation of memory effect and the passages of time within the linguistical application and reading of the photographic language.

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

An Airline pilot

2. When did you decide to pursue photography as a career?

I had always loved photography from an early age and it was in my early 20’s when I realized I could make a career of it.

3. Do you think you have your own style of photography, if so, what is it about your photos that stand out ?

I think we all have a photographic style and I am no exception, however, I am always trying new aesthetics, therefore, my style has evolved with the times.

4. What are the most important influences that have moved you as a photographer?

Albert Watson – a brilliant photographer who is blind in one eye !

5. How do you define success, and what keeps you going?

To be recognized for something you enjoy.

6. a What was your worst client experience?

Clients who have gone bankrupt whilst owing me money.

6. b What was your best client experience?

So many good experiences it’s hard to name just one. Meeting personalities, famous bands, significant people and politicians. Being involved in large advertising campaigns. Winning advertising awards. I once spent an afternoon with Red Symons in my studio office talking life, drinking coffee and doing geek things on computers.

7. If you could have only one camera and lens, which would you choose and why?

Any quality 35 mm body with a great 24mm lens

8. If you were to give one piece of advise, what would it be?

Be yourself, follow your heart.

9. What hangs on your walls? Do you collect the work of other artists?

I have many items on my walls, some of my work, some from others and some from where, I do not know.

10. What are some fun facts about you that may or may not be directly related to your work?

I have travelled overseas every year for the last 20 years. I like to cook. I love eating chocolate. Maltesers are awesome ! I have snow boarded down an active volcano.