Focus on PSC Teachers

Bill Bachman

Bill has been involved with PSC as a guest lecturer and external industry assessor over many years. This year we’re very pleased to welcome Bill as part of our first year teaching team. In 2010, Bill’s work featured prominently in two books: Twenty-Five Years of Australian Geographic Photography (he has been a contributing photographer since the journal’s first issue in 1986) and Focus on Australia, a multiphotographer project designed to provide a portrait of contemporary Australia through the eyes of users of Panasonic’s LUMIX range of digital cameras. He also was unit stills photographer on the set of Small Time Gangster, a TV series set to screen on the Movie Network in April. His photographs from an earlier book, Local Colour, were recently exhibited at the Melbourne Hilton at South Wharf.


Elli Ioannou

Final year Career Direction & Mentor Program teacher Elli Ioannou has recently returned from a 3 month residency in Milan, Italy. While there she was freelancing, working on her Masters folio and generally gaining inspiration! Elli’s new exhibition “via arena/ hidden heroes” straight from showing in Milan, is a series of photographs and video incorporating motion, design and graphics exploring the concept of male beauty and the Adonis archetype.

Exhibition details: Leopold’s Empire 1 City Sq, 44-86 Swanston St, Melbourne 17 -27 March


Liliana Barbieri

As part of PSC’s commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing learning environment, this year Liliana Barbieri will be taking on the role of Learning Support Teacher. In this role she will be providing support to students who require additional assistance with their learning and the tertiary environment. She will be available to both part time and full time students. She is currently available at 5pm one hour before her Apply Design classes and at other times for full time students. Please contact Liliana at


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