Final year PSC students stencilling assignment

As part the ‘New Media Subject’, final year PSC students recently worked on a stencilling assignment exploring the idea of how technology changes the aesthetics of image making. These art pieces can be viewed along the back wall of the PSC building on Fawkner Street.

Student Alexandria Bencinich wrote the following about her experience:

‘Stencil making is a form of image making most of us third years had yet to delve in.  It was good to be hands on cutting out our stencil, (even though cramps set in after the five minutes) opposed to clicking away on a mouse.

The process involved some quick photo adjustments, a 30x30cm print (courtesy of Peter) and some precision with a stanley knife to create our desired image.
Then the fun part came; choosing your space on the College’s back wall, grabbing the black spray can and making your mark.

Student’s stencils varied from portraits of family and friends to animals to artistic creations. I like Jess M’s stencil of a skull with text, and Liane’s and Chloe Carbine’s attention to detail.

I like the idea of not knowing when my image will disappear and how it is waterproof.

Check out the following site for more images.


PSC Teacher Bill Bachman featured in Australian Art Education

The Australian Art Education Journal Vol.33 features PSC teacher Bill Bachman’s involvement with the ‘Line Dance Project’. This project aimed to explore the concepts of line. Bill created  the workshops for children called Animal, Vegetable, Mineral- Worlds within Worlds where he discussed with them his work as a photographer and how a photographer can view the world in a unique. Along with Bill’s workshops the children saw Federation Square, National Gallery of Victoria and the Ian Potter Gallery as part of the project.

Sarina Lirosi’s new exhibition “BEST BEFORE”

Sarina Lirosi PSC Coordinator: Art Specialisation new exhibition “Best Before”

45 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic. 3000
Exhibition Dates: 24 August- 3rd September 2011
Tues-Fri 11-5pm,  Sat 12-4pm


BEST BEFORE is an exhibition consisting of used and discarded soaps depicting images of body parts. The soaps are the donations from friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues. Personal soaps that have been used to specifically wash their bodies are donated only at the very point of being considered expired. Coming in all shapes, sizes, shades and scents, the soaps are covered with Polaroid skins depicting human skin, folds, body bits, moles and hair.  Each piece of soap is identified and titled by its donation date.

These worn down soaps combined with body bits and pieces remind me of how absurd life can become when the human body malfunctions.


PSC Silent Auction- Friday 5 August 2011

The atmosphere was electric at the PSC Art Major Silent Auction. Such an outstanding quality of work on display created a bidding frenzy!

All guests enjoyed a sociable Friday night and well done to the Art Major students and Art Specialisation Coordinator Sarina Lirosi for organising such a profitable night….

Stages: Sophia Szilagyi Exhibition

James Makin Gallery
67 Cambridge Street,
Collingwood VIC 3066
Exhibition Dates: 4th August to 27th August
Tues to Fri 10am – 5.30pm, Sat 11am – 5pm

New works by Sophia Szilagyi now showing at James Makin Gallery.
Haunting images will transport you to another world!

“Sophia Szilagyi’s imagery evokes the natural world and imbues it with an emotional resonance through the artists skilful manipulation of diametrically opposed elements. Fear, wonder, and danger exist in these images that capture the beauty and grandeur found in the physical world, while also charting an internal topography.” – Marguerite Brown

PSC Graduate Josie Lee in Collection Magazine

See PSC Graduate Josie Lee’s work published in the Collection Magazine, out tomorrow. This beautiful magazine is produced in Melbourne and you can buy it Mag Nation! Check out the website.