PSC welcomes Peter Hatzipavlis as our new Digital Centre Production Manager

PSC is very pleased to welcome Peter Hatzipavlis as our new Digital Centre Production Manager. Peter comes to us from Prisms Imaging with extensive photographic and digital imaging expertise and a wealth of experience in digital printing, digital camera, web technologies and advanced computer and software solutions. He has a passion for all things photographic and a thorough understanding of the industry. Peter is keen to keep abreast of the latest trends and future forecasts within the photographic digital imaging industry and relishes the opportunity to take on this new and exciting ‘hands-on’ role at PSC.

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  1. Susan Fereday
    Susan Fereday says:

    Hello Peter,
    I’m hoping to contact you about doing some digital photos for an exhibition. Are you potentially available? I’m looking at large prints, approx. 1 metre square.
    Best regards,


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